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Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Kids' Club Eligible. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The chilling second book in the innovative series from bestselling author Patrick Carman. Strange things are happening in Skeleton Creek Ryan writes down everything in his journal, and Sarah records everything on her videocam.

The two move deeper into the mystery they've uncovered, determined to discover the secrets buried in Skeleton Creek, in the conclusion to Patrick Carman's thrilling series. In this groundbreaking format, the story is broken into two parts -- Ryan's text in the book, and Sarah's videos on a special website, with links and passwords given throughout the book. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Babys-Malbuch 2.

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Kunst ist wie ein Regenbogen, endlos und mit leuchtenden Farben. View Product. Dave Buckley is on a road trip to nowhere, licking his wounds and trying to Dave Buckley is on a road trip to nowhere, licking his wounds and trying to rebuild his life. Charlie Moore is stuck in a dead end job, but toughs it out because she knows she's needed.

They're both coming to terms Lailah and Sincere are finally a couple, but like all relationships they are not easy. He has his ways to delete Sarah's mails and videos without them to find out. It's easy to fool them. Ryan and Sarah communicate with us, the readers by Ryan sharing his diary with us and Sarah by showing us videos about the places she has been and sharing her thoughts about things she discovers. As we read Ryan's journal, there are pages with illustration and a password. Each time we get this password we have to go to sarahfincher. There we see Sarah and sometimes other people but mostly Sarah who discusses about what she has found out or showing us clips about the places she has been.

What they are really interested in is the mining dredge which is outside their hometown in the woods. Something odd is going on their and there is a rumour about that place is haunted by old Joe Bush who died in an accident there many years ago. But it's not just in the mining dredge strange things happens but also in their home town Skeleton Creek. Among the things is the sign of a crow which is hanging above the front door at the library. The crow changes direction from time to time. Ryan and Sarah is sure it must mean something.

Ghost in the Machine ~ Skeleton Creek Book 2 ~ Literature unit

They're sure 'cause they found some clues about it earlier. In all the mysteries that are going on in Skeleton Creek and the mining dredge, Ryan find it hard to trust his parents. Because he and Sarah has found out there is a secret society in their home town and Ryan believes that his parents are members of it, or he thinks maybe his dad is a member of it, but hes not sure. He just feels he must be aware of him for some reason. What exactly is going on in Skeleton Creek and what are the members of the secret society called Crossbones is trying to hide?

I've been waiting for this book since October when I finished the last one and I came across this book one day at the book store. I didn't even know there was already a sequel so I got very happy and just had to have it. I couldn't wait to read it 'cause I love the combination of reading the books and watch videos along the way. I think it's a refreshing concept that many young adult readers will love. I'm absolutely sure of it. The story itself is not that original but I was still happy with the sequel.

It's still exciting and grabs my attention. I was enjoying it very much and I'm glad to know that there's a third book too 'cause I thought the ending made me really curious and I really want to know what's gonna happen next. Even though I'm maybe "too old" to read this book I just must admit that I look forward to find out about all the mysteries in Skeleton Creek! Mar 08, Alex rated it liked it Recommends it for: Fans of thrillers. Another book that I loved in this series. It gave me that awesome feeling the other book did too! This book was better than Skeleton Creek and just added more to the mystery.

I'm hoping the series is a trilogy but wouldn't mind 5 or 6 books in the series. I just hope the series isn't to long.

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Sarah is still my favourite character in the book, but there isn't really much of a choice anyway. It's either her or Ryan and I do love Ryan, but Sarah reminds me more of myself. I still love how this book Another book that I loved in this series.

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I still love how this book can also be watched and then after you watch the video, we can hear Ryan's input of the video! It's just so cool! I recommend this series to children and young adults, it'll definitely hold your attention the entire time and won't let you go until the very end with a cliff hanger. May 20, Catherine Cruz rated it it was amazing. Feb 15, Hannah Graff rated it really liked it. Their names are Ryan and Sarah. Sarah and Ryan have been best friends for a long time, but because of what they have been up to they are no longer allowed to hang out.

Sarah is kind of the super hero and Ryan is her side kick. Sarah takes most of the risks and Ryan writes it all down in a journal. Ryan has a broken leg so that is another reason why he cannot take as many risks as he would like to. The main setting in the story takes place at an old abandoned dredge.

The dredge is in the middle of the woods, so you have to know where it is to find it. The videos that go with the book make the dredge seem scary. Another setting is inside Ryan's house. Ryan's house and room are just like any other boy's his age. Ryan and Sarah are trying to figure out the mystery behind the dredge. They go to the dredge at night and try and figure it out. What they have so far is that there is a ghost named Old Joe Bush. Old Joe Bush has been haunting them.

During the summer when all of this happened, Ryan's dad's friend was there Henry. There is a secret group of people that either knows about the dredge and what is up with it or used to work there. The group is called The Crossbones and Ryan's dad is part of it.

Ghost in the Machine

Because Ryan has a broken leg and cannot really get out of the house, while Sarah is at the dredge she films it the whole time. She then puts it on a website so Ryan can see. Ryan cannot sleep at night because he thinks that Old Joe Bush is haunting him and he has been waking up in the morning with intimidating words on his wall. Henry does not really care if Sarah and Ryan hang out. That is kind of suspicious because Ryan's dad is his best friend who does not approve of them hanging out.

Everybody is not very happy about all of the stuff that has been going on with the dredge. The whole city has decided to burn it down. Henry is leaving the day before the dredge gets burned down. People are going into the dredge to make sure that everything valuable is out. As they are doing that they lift up the floor boards and find gold. There is over 30 million dollars worth of gold down there. They also find Henry digging some of it out.

So in the end Henry leaves and every family in town gets , dollars for themselves. They also turn the dredge into a historical landmark. Oct 04, Jackson rated it it was amazing. In the old gold mine, the dredge, a man named Joe Bush died there. In the first book Ryan and Sarah have many close encounters with the ghost of Old Joe Bush and with all the mysteries still left to uncover, the city decides that the dredge is to dangarous and it should be burned down.

While Ryan writes in his journal about what is happening and Sarah making her videos you are completely involved in this book. Henry is visit Ryan and his family for a month from New York and has been acting very suspicous. Henry is a family friend of Ryan's and is best friends with Ryan's dad. Sarah and Ryan think that they may just have a case of hidden gold in the dredge but how do you find it and how do we get it. Throughout the whole book you can go to www. Also, Ryan's dad is part of the secret association with the dredge called The Crossbones.

Is there gold in the dredge? Does Henry have something to do with it? What is The Crossbones up to? Read Ghost in the Machine to find out. Readers Thinking: I really liked this book. I loved Skeleton Creek so I just had to read this book. I think Patrick Carman does a great job on following up on books. One thing i love about this book is the fact that you get to watch videos throughout this book. Most of the videos are very creepy but the rest are Sarah talking to Ryan about things that she has found out.

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Another thing I loved was at the end when they discovered the gold and that Henry was the ghost of Old Joe Bush. It kept me reeled in the whole time wondering what was in the boards and who was behind the mask of Joe Bush. One of the last things that honestly did pull me in but I didn't exactly love, was on the video that Sarah was telling Ryan about The Apostle. When she pans in real close and the demon thing pops out, it literally scared the pants off me.

I loved this book and i am definetly going to read the 3rd and 4th books. Oct 26, Ryan L rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sarah likes to record videos, has her own website, and is rebellious. Daryl Bonner is a park ranger that just transferred to skeleton creek, he is the son of Joe Bush.

Uncle Henry is visiting for a few weeks. I gave this book 3 stars is because it was a good story but it had holes in it without watching the videos. One reason for this is that in the final section after uncle Henry left he was then at the dredge and had a broken leg. Feb 22, Kayla rated it really liked it. After reading the first story Skeleton Creek , I knew I had to read the second one to see how the mystery ending because the first book ending rather abrudtly. This book finished the mystery of the first book which had a nice ending to it. The videos got a little scarier and more surprising each time which kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

I believe I finished this book faster than the first one and read the third one in the same weekend! I love these books and the mystery b After reading the first story Skeleton Creek , I knew I had to read the second one to see how the mystery ending because the first book ending rather abrudtly. I love these books and the mystery behind it all is a treat!

With the videos in the book that I had to watch, I was really able to put myself in the story itself which is probably why I enjoy them so much. I would suggest this for anyone really, who enjoys a nice mystery but is also willing to watch the little video clips that come along with them because it is hard to keep up with everything if you dont keep up with them.

A little bit of a thrill and a sense of adventure is what you'll experience from reading this book as well as the others. I'd have to say that this is my favourites series of books I've ever read. So, Bravo to Patrick Carman! Sep 24, Inoli rated it really liked it Shelves: series , recommend , favorites , middle-grade , mystery , adventure.

Very much fun.

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It took me a while to get back to this. It seems I've decided that these books are best when I have a stretch of time at home, when the mood is right and when I'm within reach of the computer. The format is so different for me and its so much fun that I'm reserving them for fun time, lol. The videos add such an immediacy and involvement in the story. It's exciting. I didn't grow up with the internet and as amazed as I've been at what it offers in regard to information I've been sl Very much fun.

I didn't grow up with the internet and as amazed as I've been at what it offers in regard to information I've been slow to adopt it as entertainment. I had no idea what I would think of this but I had to give it a try. It's been interesting and fun and I like it. I don't think the format would work in a lot of different types of books.

There may have been a couple things I've read where it may have worked. On the other hand, I don't know if these books would work as is without the videos. The narration seems to require the involvement that the videos give. The third book is sitting here waiting for me.

Once again I'll be holding off until the right day but it won't be long. May 22, Andrew S rated it it was amazing. Oct 29, McKenzie rated it liked it Shelves: book-challenge-read , 8th-grade-read , mystery-read , books-that-i-hate-read. The themes in Ghost in the machine are bravery and defiance Some examples of bravery are when Sarah and Ryan go back to the dredge even though it was haunted by "Joe Bush". Sarah and Ryan are defiant when Sara and Ryan keep going behind their parents backs doing the investigating at the dredge.

What the author is trying to say about bravery is that you can still be brave even when you are scared, and you can do anything. With defiance, nothing really good can come through that unless you are usi The themes in Ghost in the machine are bravery and defiance Some examples of bravery are when Sarah and Ryan go back to the dredge even though it was haunted by "Joe Bush".

With defiance, nothing really good can come through that unless you are using your defiance for good. Sep 03, Frances rated it it was amazing. Most of my current reading is Young Adult Literature in order to make recommendations to the students. Both are by Patrick Carman and are delightful, easy reading. The main character is a boy who keeps a journal. After he and a friend stumble on a mystery concerning an old dredge.

The more the two investigate, the more the mystery deepens. These can both be read in sittings. Oct 24, Margo rated it really liked it. Great second book in the series. Must have read the first book for this one to make sense. Cliff hanger ending just like the first one that keeps you wanting more. Excellent series for reluctant readers and perfect for October reading! A few of the films in the book are "scream inducing" as proved by my class. Nov 04, Jarrett rated it it was amazing Shelves: dcs-bigchallenge. Nov 23, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: teen-fiction.

Despite the ending, I enjoyed the wrap-up to the Skeleton Creek mystery. The over-the-top-ending was a bit lame. It played out too much like a Scooby-Doo episode complete with the peeling away of the bad guy's mask. Jun 26, Naomi rated it it was amazing Shelves: best. That was the best mystery I have ever read!

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I loved it! I can't believe that the person acting as the Ghost of Old Joe Bush was right under their noses! I owe you one Kelsey, for telling me about the amazing book! View 2 comments. Nov 16, Maxim rated it liked it Shelves: favorites. Almost as creepy as it's predecessor.

Jan 21, Bradyw rated it it was amazing. I would definitely suggest it to you guys i loved this book. Nov 21, Sharath Nirmala rated it it was amazing. Another character is Gladys; a librarian who Ryan thinks is the villain because she looks kind of evil and is actually not. The only problem with the book is that we need to read regularly or otherwise we will forget something and have to read the entry once again which makes the book somewhat difficult to read because we might not have time everyday to read that entry. But the weirdest thing is that sometimes there is an entry every minute and also sometimes it just has a couple of words in every minute entry.

Some of the best things in the story is that there is dredge and people think it is useless and has nothing in it but Henry new there is a lot of gold in there and was trying to get is greedy hands on that gold. There is this group in which people started dying and everyone thinks it is due to a ghost but it was actually Henry who was trying to make the group scared and stop finding this gold.

Ryan thought it was the ghost of someone working in there but it Henry! This was written because Ryan was trying to find out the Secret of the Dredge too. The town people accepted and the Dredge was going to be burnt down with the machines in it. But Henry tried to find and get the gold out before the dredge was burnt down but his got trapped in a machine and got shattered and he came out of the dredge and tried to go to the hospital but before he even left the dredge, the group with the town people came to burn down the dredge.

He was caught! He told out everything and was sent to the hospital and then he escaped because he would have been sent to prison. He was never seen again. And there was little help from Sarah and Ryan like investigating out the Dredge and so Sarah and Ryan could be back friends again and no one would be spying on them. The theme of the book is suspense-mystery. It has easy language and can be easily read but the beginning of the book is very weird my favourite part was the end when they found out the gold and Henry and when the mystery was solved.

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I like this book but also no one can predict what will happen the next minute unless they read the entry. I would recommend this book if he likes mystery and in any format like a diary which starts weirdly because the student might not understand what is happening and put down the book and read something else. The rating I would give is 4 and a half stars because only of the weird and boring beginning. Oct 29, Braxton Fletcher rated it it was amazing. I am going to talk about how I thought the book was written and how I liked the structure of the writing, but Before I would like to give a little summary and tell you something interesting about the book.

This particular book is an interactive book meaning that you read a chapter then you go online to the address stated and then you watch a video. This book is in a series. This is the second book. The main plot of the story is that two year-old kids, Ryan and Sarah, go to an old creepy dredge.

While on the second floor in the dredge a phantom approaches Ryan, Ryan falls and breaks his leg. Ryan and Sarah are now not allowed to talk with each other, but they want to get the REAL story behind the ghost. The rest of the series is about them finding the mystery of the ghost out. My first criterion of a good book is that it has to make me want to keep reading at the end of the book.

If I were to rate how well Patrick Carmen did this on a scale of one to ten I would give it a !