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Meet sultans and sheikhs.

Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures

See genies and giants. Discover a trove of new magical treasures! Contents: 2 guidebooks totaling pages; 12 full-color reference cards; 8 Monstrous Compendium sheets; 3 full-color poster maps; 1 clear map overlay for measuring distance.

An Introduction to Al Qadim

Angry genies seethe in magically-sealed bottles. Gigantic birds of prey roost atop unscalable mountain peaks.


Sea serpents twist and sliter beneath blue waves. Alongside a world of stunning beauty and idyllic leisure exits a harsh realm of legendary beasts and monsters. The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook Discover the secrets of sha'irs, who counsel and cavort with genies. Unravel the mysteries of elemental mages, who bend flame and sand to their will!

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This magical tome holds a wealth of new information about Zakhara's exotic wizards and their dazzling enchantments. You are about to discover an exotic realm inspired by the tales of Sinbad, Ali Baba, and other classics from the Arabian Nights. New rules for adventure, including desert survival, turning the hand of Fate , and averting the mysterious power of the evil eye. New roles to play: bold desert raiders , swashbuckling corsairs , clandestine slayers , mystic clerics , wizards of fire , sorcerers who command the genies, and more - over 20 roles in all!

Arabian Adventures

New proficiencies, from camel -riding to haggling at the bazaar. New spells and a unique realm of magic, featuring the provinces of flame , wind , sea , and sand.

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  2. Publishing in the Republic of Letters: The Menage-Gr?vius-Wetstein Correspondence 1679-1692 (Studies in the History in the Low Countries 6).
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Your flying carpet awaits:. This accessory contains over 40 pages of player character kits, including the sha'ir , barber-thieves , beggar-thieves , and other rogues , as well as other characteristically Arabian roles such as merchants , moralistic priests , hakimas , mystics , mamluks , corsairs , and elemental wizards. Each kit includes benefits, hindrances, and discussion of the kit's societal role in the desert of Zakhara, the Land of Fate.

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  • The rulebook also includes rules for calling upon Fate, the Evil Eye, and discussions of honor, piety, the salt bond , and other characteristics of Arabian society. The rulebook offers a comprehensive list of desert equipment, lists of spells with a desert motif, Arab character names, and proficiencies like Haggling and Display Weapon Prowess. Sign In Don't have an account?