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Nov 25, Phil rated it really liked it Shelves: christian , church-history , theology. I ran into this book while I was searching my public libary's electronic offerings and was surprised to find this volume, written by one of the best Anglican evangelical theologians. I've enjoyed Alistair McGrath, especially, through his book, Christian Theology, which has been an acknowledged textbook for decades. This seems to be worth a try. On the whole, I enjoyed this volume. Of course, it has many of the shortcomings of a broad survey.

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It is impossible to cover everything in equal depth or I ran into this book while I was searching my public libary's electronic offerings and was surprised to find this volume, written by one of the best Anglican evangelical theologians. It is impossible to cover everything in equal depth or, really, very much depth. And it forces summary judgments which, in a more specialized work, would probably have been more nuanced. There is little that McGrath could do to avoid that, of course, so be ready for that.

McGrath does try to keep us updated with other Christianities his discussion of African Christianity post-colonialization is fascinating , but the real measure is what is going on in Western Europe. He admits this when he stresses the importance of this region several times in his book. I concede that this is, at least, arguable in the period of Western domination, c. However, I'd challenge it in the patristic and mediaeval era.

There is a comparative neglect of the Orthodox world and very little on what is going on with Oriental Orthodoxy, which has a very different pattern. Despite this criticism, this is still an excellent book and I enjoyed it a lot. It gives a good overview, with a few caveats, and is genuinely useful.

Sarah rated it really liked it May 14, Roger Welch rated it liked it Apr 23, Stella David rated it did not like it Mar 27, David Ra rated it really liked it Jun 04, Joel Grey rated it liked it Jun 20, Isac Malmgren rated it liked it Jan 18, Abigail L.

Christian History: An Introduction / Edition 1

Taylor rated it liked it Sep 26, Tim Dowley. Timothy Paul Jones. Publishing Rose. The History of Christian Europe. G R Evans. Joseph Early. Reformation Thought: An Introduction 4th Edition. Alister E Mcgrath. The European Reformations Sourcebook 2nd Edition. Carter Lindberg Ed. The European Reformations 2nd Edition. Carter Lindberg. The Early Church, 1 2.

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Competing Visions Of Reform, C. The Modern Age, C. Bestsellers in History. Janz Editor Exam Copy. Denis R. Stanglin Editor Exam Copy.

Christian History: An Introduction

Keith D. Stanglin has edited and introduced over selections to create a reader that orients students to the ebb and flow of thought that moves out from the pre-Reformation period. A new atlas of the European Reformations has been keenly needed.

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Consciously written for students at any level, the volume is perfect for independent students, as well as those in structured courses. Skip to main content. Where to Start: Christian History Textbooks.