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Danielle Burton. Rebecca Moore. Karen Rober.

Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant. Patricia Bruni. Ray Dembowski. Dan Shepherd. Frances "Fran" Beals. Aunt Nancy. Officer Piotrow. Don "Donnie" Bilger. Joe Talte. Joe Thieriault. Will Kent.

Lisa Gardner

Jennifer Germaine. Roy Warren. Roan Griffin. Ellen O. Wayne Reynolds. Tom Mackereth. Pierce Quincy. Patsy Warren. Jesse Germaine. Nancy Grant. Ethan Hastings. Rick Copley. Maryanne Gagnon. Prudence Walker. Harris Reed. Harvey Jones. Investigator Casella.

Frank Miller. Coleen Robinson. Richard Umbrio. Tony Rocco. Jimmy Gagnon. Lieutenant Jachrimo. James Gagnon. George Harlow. John Bruni. Walter Jensen.

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Elizabeth Lane. Patrick Loftus. Annabelle Mary Granger. Charlie Marvin. Jason Murphy. Tommy Grayson. Paul Schuepp. Christopher Eola, Jr. Uncle Tommy. Maxwell Black. Aidan Brewster. Clarissa Jane "Ree" Jones. Sandra Jones. Walter Petracelli.

Fear Nothing (Detective D.D. Warren #7) by Lisa Gardner Audiobook Full 1/2

Christie Callahan. Detective Sinkus. Tony Rock. Jerry McGahagin. Lana Petracelli. Pauline Eola. John J.

The Detective D. D. Warren Series 5-Book Bundle by Lisa Gardner | Penguin Random House Canada

Christopher Eola, Sr. Andrew Carson. Jason Jones. Mattapan, Massachusetts, USA. Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA. Rockport, Massachusetts, USA. Allston, Massachusetts, USA. Wisconsin, USA. Bureau of Professional Standards. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Grovesnor, Massachusetts, USA.

Coakley and Ashton Funeral Home. Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Tampa, Florida, USA. Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. Kansas City. Seattle, Washington, USA. Every hint that was given was pretty obvious and did not surprise me when I got to the end of the book. And the fact that D. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. She was acting weird, like a know-it-all… she almost sounded jealous… Good point was that the timeline was pretty consistent apart from a few flashbacks, so it was easy to follow and understand what was going on.

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