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Tackle every management challenge with skill and confidence! As a new manag… Read More. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Request Review Copy. Request More Info. Table of contents. Give Feedback; Chapter 2. Make the Best of Bad News; Chapter 3.

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Delegate; Chapter 4. Pick the Brains of Departing Workers; Chapter 5. Review Performance Regularly; Chapter 6. Decide and Deliver; Chapter 7. Use "Praise Motivation"; Chapter 8. Plan Your Meetings; Chapter 9. Think Strategically; Chapter Build Alliances; Chapter Give Great Instruction; Chapter Get Feedback; Chapter Speak with Power; Chapter Win Over Cynics; Chapter Prepare for Change; Chapter Muzzle Your Mouth; Chapter Pose Penetrating Questions; Chapter Lift Poor and Mediocre Performers; Chapter Criticize without Criticism; Chapter Beat the Clock; Chapter Impress Your Boss; Chapter Extraordinary Leadership; Chapter Leaders can be Made; Chapter Raise the Leadership "Tent"; Chapter Character Is the Essence of Leadership; Chapter Develop Personal Capability; Chapter Focus on Results; Chapter Cultivate Interpersonal Skills; Chapter Lead Organizational Change; Chapter Focus On Building Strengths; Chapter Concentrate On Developing Strengths; Chapter Fix Fatal Flaws; Chapter Learn From Mistakes; Chapter Build Positive Relationships; Chapter Be Open to New Ideas; Chapter Be Accountable; Chapter Take Initiative; Chapter Learn From Feedback; Chapter Take a Nonlinear Approach; Chapter Build a Motivated Workforce; Chapter Know What Drives People; Chapter Know the Competition; Chapter Encourage Intelligent Risk-Taking; Chapter Inspire Creative and Innovative Thinking; Chapter Always Expect the Best from Employees; Chapter Fire Up Successful Performance; Chapter Anne Bruce.

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