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Bob Lazar, a possible nuclear physicist and propulsion expert most recently known from the Netflix documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers , has, since , claimed that he worked on an alien spaceship in a classified facility called S-4, which sits astride Area 51 in the Nevada desert. Lazar said he counted nine alien ships in the desert hangars, though he was allowed to work on only one, a small saucer that functioned, as if by magic, without batteries, wires, or tubes.

When UFOs Buzzed the White House and the Air Force Blamed the Weather - HISTORY

When various pieces of the engine were placed in proximity, it hummed to life. Lazar believed these were the components of a nuclear reactor powered by an element then unknown on earth: element , which, once dismissed as fantastical, was synthesized into existence in a Moscow lab in Lazar believes a scientist who worked on the project before him died from exposure to the nuclear core.

Now and then, says Lazar, pilots took the craft into the sky above Area S This would explain the silence of the crafts, the way they seemed to roll, turn on a dime, jump across the sky. Lazar casts himself as a whistle blower. He wants the world to know.

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Why the cover-up? Two reasons. One: G-men fear the confirmation of an alien presence will cause panic. To realize that we are not alone, have never been alone, that the U. Governments would fall, markets crash. Two: they want to keep the tech for themselves. The first nation to crack alien propulsion will rule the planet.

Because the government interviews witnesses, studies incidents, writes up findings, then marks it all classified. If there were no aliens, why spend millions studying the phenomena? People believe in witchcraft, yet there are no congressional subcommittees on warlocks. Various heads of Project Blue Book came in as debunkers but left as agnostics, if not outright believers. The FBI explained away many sightings as hoaxes or confusions, but a percentage defied understanding.

The UFOs of October:

Under the leadership of astronomer J. Most were easily dismissed, but could never be explained. Project Blue Book was discontinued in , at which point, assumedly, the U. But according to the New York Times , which broke the news on its front page, the Feds had in fact carried on the work under new leadership and new names. The craft, as described by Navy pilots and captured in gunsight videos, moved in just the way Bob Lazar had described: great speed with seemingly little effort. Look at it fly! Fighter pilots do not tend to be of the muddle-headed variety.

They are cynical, cool, and realistic. In other words, such reports are hard to dismiss. And yet, for whatever reason, I do. My relationship to UFOs is like my relationship to God. I want to believe, but find it hard.

Belief in UFOs is really no stranger than any other sort of belief, no stranger than a belief in prophets or ancient codes. I wish I could see one for myself, as I wish I could see the Virgin Mary floating above the yellow roses in my backyard. The experience undermined him in some way, made him feel cast out and disbelieved; people glaze over when he talks about it, yet he feels the need to talk about it. The spike in UFO sightings began after the Second World War and continued through the Cold War, when people were scared—scared of external invasion, scared of internal subversion.

If you were driving at night from Barstow to Las Vegas and spotted that thing flying over the desert, what would you think?

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The blast did send out a beacon, only it went from us to us. Turning the atom into a bomb … people just knew it was a bad thing.

Skeptics and UFOs (Disclaimer I).

In aliens, we are seeing ourselves through a glass darkly. David Lynch, who deals in hidden worlds, conspiracies, and what adults get up to in the dark, is maybe the only American artist to express the importance of this moment in his work—the bomb changed everything. The crux of the story comes in the eighth episode of season three officially titled Twin Peaks, The Return which aired on Showtime in In it, we see the creation of the new postatomic world, how it unleashed forces of good and evil on a formerly peaceful town call it fifties America.

The sequence opens with a title card: July 16, , A. Then the countdown, then the bright light—the so-called flash-burn characteristic of the A-bomb, during which energy becomes radiant heat and light—then the explosion. It blasted; it pounced; it bored its way right through you. One, Tom DeLonge is barely in it. DeLonge occasionally sits in on a car-ride or nods wide-eyed during an interrogation always wearing a hat with a piece of tape obscuring the logo , but that is about the depth of his involvement. He heads to barely populated islands off the United States coast where Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon UAP supposedly landed, and he puts his wraparound sunglasses on the back of his head and makes vague hand gestures about how, by his calculation, alien spacecraft can move at 27, miles per hour.

Like, yes: you do imagine a roomful of government staff are watching this in a triple-locked panic room in the heart of Area 51, laughing their well-informed heads off. But for the rest of us: does it really hurt to question our reality? Might we not as well do it with Tom DeLonge formerly of Blink, wearing a too-branded cap? Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Man Interacts With Mysterious UFO! - Close Encounters

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