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Remember me. Sign Up. Cart is empty. CODE: Availability: In stock. Add to Cart Add to wish list. This edition concentrates on the Reading Test with exercises reflecting all of the new SAT question types: reading comprehension; understanding words used in context; and graphical analysis. Exercises are divided according to three levels of increasing difficulty and labeled from A to C. The book features a helpful diagnostic test and 3 full-length Reading practice tests.

All questions are answered and explained. Students who can answer all level C questions are ready to excel on the actual exam. The result will be the elimi- by foreigners nation of enormous waste and the increase E life would be difficult without 50 of efficiency. Why has China lost greatness, according to tions instead of repeating the various steps Sun Yat-sen?

In the case of the power- A It has turned inward and lost its place 55 house, we may well learn to adopt the cen- in the world. In this way, we can eas- good use. The time is critical. Our intel- Sun Yat-sen uses the example of aviation ligence is by no means inferior to that of line 26 to show that 65 the Japanese. With our historical back- ground and our natural and human re- A the Chinese have the skill to learn sources, it should be easier for us than it from the West was for Japan to rise to the place of a first- B Western inventions are more complex class Power by a partial adaptation of than Chinese inventions 70 Western civilization.

We ought to be ten C only aeronautics offers a challenge to times stronger than Japan because our the Chinese country is more than ten times bigger and D science is not very old richer than Japan. China is potentially E very few people can become equal to ten Powers. A vital lesson the West can teach China is tute the so-called Big Five. Even with the the use of rise of Germany and Soviet Russia, the A centralized electrical power world has only seven Powers. When China B coal to produce energy becomes strong, she can easily win first C railroads to transport agricultural 80 place in the Council of Nations.

It is important to Sun Yat-sen that the Would Sun Yat-sen approve of fast-food Chinese learn from the West without restaurants opening in China?

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Sun Yat-sen compares the intelligence of appearance the Chinese to that of the Japanese lines D No, because they have nothing to do 63—65 to demonstrate that with material achievement E No, because he wants China to A Chinese spies are just as good as maintain its traditions Japanese spies B China can become a Power as easily Explanatory Answers 1.

The correct answer is B. When a person loses something as large and important as his ship, his face can be expected to look serious or depressed—not vivid full of life , animated lively , pusillanimous cowardly , or antiquated made to look old. Somber dark and gloomy is the ideal choice. The correct answer is D. The soaked clothes make the story believable, or plausible. The correct answer is E. Since the test has been postponed, the students have a reprieve—a temporary escape from taking it. Conjecture theory, inference, or prediction based on guesswork is the best choice.

The correct answer is C. Both words in the answer choice must be either positive or negative, so choices A and D are eliminated. Neither choice B nor choice E makes any sense in the context of the sentence. The correct answer is choice C : closing an impressive sale would be an opportune appropriate time to ask for a raise.

A sentence that includes anxieties and fear has a strong negative connotation, so two negative-sounding words are needed. Only C and D offer two negative- sounding words. In C , however, constrained forced or compelled and derelict irresponsible make no sense in the context. The correct answer is D : people are reticent hesitant to confess anxieties for fear of appearing weak. People who have many friendships are gregarious sociable and likely to have diverse varied friends. None of the other answer choices makes any sense.

All other answer choices would be grammatically incorrect. Only indolent fits into the context of the sentence. Parents chide, or reprove, their children for being slothful, or lazy. They were shocked, but polite. In the end of paragraph 2, Lady Astor commends the English for these two things. She is unfailingly polite in her discussion of sexism, but lines 37—38 explain her position. She thanks her husband for getting her into politics lines 3—5 , and she blames women for making men what they are lines 42— The point of the opening paragraph is to demonstrate that China once had the power to build and invent and that it may regain this past power.

Although aviation is hard to learn, many Chinese have mastered it; therefore, they are up to any task. Paragraph 3 is all about this centralization of power. Only momentous makes sense in context. Most of the speech deals with the fact that China has much to learn from the West if it wants to become a Power. In each SAT sentence completions question, you are given a sentence con- taining one or more blanks. A number of answers, or pairs of answers, are suggested to fill the blank spaces. You must select the word or pair of words that best completes the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Through his he managed to cheat his partners out of their earnings. Normally a n of dependability, he had let his colleagues down; now he could not face their A pillar.. Wrath, however, is a perfect fit. Read the sentence through for sense and try to anticipate what word would best fill the blank. Then look for that word in the answer choices. Alan waited for his turn, relaxing in an easy chair with his eyes closed.

When you read the sentence, you might have anticipated that a word like patiently could be used in the blank. Patiently does not appear as an answer choice, but there is one choice that is close to that meaning: calmly. None of the other choices has a meaning that is ap- propriate in the context of the sentence. This sentence was a fairly easy one. And some of those you encounter on your SAT will be easy. Others, however, will be more difficult.

Those will require that you analyze the logical structure of the sentence to see what is required. Determine whether the missing word must contrast with or support another idea in the sentence. Although this method will not solve every sentence completion item on the SAT, it is a fairly useful and easy-to-use tool. The idea is that the logic of a sentence requires a certain result, as in the following example.

The service at the restaurant was usually very attentive, but on this one occasion the waiter seemed to the diners. The but in this sentence sets up a contrasting idea. If Peter continues to skip classes and fail to complete homework assignments, he will soon find that he has been the university. If you spot any of these words in a sentence completion question, you know that you should look for an answer that contrasts with an idea in the sen- tence. Although the movie was panned by all the major critics, audiences around the country seemed to find it The although signals a reversal of the pan- ning or disapproval of the critics: The critics disliked the movie but the audi- ences like it.

The restaurant itself was beautiful and the service excellent, but the food was Here, the but signals a contrast between the positive ideas of beautiful and excellent and an adjective with negative con- notations that describes the food. What is a good way of describing bad food? Inedible fits best. If you spot one of these words in a sentence completion question, you know that you should look for an answer that supports an idea in the sentence.

Millicent was extremely to be given the award, for she had worked very hard for it. Had you worked very hard for something, what would be your atti- tude toward it? You would be proud, or happy, or satisfied. So you can see that choice A gives the best completion. Throughout his young life, John excelled in sports, and as a result he decided he wanted to become a professional This is a rather simple example of how the logic of a sentence dictates your choice.

What is the logical outcome of excellence in sports? A career as a profes- sional athlete. Sometimes the blank requires a word that restates an idea already mentioned in the sentence. Joan was so abrupt with clients that her supervisor eventually put a letter in her file citing her Sometimes the blank requires a word that summarizes an idea already mentioned in the sentence.

Kaplan SAT Critical Reading Workbook

After seeing shocking films of animals maimed and tortured by traps of hunters, Marie concluded that purchasing a new fur coat would be Here the word that fills the blank must be an adjective that describes a reaction to the shocking hurting of animals. The word that best describes such an act is immoral. If you have to guess, first eliminate all choices that make no sense.

Many wrong answer choices, when inserted into a blank, create a meaning- less phrase. You might have an easy task, a simple task, a difficult task, an arduous task, or even a monstrous task. You could not, however, have a blushing task, an alert task, a famished task, a deter- mined task, or an excitable task. These are words that just cannot be used to modify the word task. Professor Martin spent his entire career as a teacher trying to his students to appreciate the beauty of poetry.

As for B , you can disrupt a class or a meeting, but you cannot disrupt a student; as for D , you can repeal an act or a law, but you cannot repeal a student; and as for E you can define the word student, but you cannot define a student. Having eliminated three choices, you can make your guess. If you have to guess, as a last resort, select a difficult vocabulary word. SAT sentence completion items are arranged in order of increasing diffi- culty.

What makes one item more difficult than another?

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Sometimes it is the logic of the sentence, but other times it is the vocabulary. And for a question to be difficult because it uses difficult vocabulary, the correct an- swer must be a difficult vocabulary word. Here is an example of a problem using difficult vocabulary: Because the speaker had a reputation for , the chairperson warned him to be succinct. Assume that this item is one of the last in a series of sentence completions. Given its position, you know that it is sup- posed to be a difficult question remember the order of increasing diffi- culty.

Since choices A , B , and D are likely to be familiar to most test-takers, none of them is a likely candidate for a correct answer. Having eliminated those three, you would guess either choice C or choice E , one of the two difficult vocabulary words. Mark the letter that appears before your answer. The film was completely devoid of plot or 6. Contrary to popular opinion, bats are not character development; it was merely a generally aggressive and rabid; most are of striking images.

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She delivered her speech with great , 7. The ballet company demonstrated its gesturing flamboyantly with her hands and by putting both classical and modern works smiling broadly from her opening remarks in the repertoire. Though the concert had been enjoyable, it 3.

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As a result of a n with her landlord, was overly and the three encores she was evicted. A contusion A extensive.. It was not possible to set a monetary value 9. A good trial lawyer will argue only what is on the legal services she provided, so the central to an issue, eliminating grateful town had a gold medal struck as information or anything else that might a n A affirmation A seminal.. No elected official who remains can Peter, by the repeated rejections of his play a major role in public life; novel, to submit his manuscript to compromise is the life-blood of politics.

A obdurate A encouraged.. A film that has no plot or character development is simply a collection, or montage, of images. Putting together the gestures and smile yields an impression of enthusiam. Verve, a synonym for spirit, is the right choice. Eviction is a drastic measure, usually the result of nonpayment of rent or some other negative occurrence. The only possible choice that fits the logic of the sentence is altercation heated argument.

The context indicates some sort of payment for services but also shows that the amount of remuneration could not be calculated in monetary terms. The context indicates that whoever does not compromise has no future in politics. Innocuous, or harmless, is the opposite of rabid and goes nicely with shy. This is basically a vocabulary question. The though sets up a contrast. The concert was enjoyable, but it suffered from some defect.

Additionally, the two blanks themselves are parallel, for they complete similar thoughts. Only the words in choice B satisfy this condition. The concert was protracted too long , and the encores were gratuitous uncalled for. The first blank calls for a word indicating information that a trial lawyer would eliminate because it is not central to an issue.

The only possible choice is extraneous. Likewise, a good lawyer would not mention anything that might jeopardize endanger a client. Although her lips wore a smile, her eyes 6. By shrewdly shifting district lines, a party wore a A veil A talk.. The prisoner was in a state of great us to amend our plans for dinner and after three months in solitary confinement eat out. The stigma attached to this job makes it 8. After taxes, he was left with an inheritance A enticing.. B unattractive.. A dairy 9. When his temperature climbed above A proper degrees, he became Although he was not ever at the scene of yourself morally.

C energize A stolen.. We waited patiently for the storm to E financed.. A persistently.. In view of the extenuating circumstances B stoutly.. D sternly.. A prevaricate B ablute C alter D abrogate E abdicate. Exercise 2 Select the word or word pair that best completes each sentence. His cynicism was ; it was written all answer may sometimes be classified as over him.

Suffering from , she was forced to 2. The children were told that they should be spend most of her time indoors. We were not allowed to our appetite 3. Politicians are not coerced into taxing the until we had tidied up our living quarters. Elder statesmen used to be for their what you want him to do without You must see the head of the agency; I am E used not to give out that information.

The minute sermon is a potent ; it is A nervous an absolute cure for B authorized A astringent.. The magazine is considered a of Alchemists expended their energies in an literary good taste; the stories it publishes attempt to base elements into gold. Publication of the article was timed to B adapt A inexcusable.. Exercise 3 Select the word or word pair that best completes each sentence. The chariot around the curve completely 6. The upset furniture and broken window out of control when Thessalius dropped the silently to the fact that the apartment reins.

Although the warrior could cope with that we can take it to a vote. B stammer.. The more the search proved fruitless, the more the parents of the missing child 8. When she addressed the reporters, her became. When the unpopular war began, only a few citizens enlisted; the rest had to be The fumes from the refinery poisoned E true the air, causing many people to fall ill. A superfluous The new regulations turned out to be , B peremptory not permissive.

They prefer to hire someone fluent in His remarks were so we could not Spanish, since the neighborhood where the decide which of the possible meanings was clinic is located is Hispanic. A dark, cloudy sky is a of a storm. His performance was ; it made a fool A remnant of him. The Freedom of Information Act gives private citizens government files. A access to B excess of C redress of D release from E no rights to.


Exercise 4 Select the word or word pair that best completes each sentence. A person who commits a wrong may be 6. The grade was steep and the load heavy; we required to his property as a penalty. When the desk was placed facing the E slaughter window, she found herself from her 7. He was proved guilty; his alibi had been a work by the activity in the street.

He claimed to be deathly ill, although he he was incapacitated; in truth, he was A indigent A fine.. Although she had about the weather, the complete scene was a B mystery C mixup A doubts.. The authorities declared an on E reports.. The police department will not accept for a report of a person missing if his A impression residence is outside the city. Rabbits, elephants, deer, and sheep are ; The on the letter showed it had been they eat only plants.

Foreman and Ali were fighting tooth and nail when suddenly, in the thick of the , It is easy to see the difference between the the bell rang. The judge the union from blocking the accesses. A suspended B ordered C forbade D unfrocked E enjoined. Exercise 5 Select the word or word pair that best completes each sentence. We are indeed sorry to hear of your 6.

A fire.. The good-humored joke the tension in 2. While on a diet I remained lean, but once the room. When the bomb exploded in front of the 3. With his gutter language and vile manner building, it destroyed the whole He is expected to testify that he saw the 4. The voters show their by staying away thief fleeing the scene of the crime. A child who has not slept well will be 5. Being less than perfectly prepared, I took anything but What we thought was a volcano Her parents never had to her for being suddenly erupted. A deceased A chide.. Cigarette smoking is to your health.

My uncle hardly ever needed a telephone; his voice was from a distance of half a mile. A inaudible B audible C suspicious D visible E copious. An accident report should be written as 5. A cloudy suspension may be described as 2. A change in environment is very likely to The flamenco dancer stood still, ready to 3. With typical diplomatic maneuvering, the perform, his arms State Department used every known to A blazing avoid expressing the avowed policy in B akimbo language.

C flailing A trick.. The celebrity sued the magazine, claiming D summary.. E formula.. The astute attorney asked many B deplored questions of the witness in an attempt to C defamed the truth. D implicated A pretentious.. C nebulous.. As a result of constant and unrelenting After the deluge, flood waters the When you have your palate with town. To put off until tomorrow what you should We can easily forgo a we have never had, winters give you colds, and its summers but once obtained it often is looked upon as can cause heat prostration. A sanitary A requirement..

One who another is laughing at him, 7. A Iniquity.. The navy scoured the area for over a 3. The assumed for the sake of discussion was that business would improve for the 4. It is hard to believe that the Trojans could next five years. She pretended to be nonchalant but her A supercilious movements betrayed signs of I felt as as a fifth wheel. A few of the critics the play, but in A rolled general they either disregarded or B round ridiculed it.

If we were to our democracy with a D denounced , there would be no way, short of civil E appreciated war, to reverse the change. The annual in his school attendance A contrast.. C supplant.. During the Revolutionary War, Hessian 6. A system of education should be by the troops fought on the British side not as of students it turns out, for quality is allies, but as They were paid in preferred to quantity. A controlled.. On and on they came, countless as the that office smacks of to me! We seldom feel when we are allowed to speak freely, but any of our free 3.

If you find peeling potatoes to be , speech brings anger. A angry.. Although the wind was quite dependable in 4. The offenders then prostrated themselves those waters, the schooner had an inboard and for mercy. His rebelliousness was ; it was written Being perfectly prepared, I took my exams all over him. Her speech was too ; its meaning Government often seems to regard money escaped me completely. When income taxes are repealed, the will have arrived. A apocalypse B holocaust C millstone D milestone E millennium.

A loquacious A burn.. Louis XIV was the of elegance; he 7. The only fair way to choose who will have wore a different outfit for practically every to work over the holiday is to pick hour of the day. A paragon.. European E senior 3. Favoring one child over another will only 8. Richelieu achieved eminence under Louis intensify rivalry.

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XIII; few cardinals since have been so A fraternal politically The man the speaker at the meeting by shouting false accusations. People started calling him a ; he had A corrected broken a law. C star sailor A Warm.. The speech, given on the spur of the virtue! As the fog came , visibility dropped to five feet. A week of sun and exercise had a A often effect; the dark circles under her eyes were B silently and her skin took on a rosy glow.

C nigh A peremptory.. A n jogger, she could do 15 miles E fulsome.. A reluctant B indefatigable C outfitted D aged E distant. Although she is reputed to be aloof, her 6. A n lawyer will help her client manner that day was so that everyone the law. A efficient.. Your banker may look at you if you 2. Speeding may be a , but fleeing from admit to not wanting to save money. A respectfully A mistake.. The gossip-hungry readers combed through 3. Among his was the skill of escaping the article for every detail. Worshipping her every move, he was her 4.

His remarks were too to be taken most admirer. She was stubbornly persistent; nothing or 5. Familiar with the countryside, they were nobody could her from her able to the soldiers who pursued them. To be was her lot; she was destined You can depend on a malingerer to his There was a of food on the table, and or her duty. Thanks to the state , the Arts Center is able to offer the finest in music at prices affordable to all. A developments B subsidies C conventions D revivals E clearances. Her selection was kept in pending 6.

Noah Webster was famous as a ; his receipt of response from her references. Scattered around the dead dragon were mementos of the heads, arms, and 7. The small, prestigious school had very 8. Propaganda is a n of the truth; it is a requirements for admission. Gold is one of the most elements; it can be hammered into sheets thinner than a 9. The conflicts of the civil war have cost human hair. To call a man a coward is to cast on his He had a n knowledge of virility.

The missionary was determined to the famine. The general his order; he had the traitor shot instead of The impact of the situation failed to touch A reinforced.. B confirmed.. Close examination of the and of the island revealed that no new variety of plant or animal had been admitted for at least fifty years.

A rocks.. If parole boards functioned properly, there 6. The battle finally became a ; neither would be less ; more parolees would side could win. With her tarot cards she made a n 2. No one knows more about the special 3. His uncle was the town drunk; the old program than she does; she has been its had never had a sober day in his life.

Never did I see a more crowd than at 9. The desire for peace should not be equated 5. The Sunday sermon was, as usual, ; the with , for peace can be maintained minister used 4, words where only by brave people. A intelligence..

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The couple had been meeting secretly for Algebra I is a for Algebra II; it must be years at the hotel, but their were taken first. That judge is enough to accept a bribe a n wiser. A promiscuous.. The solution was ; both parties could 6. When she was pursued by the press, the live with it.

Benedictine was a treat for the count 7. Do not me for giving John a zero in and countess; they enjoyed a glass of it Science; it is my to do so. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Barrons Educational Series, Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P More information about this seller Contact this seller. Brand New!. Seller Inventory VIB Book Description Barron's Educational Series, Seller Inventory M Ships with Tracking Number!