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In a remarkable new book, Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City Verso, , Bradley Garrett tells the story of his urban explorations that attempt to show the space from an entirely new viewpoint. Fundamentally Explore Everything aims to ensure we never look at our city spaces in the same ways again. Unusually for a book informed by critical theory, the text is richly illustrated with photographs taken as part of the place hacking activities, connecting the theoretical underpinnings of the text with the breathtaking excitement generated in the act of exploration.

The text is also a record of the engagement with activism, police forces and security, as well as the media, raising profound questions as to the future role of the university and scholarship in an age where academia is encouraged and expected to have much more visible public impact.

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  • Place-hacking the City.

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Explore Everything: Place-hacking the City

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Explore everything: place-hacking

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