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It was scary how much they took over my brain. As the series continued it lost its hold a bit.

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When the author died without finishing the books I was more upset because I would never find out what happened in the end than I was about a person dieing. This is how I learned about Brandon Sanderson, he was chosen by Robert Jordan's widow to finish up the series.

Having read all Sanderson's other books, I think she made an excellent choice. Now it looks like the end of the series will be three more books, with the first coming out in the fall. All that is background to my reading this book, this time. I haven't read them for a while, not wanting to get irritated about no ending again. I was amazed at this book's ability to make me stay up too late even after multiple readings at least 4 and years of knowing what happens to the characters later.

This is an excellent book. I love the characters, the detail, the plot, the prophecy, it is all so well done. The best part of rereading this book was seeing how much is put into the book to set up things that come later. There are bits of prophecy, there are characters that only have a chapter now but whole plot threads later.

There are weird little incidents, not more than a paragraph, that prepare you for the huge plot twists that come later in the series. The amount of work it took to keep all of this straight is awe-inspiring.

I can just imagine the office; with notes, diagrams, bulging file cabinets, all full of the details of the world Robert Jordan created. His characters are incredible too. They are all people, even the serving maid and the innkeepers are people. So often the minor roles could just as well be faceless robots, with no personality, no interest beyond keeping the main characters fed. Though it takes up a lot of space, the incidental characters here feel like they continue living after the story has left them. There are so many other parts of the novel I could rave about. The prophesies are the most I have ever seen in a book outside the Old Testament.

The style of storytelling is not just a single line. As a character who is ill retells the last week, the narrative skips, following the jumbled memory of someone who has been ill and missed a bit of events. If the rest of the books had kept to this level of skill Robert Jordan would be proclaimed the best fantasy author of all time, perhaps even beating out Tolkien. Alas, they didn't.

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There was a marked drop-off about book 5, but by then you are so thoroughly hooked you keep reading anyway. Sweet's distinctive cover art that has set the series apart from other fantasy titles. It wasn't until recently that I decided to look inside those covers, but after reading The Eye of the World I wish I had sooner.

The slow-to-moderate pace at the beginning of the book by Jordan shows the layback lifestyle of the Two Rivers region of his world where the majority of his characters come from. Once the action hits the road, the action picks up to a furious pace that only relaxes when the group comes to rest at towns that grow progressively larger.

When the group is forced to split up, Jordan takes the opportunity to give an enlarged view of the world he's created as well as give better character development as the narration expanded from just one character's point-of-view to three. Throughout the story, from the prologue to the climax, the significance and use of magical "One Power" is expanded upon by Jordan as well as it's implications. Those implications result in how characters interaction with one another, especially when it comes to gender roles compared to other fantasy stories.

And the end of the book these implications of the use of the One Power provide set up for future books. One last point is how Jordan misdirects who the ultimate villian s are at the climax of the book, including during the book's end game. Several aspects of the evil side of Jordan's world were exposed, though not explored in-depth, but well enough to give the reader a sense of what the protagonists are up against. On it's own The Eye of the World is a great story.

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But as the first book in what will turn out to be a 14 book series, it's introduces just enough to want you to come back to see what else will happen. Like I said in the first paragraph, I should have read this book sooner.

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Yep, I'm doing it. Sanderson has said it will be published in , so if I read one book from the series per month in , I should be right on track.

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I think I've waited this long because of how daunting it is to start an unfinished book series. The Dark One has been dealt a great blow, and the people of the world rejoice, finally, in the coming of spring! It has been a long journey for Rand al'Thor Ba'alzamon, the Great Lord of the Dark, has finally found the one he's looking for - Rand - and they finally meet, face to face Moiraine has at last delivered Rand and the others safely to the realm of the Green Man, where the Eye of the World rests and the last battle shall take place. But they are not the only ones who have found this place The quest to find the Eye of the World draws nearer to an end!

The group finally makes their way into the cursed northern land known as The Blight - a place fouled by evil in all possible ways - as they continue on their After a narrow escape from Machin Shin, the soul stealing Black Wind of the Ways, Rand and the others finally make their way to a warm welcome at the city of Fal Dara, where they intend to rest before heading off to meet In a risky attempt to get to the Eye of the World, Moiraine has talked the Loial into taking the group to The Ways - mystical transportation aids tainted by darkness.

It's a risk the Ogier is uncomfortable with, but But evil is closing in fast, and has already struck out at one of the Rand Al'Thor was just trying to get a look at Logain without being noticed himself, and took a spill into a garden where he meets a young sister and brother - Elayne and Gawyn.

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  6. After Elayne tends to Rand's wounds, he discovers There's no time to waste - they need Robert Jordan's fantasy epic continues here! Rand and Mat are running themselves ragged, unable to afford lodging or food, and unable to perform for any money without attracting darkfriends Hard traveling on the Caemlyn Road becomes a little bit easier for Rand and Mat after they're inspired to travel as gleemen. Their journey takes them to the village of Four Kings - and right back into danger.

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    Review : The Eye of the World and its sequels in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series show the extent to which one can go with a traditional fantasy framework, with added gusto. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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