Manual Ontogenesis of the Visual System

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Perceptual modules may exhibit characteristic developmental pace and sequencing Fodor, To test this hypothesis, we investigated two spatial tasks in typically developing school children, autistic children, and adults. The tasks consisted in blindwalking with no delay to a near target and in matching the frontal extent to the sagittal extent of an L-pattern formed by ropes on the ground. The blindwalking task was assumed to tap into the action module, whereas the L-pattern matching task was assumed to tap into the perception module.

Ontogenesis of the visual system / Karl J. Zilles | National Library of Australia

In the blindwalking task, typically developing children and adults were accurate whereas autistic children exhibited an underestimation bias. Conversely, in the L-pattern matching task adults showed underestimation, typically developing children showed even greater underestimation, and autistic children were accurate.

Lecture 1: A Walk-through of the Mammalian Visual System

Control experiments ruled out alternative interpretations based on differences in eye-height and testing rooms. Overall, these results are consistent with two visual modules that develop and function in different ways as a function of age or pathology. The surprising performance of autistic children suggest that autism may involve anomalies in the use of spatial reference frames in visual cognition. Purchase this article with an account.

Author Affiliations Nicola Bruno. Journal of Vision June , Vol. Alerts User Alerts. Characteristic ontogenesis of vision-for-action and vision-for-perception revealed by two spatial tasks.

Ontogenesis of the visual system.

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Neonatal Stage. Corpus Geniculatum Laterale Nucleus Ventralis. Nucleus Posterior Thalami. Embryonal Stage. Area Pretectalis. Nucleus Tractus Peduncularis Transversi. Neonatal Stages.

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  5. Colliculus Superior. Nucleus Nervi Oculomotorii. Nucleus Nervi Trochlearis.

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    Nucleus Nervi Abducentis. Between 36th Day of Ontogenesis and Adult Stage. Quantitative Results. The Entire Area Striata. Nerve Cells in the Nucleus Nervi Oculomotorii. Packing Density.

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