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If you qualify as a producer, please see the guidance above for putting a new product onto the UK market. If you import or re-brand products, check with your supplier whether they have already made a UK notification for the specific product you sell. If they have done so, you do not need to submit a duplicate notification.

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You need to register your business if you supply e-cigarette products via cross-border distance sales, for example online sales. This applies to:. Business to business sales, that is sales not direct to consumers, do not need to be registered. Registration is a legal requirement under the TPD. Without confirmation of registration businesses must not supply a relevant product to a consumer via a cross-border distance sale.

The UK notification requirement applies to products supplied to UK consumers via a cross-border sale. All other Member States have banned cross-border distance sales, and it would contravene the law to trade in those countries.

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Businesses who intend to trade in countries where the sales confirmation, registration website or contact details are yet to be confirmed TBC are advised to contact the national authorities before commencing supply. You can find more information, along with a link to the online registration form to be completed here. Create an ECAS account. Apply for a submitter ID number.

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The European Commission have published some guidance to help you with this. You can find this guidance by following the steps below:. Ensure you have a ECAS account. You will need an ECAS account to access this page. If you cannot see the information below, you will need to create an ECAS account , log in, and start again from step 2.

Unless you wish to use a bespoke XML file creator, the Commission have provided one that is free for you to use. To access it, download the tpd-xml-creator-tool We have published below guidance to aid producers of e-cigarettes and refill containers to prepare notifications for their products.

This guidance has been developed by the UK and other member states and discussed at the European Commission Working Group on notification of e-cigarettes and refill containers. Emissions testing guidance PDF , Nicotine dose guidance PDF , Labelling guidance PDF , UK product presentation guidance PDF , Annual reporting guidance PDF , General advice on vigilance PDF , General advice on due diligence PDF , If you make your product available in the UK under several brand names, you will be able to include all the brand names for the identical products in a single notification, for no additional fee.

Each brand should be listed on the notification as a separate presentation. The TPD does not include any requirements as to where testing of e-cigarettes and refill container has to take place. The notifier will need to be satisfied as to the standards of any testing carried out as they have to submit a declaration that they bear full responsibility for the quality and safety of the product when placed on the market and used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions.

The fees for submitting a notification are a set out in The Electronic Cigarettes etc. Fees Regulations MHRA consulted on the level of these fees in January and the Government Response to the consultation can be found here. MHRA has given a commitment to review the level of fees in the light of the number of notifications received in the first year. MHRA will send an invoice to each company for the notification fees due in relation to all products for which information has been submitted via the EU-CEG. Payment of this invoice is due immediately upon receipt. In order to help you to prepare for payment, details of the MHRA bank account can be found below:.

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E-cigarettes can be disposable or refillable by means of a refill container and a tank, or rechargeable with single use cartridges. Daily eJuice Deal. All Ejuice. Salt Nicotine. New Salt Nic Ejuice. Featured Salt Nic Ejuice. Salt Nic Ejuice Bundles. All Salt Nic Ejuice. Replacement Coils. Sub Ohm Tanks.

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All Accessories. Vape Deals. Daily Deals. Nic Salt Deals. Bundle Deals. Show Sidebar. Recent Articles. Ingredients in Vape Juice E-cigarettes have a canister where the juice is store and a small heating element. When the e-juice or e-liquid is heated, the liquid turns into an aerosol that can be inhaled. Here are the common vape juice ingredients. Water Water is a common vape liquid ingredient.

Vegetable Glycerin Vegetable glycerin is a sweetener, preservative, and thickening agent. Propylene Glycol Propylene Glycol is sometimes used in conjunction with vegetable glycerin or it can be used instead of it. There are so many combinations that the possibilities are endless!

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When learning this mixing stuff, it is important for me and I am sure to other newbies that all references are the same. I am sure these are just typos. Thank you for finding us! Stay in the industry loop and take advantage of our great deals and sales! Are you a New User? Below you'll find an infographic on how to make your own e-juice: With this DIY vape juice guide, well teach you about making your own vape juice.

VG is the base for most e-juices on the market; the higher VG percentage, the more clouds.