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Do you have any leftover p9zza in the fridge?

Smaller Slang Dictionary

Pab: Poor Arse Bastard. Someone who is faced with the menial, boring, time-wasting, painful. Example: If you read human-baboon's entries, you're a PAB. From the same-named Japanese gambling game, similar to a slot maching. Example: Pseudodictionary. I can't stop visiting it. Pacific NorthWet: The states of Oregon and Washington, based on their seemingly perpetual state of rainy.

Example: We pacified the landing zone and brought the choppers in. Pack Totem: Tattoo used by all members of a gang or group. Example: Yeah, our Pack Totem is a blue and purple skull. Reminds us who our friends are, ya know? Example: I feel like I'm trapped in a pack-a-hurdle. Example: I went to the packy and picked up some vodka. Made of corduroy with flannel lining. Example: I am going to wear my padapers so my feet won't get cold! Example: The padeep of the bullfrog kept me up all night. Column always discusses the crazy exploits of Celebs.

If you were a celeb, and had one of those nights, you would be in PageSix. Example: What a night last night, I had a pagesix. A Survivor fan's word. Example: Looks like Rodger'll be next to get pagonged. Painfoil: The feeling of silver foil on a filling. Example: Ow! That was painfoil. Example: Gotta buy some Clearasil for my painple or I'm going to have a crater on my forehead in a couple of days. Etymology: The origin of this phrase is unclear. Some scholars trace it back to ancient Rome, where soldiers would celebrate a victory by painting the walls of a town with blood from its defeated soldiers.

Other scholars believe the phrase comes from the American frontier, where 'paint' referred to liquor and 'red' referred to pleasurable but illegal activities. Example: Example: 1 We graduated! Let's paint the town red! I've never had so much fun before. Example: A: Whats for dinner? B: Let's hit palais de poulet. Can also be applied to a situation.

The word comes from a contraction of Paul Anka famous soft-cheese singer. Example: A real cool palanka day. Also associated with circus performers and gays polari. It is common in the UK radio show Round the Horne in the s and was used by the out of work actors Julian and Sandy. Example: He knows all the palare doesn't he?

Paleomingus: An era shortly after the neoCharleston period when avante guarde jazz music was cooler than that before the Ice Age. Example: That's just a Paleomingus disk, Jim, -Way out! Licking one's own lips continually, even though they are chapped and licking them only makes them hurt worse. Example: Nicky: Oww.

Lauryn: Well, quit paliciping them! Example: Old Mrs Watts palked across the zebra crossing to fetch her pension. Example: I no longer trust her; she's a palligator. Used like Sport. As in, Why don't you just call me Sport? Example: Listen here, pally, I won't give you this orange for free. Not on your life. Example: Hey, I read the word 'adulation' in my book the exact moment you said it. Wow, Palmer Eldritch moment. Example: Mark forgot to palmify his girlfriend's birthday, now he is in the dog house.

Example: That guy is a Palmpilot. Palooka: Sports Slang. An incompetent or easily defeated player, especially a prize fighter. Palookatheorem: A theorem developed during a fight. Example: Rocky had a palookatheorem about letting the other guy keep hitting him in order to let him wear himself out. Meaning that the word being modified is taken to the extreme. Example: Washing dishes for your occupation would make you palumpoor. Example: My weekend was pretty pandanous. Panderise: Too study too hard, so that your eyes get black circles and your skin becomes pale from spending too much time indoors.

Example: Bob was very stressed during the exam period and he became panderised. Also known as Kennedyfication. Example: Oh! Looks like b2b4u. Their homepage is showing the sorry we burnt all our money message. Guess all that funding from wasn't enough. Panesoterical: The state of mind where you beleive you are misunderstood by everybody on the planet.

Example: That Karen--she's really out there. She's so panesoterical nobody gets her. Example: Mom's about to flip out. Call her panic mechanic. Pank: A word we used growing up in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan where we got lots of snow. Usually refers to packing down snow but can be used for dirt, leaves etc Example: 1 I had a big snow pile in front of the door, but I panked it down to get out. Example: You are the most panoramarse person I know.

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Stay away from me. Panpapaphobocracy: Worldwide rule through fear of the Pope. Example: Maybe what we need to get world back on track is a panpapaphobocracy. Example: That girl's hair is so pantabulous I can't tell it's a weave.

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Example: Let's go, he's being a real pantload. Example: A: What're you doing tonight? B: Oh nothing, just pantsing around. Why, got a plan? Example: So this guy trips over but his racket hit the ball anyway and it went over the net in his favour. I just looked at the tosser and yelled pants. Example: I was just standing there and all of a sudden Steve pantsed me and everyone got a good look. Example: The opera singer had an interesting panzey. Taken from the Robert Munsch children's book of the same name. Example: If I don't do laundry tonight I'm gonna be a paper bag princess tomorrow.

Example: I'll be right back. I have some paperwork to take care of. Example: When you cut your hand off you should yell, Pappapisshu. Papster: Meaning father, dad, etc. Example: Oh, papster, you are the greatest father on this good, green earth. Example: Email that memo to Bob; he doesn't do papyrus. OR seen online: Email submissions we don't take papyrus. Example: It's hard to look fit and trim, with this parabelly stretching my waistband. Example: The library assistant's mental health was thoroughly undermined when she developed parackophobia.

Example: The choice between Coke and Pepsi was an paradoxymoron. Parageek is to true geek as paramedic is to doctor. Or as paralegal is to lawyer. Luckily, one of the secretaries is a parageek. Example: Because many people are lazy readers, technical writers should avoid paragraphical writeups of crucial information in favor of short one- to two-sentence blocks. Example: Parapapango!

I've won the lottery without even buying a ticket. Example: Don't parchezzi me, mate! I know what you're up to. Example: Peeking across the field, I spotted a young rebel officer and his pards. Example: She turned to the talkative drunk who had just creamed her car and said, Look, spare me the parenthesia Example: Jeff never finishes sentences in his email Parkay: This verb is an invitation to take a flying leap: to be specific, to spread Squeeze Parkay liberally on your forehead, get a running start and jump directly up someone's posterior --or into the lake, to use the old-fashioned saying.

Example: George, that's not an offer, that's an insult. Feel free to Parkay yourself and hit Example: Damn parking nazi gave me a ticket this morning. Example: He's got parkma. Can you believe he found a parking spot right in front of the store during the Christmas holidays? Example: Even though I stare directly at the lid, my parmeslexia makes me turn it the wrong way. Used to compliment a bartender. Example: Johnny leaned back and exclaimed, Whoo, that's one parpy martini, Anton.

English Slang Dictionary - B - Slang Words Starting With B - English Slang Alphabet

Example: Wheer are we now? Ah doan't know, lad, what does yon parson say? Partial: Word used to describe a small accident to show they are a little crazy. Example: Ex- Adam- Man, your baseball team can't even hit the ball! Matt- We're undefeated, are you partial? Partridge: 1. Example: 1. Yo my man is pushin mad partridge lately. Ten dollars for a movie is way too partridged out for me. Example: Bob: Steve, did you talk to the new girl? Steve: Yeah, she's party head.

An upstart Example: The man didn't seem at ease with the other guests and seemed intimidated by the opulent surroundings.


I began to suspect that he may be a parvenu. Example: We shouldn't have had that last pas-de-jon. Champagne, vodka, and scotch just don't sit well together. Example: My pasapalabraphobia always comes on the day before I go on vacation; I'll have to change my password, but won't use it enough to remember it. Possibly an Australian colloquialism. Example: Once drunk, Brendan's inhibititions utterly escaped him, and the last thing he remembered was pashing Amanda in the rain.

Example: I cracked on to Britney Spears on the weekend. It was pashtastic. Example: Pasquiers could be watching you while secretly manipulating your environment for their purposes--anywhere, anytime. Example: Heather: I didn't get any sleep last night. Kim: Pass me an oar. This is a sign that the person is often the passenger in a car. May well indicate a have lack of independence and a bummer of freeloader rides. Example: Girl 1: I think Alec is kind of cute Girl 2: Oh, no way!

He's got passenger's arm! Passerbu: Passerbu is an ammalgation of the English word Passerby and the Hokkien word Chiobu, which means good looking female. Example: Did you catch a glimpse of that passerbu?

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Something that excites and delights. Also a deep tickle. Example: That movie is full of passimsy. Passportism: The tendency for everyone's passport photo to look like that of a drug runner. Example: I got pulled over again in customs for passportism. Do I need to passwerve?

No need. You've got root. Example: That red pasta-cooker of his is one of the most expensive motorcycles made. Not too hard not too soft. Example: The pasta was very close to being pastafied, so Sue began to make the sauce. Example: Carlo's pastapaunch prevented him from squeezing behind the table to get to his seat.

Example: I woke up today and had massive pasties! Example: question: who won the mvp in the super bowl? Example: I'm be at home pat malone tonight. Example: The French are a bunch of pathetes. My original example was too restrictive. Example: That plant has even fewer leaves than before and seems to have reached new heights of patheticism.

Measure of how pathetic something is. Example: She grinned wryly at the patheticity of his situation. Someone whose only friends are online. She's played Dungeons and Dragons every day for at least seven years. Can also be used as pathetisad. Made popular by the Drew Carey Show.

Example: Ryan hasn't left his house in two years. He's never kissed a girl. He's a pathetidork. Example: You are beyond pathetisad. You have been home all day and not got off that couch. Me: Patooey. Patridiot: A person who rabidly patriotic to the point of idiocy. Patriotically Correct: A variation of politically correct in which one displays sloganeering, nationalism, blind obedience to authority, and suspicion of Arab-looking people or any criticism of foreign policy.

Example: Since September 11th, it's patriotically correct to shout down those who question the government. To hound an interviewee with vague, undirected agression, thus reducing the discussion to a pantomime argument and eliciting unwarranted sympathy for even the most corrupt and small-minded of politicians. Example: Did you see the Foreign Secretary getting paxed last night? Example: Bob is sooo sad, he's pay-thet-eek. Example: You're acting really payam when it comes to helping me with my computer. Alternate form: Payce ouuut brudda. In this form, the out is elongated for reasons that only an OG can understand.

Peace out, yo, is also acceptable, but notice the lack of emphasis on the out. Yet again only an OG understands this. Used to describe the onset of gastrointestinal discomfort immediately following the consumption of a large burrito. Usually used after a trip to the San Francisco Mission District. As opposed to the Apple Mac, iMac, etc.

Example: My damn PC crashed again! Wish I had bought a MAC! I snickered as I walked away. PD: To submit something to pseudodictionary. Example: Geekgasm? That's a great word, I should PD it. Example: Hey, no PDA's in the hall--get a room. It is shorter than typing peace easy.

Example: I'm leaving. Peace e-z. Example: The peacekeepers in the Middle East have effectively stopped terrorists in their tracks. Example: I have to go and shampoo my dog now. So peaceoff and I'll talk to you tomorrow. We went to McDonalds to get some breakfast and it was filled with peach cobblers playing bingo. Some of the beaches in Florida are filled with peach cobblers.

Goes with everything Example: How was your weekend? Example: Hey, did you see him? Exhibiting excessive flair for the purposes of gaining praise and adulation. Example: When around a pretty girl, he gets very peacocky, displaying all of his colorful feathers. Example: Look at the peakin' hips on that chick! Makes no complete sense; is useless. Using something to accomplish nothing. Example: After getting free passes to Carowinds Theme Park, Chum decided it was peanut-butter-jelly time. Usually used as a compliment. Example: Thats a pearler of a hat. You off to the races?

OR That girl over there's got a pearler of a smile. Pear crisp that isn't. A baking victory defeated by a sudden and unexpected onset of moisturization. The sound made by a soggy material falling on the floor. Example: Her pear crisp looked more like pearschloppen. Example: Please A computer user who is really too stupid to own one.

Used by techies to describe to other techies the true nature of the problem. Used by tech support when answering a stupid computer question. Example: Your e-mail isn't working? Can be used as a noun or a verb. Example: Hey, jaywalker, use the ped-x. An avid bicyclist or bicycle collector. Example: She lives a pedentary life. Example: I got a ticket on my way over here because my car is a pediddle. The cops didn't believe me when I said I didn't know already. Pedigraphy: The art of writing with your feet. Example: I have used my pedigraphy skills in film and tv. Pedigraphy is listed on my resume as a special skill.

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Example: Woof! That guy has pedigree written all over him. Pedistrate: To walk. From the word pedestrian. Example: Steve did not have a car or bike, so he decided to pedistrate to class intstead. Example: The pedophobe shivered when he saw children playing outside. Pedro Mendelbaum: Pedro Mendelbaum is a worldwide creative collective. A group of filmmakers, pranksters, and lovers who have passions for chickens in cowboy hats.

The legend has it that Pedro Mendelbaum was an exiled Mexican Yeshiva student living in the forests of Canada who received enlightenment from a glowing beaver. Example: Oh, that insane thing I saw the other day that changed the creative landscape and blew my mind? It had to be from those Pedro Mendelbaum guys. Example: There were four peduncles on the road between my house and yours.

I guess nobody checks those things out. Sometimes Pretty Damn Quick. Example: He asks more peedeeques than any man I ever heard. You better make up your bed PDQ. Peedy Gonzales: 1. Example: I am the original Peddy Gonzales and amaze other women with my power to pee quickly and not check my makeup after. What the hell are they doing in the bathroom that requires a face check?

It is an abstract dog, very artistic. Specialty is cubism. Origin: Spain. Example: I didn't come to school yesterday because I was feeling all peelie-wallie. As a way to address someone. As people in general. Example: You peep, totally rock OR Anyhow, the peeps were completely overreacting to the situation. Most likely a teenager.

Example: Chloe is a peepage. She's cool. Example: Do you want your own bowl or do you just want peeps? Example: Stop peeving me, I'm trying to study. Example: Peeweephobia kept me away from the television for years. Example: She's a peezle she doesn't even know how to copy and paste. OR I should have seen it, it's sooo obvious. Sheesh, what a peezle I am. Usually accompanied by slapping yourself in the forehead. Example: You're pekpek smells good. The ladies out there know what I'm talking about; you feel crappy and you wanna crawl in a shell and die.

Example: Excuse my rude behavior; I'm feeling a little pemsy. Example: Look at that pencil beaver. The pencil is gonna be gone in a couple minutes. Penguine-like if a beguine is being danced. Example: That guy in the tux is totally penguoid. Not to be attempted by amateurs. Example: Ed: Where's the campground you're staying at? Ted: Right in the middle of Pennsyltucky. Example: The mayor's office decided that pentameters would be the standard unit of measure for all four-dimentional objects because those hundred-sided centameters won't work.

I was going to send you the damn check but Example: There's too much pentropy today at this office. Reflects an attitude of a meaningless sort of ennui, or a declaration to rid oneself of this ennui. Example: A: This movie just got really good. B: I think it's cause we're stoned. Yeah, I think you're right. Example: This pizza requires, nay warrants, proper pepperocrastination.

Example: There goes the peppier again. I wonder how much he gets paid for doing that. Example: Do I have any pepplers? Said while showing your front teeth to the person addressed. B: Sorry, we only have Pepsi. Example: Perchaps Tina will rule the world. Percinticulous: Being a real arrogant bastard about something petty, and doing it with a smile on your face, a swing in your step.

Example: I hate to be a percinticulous bastard, but you keep leaving the remote on the coffee table and not on the TV. Stop it, okay? Example: The coffee is ready, didn't you hear it percuburp? Example: The TV wasn't working, but I did a bit of percussive maintainance on it and now it's fine. Percussive Maintenance: The fine art of whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it to work again Example:. Example: I perdner lost control of my car.

Example: Some of the perfle was in the waste basket by the printer, some was hanging over the sides of the basket, but most was on the floor. Example: The high school girls at the mall were annoying me with their perflippity. Example: Tear off the perfory before you distribute the sheets. When a thing or situation has become as bad as possible, contrary to all expectations.

Murphy's law taken to an extreme. Example: We've wrecked the car, it's raining, my wallet's gone, and Jane just went into labor. This is totally perfucked. Example: I ate the sizzlin' platter of fajitas at Chili's and had to perfumigate before going back to the office. The state of being both perplexed and confused. Expression of a confused state. Example: JimBob looked perfused when it was explained to him that naked tractor riding was not a good idea. During an intimate event, the act of addressing one's lover by a name other than her own.

Example: Julie wept as she handed him the divorce papers, which cited pericoital dysnomia as the grounds. It didn't help when he then hissed, You won't get one red cent from me, Stephanie. Example: It's easy to criticise with the gift of perimenomancy. Example: That's not a semicolon, it's a periomma. Example: He would have gladly offered to help with his roommate's laundry if it were not for the permafunk which leapt from the hamper.

Example: I'll bet you that Brandon ends up being a permagin. A state of being. The appearance of a permanent state of grinning or smiling, despite your circumstances or state of mind. Permahold: The act of being placed on hold for an indefinate amount of time while listening to terriable hold music , wondering if you will ever be picked up. Example: I called my insurance company today and I was left on permahold. Permanti Style: Adding cole slaw and french fries to any kind of sandwich. Originating from the Permanti Bros.

I'm making my sandwich Permanti Style today. Is this product missing categories? Add more categories. Review This Product. Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews From abdabs to zit From pillock 14th century to couch potato 20th century From She'll be apples Australia to the pits USA This new collection brings together some 5, contemporary slang expressions originating in all parts of the English-speaking world.

It gives clear and concise definitions of each word, supplemented by examples of their use and information about where and when they came into being. This entertaining reference work will be of use to students of English at all levels and a source of fascination to word-lovers throughout the world. The Oxford Handbook of Lexicography. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dictionaries of English. Australian National Australian Oxford Macquarie. Categories : English dictionaries Slang dictionaries books.

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