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The Memory Thief 2.

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The Vampire Trap 3. The Moonlight Masquerade 4. The Eternal Night 5. The Starlight Quest 6. The Everafter Wish Show book. Magic Outside the Box Honor Raconteur 0 1 0 Henri is quite accustomed to dangerous and unusual cases landing in his lap. Book The New York Times—bestselling series continues with this pun-tastic epic quest and far-flung fantasy adventure.

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Lydell, a shy, naive man of twenty-one, and world-weary grandmother Grania could not be more different. But when their paths cross on the way to beseech the Good Magician to add some excitement to their extraordinarily dull lives, the one thing they have in common is about to get them more than they bargained for.

The Cluster Series: Cluster, Chaining the Lady, Kirlian Quest, Thousandstar, and Viscous Circle

Along with an obnoxious bird and a robot dogfish as shipmates, they unfurl their sail of flame and cruise through the skies of Xanth, guided by cryptic clues. Picking up a crew of future children along the way, Lydell and Grania must plan a royal wedding, detonate an F-Bomb, evade illusion dragons, rescue Jack and Jill, find a princess for a werewolf prince, and face their greatest fears—all while remaining true to their compulsively honest selves.

Fire Sail is the 42nd book in the Xanth series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection.

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Book 1. It was a land of centaurs and dragons and basilisks. For Bink of North Village, however, Xanth was no fairy tale. He alone had no magic. And unless he got some—and got some fast! Najud looked unconvinced. She wondered if he thought he had to cultivate a beard to measure up, and then she wondered if he could.

Better to choose a different display of manhood.

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Read more On a Crooked Track excerpt — Chapter 1. Broken Devices is now available at a variety of retailers in both paperback and ebook formats. The third entry in The Chained Adept series continues the adventures of Penrys, a wizard with a mysterious background and an unremovable chain around her neck. For more about Broken Devices , see here. The Grand Caravan arrived that afternoon in sunlight fresh enough with the spring season to ignore the dust of the travelers and settle on the bright colors of their exotic robes and turbans instead.

Penrys rode well back in the caravan, dressed in the riding-length robes that all the dark Zannib wore, men and women, on horseback. Najud, her husband, was near the front, but the rest of her companions, as new to the caravan as she was, chattered excitedly about their first look at a Kigali city, its yellow brick golden in the light from the west, varied by the colorful stucco of its many residential and manufacturing compounds.

Here it was the children that caught her eye—dozens and dozens of them, screaming with excitement. Some were with a parent, but mostly they ran free, the littlest ones trailed by irritated older sisters or brothers. Unlike their elders, with the long single braid that almost all Kigali not in the military used, the children wore their hair loose or, at the most, gathered into a tail. Read more Broken Devices excerpt — Chapter 1. The streaming audiobook edition of To Carry the Horn , the first book of The Hounds of Annwn , is now available at retailers worldwide. A list of audiobook retailer links can be found here.

Mistress of Animals is now available at a variety of retailers in both paperback and ebook formats. The second entry in The Chained Adept series continues the adventures of Penrys, a wizard with a mysterious background and an unremovable chain around her neck. For more about Mistress of Animals , see here.

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Penrys halted her horse, dismounted, and stomped back past her three pack horses to the beginning of the string of seven donkeys, the first of which had dug in his feet on the trail of the High Pass and was bawling like three demons instead of one. The other donkeys fidgeted nervously and seemed inclined to join him, so Penrys probed to see if there was anything more than a fit of donkey sulks responsible. Her companions mental voice chuckled. After three weeks, the joke had worn thin to her. Perhaps the wizard they had destroyed had deserved the name, and maybe this donkey did, too, but she found the full title, applied to her, both ridiculous and embarrassing.

She ran her hands over Demon and scratched under his chin in the spot he liked, and gradually he calmed down, placated by the attention. The others took their cue from him and settled. She looked down their back trail. The view of the southern part of Neshilik, laid out below them, had been lost two days ago.