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When you close your plant or process line, we are able to use the value of the used processing equipment and machinery to absorb the cost of dismantlement and demolition.

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Turn old or unwanted assets into cash by selling your used processing and chemical plant or equipment to Phoenix. We offer several different selling options that can be specifically tailored to your needs — ranging from outright purchase to consignment programs to easy free listings. Phoenix Equipment buys and sells used chemical process equipment and plants for relocation.

Our industry focus includes process plants and machinery in the chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, refining, gas processing, power generation, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. We have extensive experience acquiring processing plants and process lines that require the execution of complex dismantlement, demolition and decommissioning projects. The Future of Gas-to-Liquids Plants Falling feedstock prices, greater efficiency, and an increased worldwide demand as more economies emerge all present lucrative opportunities for the conversion of natural gas to liquid synthetic crude oil.

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Liquefaction of natural gas makes it more economical to transport via tanker or pipeline and to store for future refinement and use. Natural gas has proven the best feedstock for creating crude oil alternatives through the industry standard Fischer-Tropsch process, topping coal in purity, handling, and ease in conversion to syngas, which is required for efficient conversion to synthetic crude. Once isolated and purified, hydrogen from syngas is a major component in petrochemicals and oil refining. Syngas itself is a mixture primarily of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, created through the gasification of hydrocarbons in natural gas, coal, petroleum, biomass, and other feedstocks.

Virtually all the hydrogen produced in the United States is produced from methane.

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And the cheapest, most available source of methane is natural gas. The process begins with the introduction of superheated 1, to 1, degrees Fahrenheit steam and natural gas into an array of vertically hanging tubes filled. They may be decommissioned for a variety of reasons, and relocating the equipment to overcome those circumstances could prove economical for companies looking to save money. Moving chemical and processing plants across regions, or even oceans can provide several major benefits including: Proximity to greater demand Access to cheaper workforces or raw materials Expanded operations Escape from stringent industrial regulations Money savings compared to purchasing new equipment Time savings on engineering, specifications, production design, and documentation While the cost of purchasing an existing plant, dismantling and refurbishing the equipment, shipping it to a new location, and reassembling can seem like an impossible task, in many cases it can be significantly lower than purchasing new components and building a brand new plant.

Once the decision to relocate has been made, extensive, detailed. We buy and sell complete chemical plants for relocation View Plants. Looking to sell your surplus plants or equipment? Sell Equipment.

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He is a registered professional engineer in the state of West Virginia. Joseph A. Shaeiwitz is an emeritus professor of chemical engineering at West Virginia University and is currently a visiting professor in chemical engineering at Auburn University, where he teaches design and other unit operations classes.

Chemical Process Equipment

His professional interests are in engineering education, accreditation, assessment, and design. The Concise, Easy-to-Use Guide to Designing Chemical Process Equipment and Evaluating Its Performance Trends such as shale-gas resource development call for a deeper understanding of chemical engineering equipment and design.

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Chemical Process Equipment Design complements leading texts by providing concise, focused coverage of these topics, filling a major gap in undergraduate chemical engineering education. Richard Turton and Joseph A. Shaeiwitz present relevant design equations, show how to analyze operation of existing equipment, and offer a practical methodology for designing new equipment and for solving common problems. Theoretical derivations are avoided in favor of working equations, practical computational strategies, and approximately eighty realistic worked examples.

The authors identify which equation applies to each situation, and show exactly how to use it to design equipment.

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They will also learn how to evaluate the performance of that equipment, even when operating conditions differ from the design case. Coverage includes Process fluid mechanics: designing and evaluating pumps, compressors, valves, and other piping systems Process heat transfer: designing and evaluating heat exchange equipment Separation equipment: understanding fundamental relationships underlying separation devices, designing them, and assessing their performance Reactors: basic equations and specific issues relating to chemical reactor equipment design and performance Other equipment: preliminary analysis and design for pressure vessels, simple phase-separators knock-out drums , and steam ejectors This guide draws on fifty years of innovative chemical engineering instruction at West Virginia University and elsewhere.

Chemical Process Equipment

It complements popular undergraduate textbooks for practical courses in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, reactors, or separations; supports senior design courses; and can serve as a core title in courses on equipment design. Register your product at informit. Read more Read less.