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With the help of a friend, I rounded up some fake hair and spirit gum, and shredded some old clothes. I put on some spooky makeup, and she painstakingly applied the hair to my clean-shaven face.

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It looked great. With a wild howl, I hopped onto a borrowed motorbike and set out for the party. I played the werewolf role to the hilt—howling, dancing like a wild man, and savaging the trays of appetizers. I even tried to sniff the people I met, not all of whom cared for this. I preserved my werewolf identity, never revealing my real name. And when at last I mounted my motorbike and rode off under a gibbous moon, I rode with a smile. Photo Credit Jose Carpizo. He has written or illustrated more than 35 seriously funny books for children, including the popular School for S.

An actor and a Fulbright Scholar in Storytelling, Bruce is in demand as a speaker, having presented at conferences, universities, and schools around the world. He lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and dog. I am happy I did.

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Although the story is about a fictional monster, Hale made his characters realistic. The characters in the book are fourth-graders and the dialogue is spot on. While I do not normally read monster books, this one is less on the horror, and has a decent amount of humor tossed in it. This is a great start to a new series! Visit Mr. Categories: Age Tags: blog tour , book review , bruce hale , monster , the curse of the were-hyena.

The story sounds amazing.