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Making XML Ajax requests. These use JavaScript to request additional data from the Web server without having to reload the page. Manipulating the DOM.


You can easily add, remove, and reorder content in the Web page using just a couple of lines of code. Creating image slideshows. You can use jQuery effects to build nice animated slideshows and lightboxes. Making drop-down menus. Creating drag-and-drop interfaces. Use jQuery to build a page with elements that can be repositioned or reordered simply by dragging and dropping. Adding power to forms. It is a beginner level book and has numerous examples of applying jQuery concepts to front-end development projects.

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The book features three sections, in which the first section gives a brief overview of JavaScript and the other two sections cover the advanced topics in jQuery. The book teaches jQuery in an exciting way with the help of colourful visuals, amusing language and an interactive approach.

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The book sheds light on various important topics, such as building reusable jQuery functions, DOM manipulation, animation, effects, event handling and more. Featuring seven chapters in all, the book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn jQuery from scratch.

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The book simplifies the technical details of the topics and makes it easier for a novice learner to understand and apply the power of jQuery techniques to a website. Conclusion: The main advantage of learning jQuery from a book is that one can be sure of its authenticity. A book is written by an expert from the industry. One can also learn in detail about the author of that book and follow him or her on his blog or website as well. So, I urge you to not waste any time and start learning right away.

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Thank you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Iterating and Modifying Array Entries with jQuery. Combining Two Arrays with jQuery. Testing Callback Functions with jQuery. Extending Objects with jQuery. Faster, Simpler, More Fun Introduction 5. Removing Redundant Repetition 5. Formatting Your jQuery Chains 5. Borrowing Code from Other Libraries 5.

So what is jQuery exactly?

Writing a Custom Iterator 5. Toggling an Attribute 5. Finding the Bottlenecks 5. Caching Your jQuery Objects 5. Writing Faster Selectors 5. Loading Tables Faster 5. Coding Bare-Metal Loops 5. Reducing Name Lookups 5. Updating the DOM Faster with. Break Those Chains 5. Is It a jQuery Bug? Tracing into jQuery 5.

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Making Fewer Server Requests 5. Writing Unobtrusive JavaScript 5. Using jQuery for Progressive Enhancement 5. Making Your Pages Accessible 6.

jQuery Cookbook Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers

Dimensions Introduction 6. Finding the Dimensions of the Window and Document 6. Finding the Dimensions of an Element 6. Finding the Offset of an Element 6. Scrolling an Element into View 6. Centering an Element Within the Viewport 6. Positioning an Element Relative to Another Element 6. Switching Stylesheets Based on Browser Width 7.

Effects Introduction 7.

See a Problem?

Sliding and Fading Elements in and out of View 7. Creating a Horizontal Accordion 7. Simultaneously Sliding and Fading Elements 7. Applying Sequential Effects 7. Stopping and Resetting Animations 7. Using Custom Easing Methods for Effects 7. Disabling All Effects 7. Events Introduction 8. Attaching a Handler to Many Events 8. Reusing a Handler Function with Different Data 8. Removing a Whole Set of Event Handlers 8. Triggering Specific Event Handlers 8. Passing Dynamic Data to Event Handlers 8. Stopping the Handler Execution Loop 8.