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Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I/II

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Skip to main content. Subscribe Search My Account Login. Abstract OUITE a number of books have been written on quantum mechanics with applications to problems of physics. Using a sensitive photon detector, researchers in the UK recently sent encrypted photons down the length of a kilometre fibre optic cable. Researchers in the US devised a scheme to entangle successive clouds of atoms in the hopes of one day making a quantum link between the US cities of Washington, DC, and New York. Quantum computers are another long-term goal.

Because quantum particles can exist in multiple states at the same time, they could be used to carry out many calculations at once, factoring a digit number in just seconds compared to the years required by conventional computers.

Quantum weirdness

But to maintain their multi-state nature, particles must remain isolated long enough to carry out the calculations — a very challenging condition. Nonetheless, some progress has been made in this area. A trio of electrons , the building blocks of classical computers, were entangled in a semiconductor in , and the first quantum calculation was made with a single calcium ion in In October , the first quantum memory component was built from a string of caesium atoms.

But particles of matter interact so easily with others that their quantum states are preserved for very short times — just billionths of a second.

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Photons , on the other hand, maintain their states about a million times longer because they are less prone to interact with each other. But they are also hard to store , as they travel, literally, at the speed of light. In , scientists managed to stop light in its tracks , overcoming one practical hurdle. And the first quantum logic gate — the brains behind quantum computers — was created with light in While three of the four fundamental forces of nature — those operating on very small scales — are well accounted for by quantum theory, gravity is its Achilles heel.

This force works on a much larger scale and quantum theory has been powerless so far to explain it. A number of bizarre theories have been proposed to bridge this gap, many of which suggest that the very fabric of space-time bubbles up with random quantum fluctuations — a foam of wormholes and infinitesimal black holes.

Such a foam is thought to have filled the universe during the big bang , dimpling space-time so that structures such as stars and galaxies could later take shape. The most popular quantum gravity theory says that particles and forces arise from the vibrations of tiny loops — or strings — just 10 metres long.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

The controversial theory accounts for gravity, inflation, and dark energy. Streamlines the treatment for more effective instructor presentation and student comprehension. Avoids the temptation to include every possible relevant topic, in order to give students a complete treatment that is not oppressively long. Presents students with material that they can easily focus on—with few distractions and diversions. Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text with other student resources.


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