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Outside of her back-and-forth love triangle drama, it appears her older sister, Mel, and nieces have found themselves tormented by a ghost inhabiting their home.

No Rest for The Wiccan

And with Mel, the beautiful and overly-spoiled sister, attempts to employee her peculiar sister who happens to work in a magic shop to exorcise said ghost. During another rubber-necking session with her cop boyfriend, Tom, an interruption call comes in on his raid. It appears a body is hanging from one of the conveyor systems inside of a local grainier. Leading her into the throats of marriage, insurance, family, and murder.

Oh, and fire! But you know what? It's sometimes traumatizing, especially for new folks, because really, you have no idea what you did wrong.

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It sounds cute, but you know deep down that it's meant as an insult Ah, yes, the legend of the Fluffy Bunny. Many many moons ago, when the Internet was without form, and void, there was a magical place known as the chat room.

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And lo, that place became a haven of knowledge for many Seekers of the occult arts. They came from far and wide, from around the globe, both veterans of the many Pagan traditions, and those who had watched many episodes of Charmed and thought perhaps they too might cast a spell. No, not at all! We were all newbies once, right? However, refusing to believe that anything other than your way is a valid one … well, that definitely could make you a candidate for fluffiness.

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How can you avoid being labeled as a fluffy bunny? Well, for starters, be willing and able to listen to new ideas.

Repeating and sharing incorrect information does all of us a disservice. Even as she tries to deal with the long dead, Maggie must also cope with the recently deceased. When a friend of Mel's loses her husband to a dreadful fall, the police call it an accidental death.

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