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For portrait photographers interested in learning a quick and easy way to retouch portraits, while also making them pop, I released a tutorial a few months ago with RGGEDU. In this tutorial I take you on 9 portrait sessions in different locations using natural light only and I share my entire post processing workflow for each shoot. Another quick thing I'd like to point out is the false concept that "it's all about the editing".

Editing an image will only take a great photo over the edge. It will not change a bad photo into an excellent photo. The purpose of the methods I'm about to share is not to change the photos, rather to enhance it. Culling images is simple. The importance of it is often overlooked. Choosing images out of from a photoshoot is hard. Another important thing to remember is that it is always best to go with the more natural poses. While creativity is important, it is equally important to not overdo things and try too hard. There is no technique to culling. It is all about finding an image that is pleasing to the human eye.

And that is what makes it the most difficult because there is a tremendous amount of subjectivity involved. That is why it is best to share it with as many people as you can. Forget about a technically perfect image. Find an image that speaks to you and your friends. People often confuse Camera Raw as the place where special effects and filter adjustments are made.

However, CR helps create a foundation for which to continue editing on Photoshop. CR is not where amazing results happen. With that in mind, it is important to avoid making global adjustments like using the exposure and contrast slider. Adding contrast is something that can be done manually in the editing process, if you add contrast in CR you will notice toning issues on the skin and eyes becoming dark and unrecoverable.

Hit up the luminosity slider, the orange and red slider can be used to brighten the skin and leave everything else alone. It will make flaws such as pimples stand out more but that's ok since you will spot heal that later anyways.

Photoshop World - Vegas

This tutorial shows you how to spot heal blemishes in the skin, you can use this for stray hairs on the skin as well. DO NOT take his advice on using the patch tool for the bags under eyes. This is a huge nono since you mess with the textures. I will explain under the next section of this article how to fix bags.

The purpose of frequency separation is to fix mismatched skin tones. Here's a tutorial that explains it. If you find this method to be lengthy and you're loosing patience jump to the next video that will teach you a more simple method to fixing skin tone issues. This is how you would get rid of bags under the eyes:. Once we are on the subject of fixing skin tones problems make sure to watch the following 2 videos on getting rid of redness in skin.

Dodging and burning is probably the most important part of your workflow. It's the hardest to master but also the most rewarding. Before clicking on the following video understanding where to dodge and burn is most important. The tools and methods you use to dodge and burn is simple and actually isn't important. The training projects of this exquisite collection include:. Breaking apart : In this project, you will get acquainted with the effects previously seen in Hollywood movies, with the effect that you can create an image of a person whose face is being crushed into smaller ones.

Dream Skin : In this project, users will get acquainted with how to create a dreamy, beautiful woman with Henna art and can easily apply this beautiful art to their favorite images. Masking Fur At first glance, this training does not seem to work, but by watching the film, you will find that this project is a fruitful and beautiful teaching with a great deal of use for photographers and athletes, and for anyone who wants to retransmit their private images.

In this project, you will be familiar with Vanishing Point and how to edit images that are perspectivized. Which is fully discussed in terms of how the posts and images are arranged and the distances are carefully tracked. Chocolate Milk Frog : In this project and in the words of this tutorial, you will believe in the magic of Adobe Photoshop! In this tutorial, the surface of the body is a chocolate toast, so you imagine that you are getting out of the cup while it's not.

This is the dawn of Photoshop! That creates that impression. After seeing this tutorial, you can easily transform the shape of the fruits without compromising their original nature and nature! Of course, this work is implemented professionally and this tutorial contains significant points. In this tutorial, a new creature is created by combining a crawling creature with an animal. The project gives details on this panel. First, how to create smoke is taught, and then how to apply that smoke to the desired image.

Soap Bubbles In this project, you will learn how to create beautiful bubbles and then how to use them. In this project, you will learn how to create bubbles that form underwater, and in general, by applying these bubbles to their projects, the power of imagination into the spirit of projects You add yourself. This project contains some very important and practical tips that you will find in these great points while watching a movie and then running it.

Swap Animal Skin Nowadays, in the world of design and advertising, there are always more effective designs that are specific to the particular project. Develop a thorough method of organization and continue to use Smart Objects, to harness the power of a non-destructive workflow.

Get the Breakthrough in Your Photography You’ve Been Looking For

Markup As you progress through the organization of the retouching process, learn how to identify all of the problem areas and distractions within an image like this. Walk through and dissect the Nike Air Max athletic shoe, using markup to note and define the areas of interest to smooth out the shoe and idealize all of the forms.

Evaluate texture, specks, dust, and shoe form at a more localized level. Learn to see the subtle details while not losing the natural range of the image. Cleanup After completing the markup stage, move into cleaning up the Nike Air Max athletic shoe.

2 Little-Known Filters to Remove White Edges (Fringing) from Cut-Outs in Photoshop

Focus on textural detail as well as larger areas of value and hue. Follow high end retoucher, Sef McCullough, in a more advanced method of frequency separation. Using an advanced texture cleanup process, overcome the negative association with frequency separation by eliminating the problems around low frequency blur.

Leverage the power of the median tool and wipe away the destructive haloes cause by gaussian blur. Challenge yourself to think in a new way, following an advanced texture cleanup process. Contouring With a more advanced method of frequency separation as part of your toolset, transition to the contouring phase of retouching.

Utilize the power of Photoshop's curve tools, to dodge and burn your image for creating subtle, smooth rolloff that adds dimension. Learn to dynamically optimize the working Photoshop file size to optimize system performance. To avoid computer system lag and file corruption, learn best practices saving your files in a PSB format.

Background Cleanup is a massive task in high end retouching.

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And this is the highest end workflow to establish the most creative freedom. With the complex technical phase of the process complete, move into the creative exploration of retouching. Shift hue and saturation to create a different body color on the shoe with ease. Reference the creative brief, from photographer, Adam Levy, and build a background aligned with his creative direction. Begin to manipulate color, modo, integration. Start having a lot of fun!

Shadow At this stage, utilize an action to create a convincing shadow cast on the custom background that you've created. Adjust luminosity and hue in a separate and organized way. Manipulate white and black points, creating real body for a convincing, realistic shadow effect. Learn how to evaluate and correct unwanted banding that often appears when generating custom gradients in Photoshop.


Creative Elements - Bubble Sole Begin to integrate some of the finer details in the retouch, adding creative elements to the bubble sole of the athletic shoe. Use flares that were shot by photographer, Adam Levy, and integrate them into the product story. Jump back over from Photoshop to Capture One, and select the best exposures for the light flares. Use channel masking to create a clean composite for the new integrated elements.

Create anything you can imagine.

Learn the value of a staged, intelligent workflow, building in flexibility for client feedback. Color Grade Using paths, curves, and group, learn to color grade add additional lighting effects to bring the Nike Air Max athletic shoe closer to a finished look. Utilized the organization from the early stages of the retouching process and leverage the power of masks.

Work through the length of the shoe, from toe to heel, assessing color, complement, and balance to create a professional color grade. Workflow-Finishing Before sending the image off for round 1 review, use a couple of finishing moves to bring the entire creative image together. Using high-pass and some grain across the surface of the shoe, create a consistent, finished surface.

Learn do develop a process for finishing with subtle details to set your retouching apart from the rest. With the creative complete, learn to assess the image for any final mistakes before sending images off for client review. File Prep for Send Off With the first round of retouching complete, learn best practices for sending files to your client.

Learn the advantage of using prepared actions, that duplicate and flatten your image. Prepare the image into a review ready format, with optimum compression settings and send the file using standard FTP options for client review. First Review With the first round of retouching sent to the client, watch a real world client interaction, between retoucher, Sef McCullough and photographer, Adam Levy.

Watch a live breakdown and discussion about assessing current work, pushing the creative further, taking client feedback, and developing a process for the second round of retouching. First Revisions With fresh notes from the creative brief, work with high end retoucher, Sef McCullough, to execute the notes from the first review. Using the markup notes from the call, begin to incorporate the feedback into the working file.

Begin with the most intensive notes and work forward to refine the creative. Learn workflow practices that allow you to see your progress as you continue to refine the image. Address cleanup, brightness and saturation. Create an effect for transillumination or sub-surface light scattering. Learn now to address photographer's notes, maintain the relationship, while problem solving the creative.

Reference backplates and address the notes, moving the creative though the second round of retouching in Photoshop. Second Review With the first round of revisions complete, observe as high end retoucher, Sef McCullough, works through a second live review to go over the image progress. In the review, watch as the photograph gives detailed notes on the color, lighting effects and refines his vision.

Listen as Sef, asks pointed questions to move the edit closer to a finished, deliverable image. Second Revisions After the second round review, learn to adapt with ongoing notes, use the information a client gives you, as well as decipher sometimes confusing information, common to creative collaboration. Address the second round of notes focusing on honing colors, creating more subtlety and realism with the lighting effects. Using selective color layering, dial in the colors.