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Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Add to cart. Description Details Customer Reviews For courses in Abnormal Psychology A comprehensive overview of abnormal psychology, with DSM-5 coverage throughout Abnormal Psychology provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the primary psychological disorders studied within the discipline. Maintaining a focus on the individuals at the heart of the study of abnormal psychology, the authors employ a biopsychosocial approach that helps students achieve an understanding of the holistic context in which abnormalities of behavior occur.

In addition to the contributions of new co-author Matthew Nock, the Seventeenth Edition has been extensively updated to reflect DSM-5 diagnostic categories, classifications, and criteria.

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MyPsychLab R not included. MyPsychLab should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. Product information Description For courses in Abnormal Psychology A comprehensive overview of abnormal psychology, with DSM-5 coverage throughout Abnormal Psychology provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the primary psychological disorders studied within the discipline. Features This title is a Pearson Global Edition. An engaging approach and captivating features encourage students to think critically about the discipline NEW!

Co-author Matthew Nock brings a new perspective to the Seventeenth Edition of this authoritative and established text. Engaging boxed features highlight topics of particular interest, focusing on applications of research to everyday life, current events, and the latest research methodologies, technologies, and findings. Developments in Thinking features focus on concepts such as melancholia through the ages and the humanistic and existential perspectives.

Developments in Practice features offer coverage of the use of the computer in psychological testing and new options for adults with anorexia nervosa.

Abnormal Psychology, Global Edition (Paperback, 17th edition)

The World Around Us features highlight issues such as binge drinking in college and brain damage in professional athletes. End-of-chapter Unresolved Issues features demonstrate how far we have come and how far we have yet to go in our understanding of psychological disorders.

The topics covered here — including the expanding horizons of mental disorder and the role of public policy in the prevention of obesity — provide insight into the future of the field and expose students to controversial topics. In a convenient and visually accessible form, these boxes provide a helpful study tool that reflects current diagnostic practice, and help students understand disorders in a real-world context. Thinking Critically about DSM-5 boxes introduce students to the revised DSM and encourage them to think critically about the implications of the changes, many of which were contentious and controversial.

Student-focused pedagogy guides students as they learn NEW! This new edition of Abnormal Psychology has been redesigned to reflect the newest and most relevant research findings, presented in a way that is engaging to the newest generation of students. The text narrative has been streamlined to decrease the length of each chapter while retaining all of the important information that students should be learning. Clearly defined learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter provide the reader with an overview of topics and issues that will be included in the chapter.

These learning objectives appear again in the specific sections to which they apply, making it easier for readers to identify what they should be learning in each section, as well as at the end each chapter. In Review questions at the end of each major section within the chapter provide regular opportunities for self-assessment as students read, reinforcing their learning.

Organized around the learning objectives presented at the start of the chapter, chapter summaries recap the essential points of the chapter.

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Formatted as bulleted lists rather than formal paragraphs, they make the information easier to scan and more accessible. Extensive case studies of individuals with various disorders are integrated throughout the text, bringing important aspects of the disorders to life. These case studies also remind readers that the problems of abnormal psychology affect the lives of people from diverse backgrounds who have much in common with all of us. Many of the case studies are new to the Seventeenth Edition.

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Appearing throughout each chapter, Research Close-Up Terms illuminate research methodologies, and give students a clearer understanding of some of the most important research concepts in the field of abnormal psychology. Key terms are identified when they first appear in each chapter, listed at the end of the chapter with page references , and defined in the glossary at the end of the text.

Highlights of new and updated content include the following: The authors provide the most up-to-date and in-depth information about biological influences on the entire spectrum of behavioral abnormalities, while still maintaining a comprehensive and balanced biopsychosocial approach to understanding abnormal behavior. The authors have significantly increased the focus on the manifestation and treatment of psychological disorders around the globe , using data from a recently completed cross-national series of studies in more than 20 different countries.

Throughout the text, the authors provide information about some of the newest ways in which researchers and clinicians are treating psychological disorders , such as via the use of new smartphone apps, brain stimulation treatments, and assistive therapeutic robots. Add to Cart. Details For courses in Abnormal Psychology Abnormal Psychology provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the primary psychological disorders studied within the discipline. Top Universities. Connect With Us.

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