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Kidnapped by his scheming and wicked uncle, teenager David Balfour is forced to sail the high seas on the ship the Covenant. With the help of an unlikely friend, a Scotsman who is rebelling against English rule, David escapes. However, together they still face more danger before David can regain his stolen inheritance from his uncle.

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  • This is the sad fate of Philippe, twin brother of the King of France, until a daring plan to rescue him unfolds. Read along with this touching tale of Hester Prynne and her daughter Pearl as they struggle to survive as outcasts. Only one person, Arthuer Dimmesdale, the Reverend, knows Hester's true story, but he is kept away for fear of what the community will think of him.

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    Find out how Hester turns hardship into the ability to help the very people who scorned her. The Invisible Man H. Wells author Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing ISBN: When a brilliant scientist discovers an invisibility formula, he turns to a life of crime- stealing and terrorizing the public. This time pay attention to the beeps, as they indicate when each page should be turned.

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    Post-reading Activities. You have successfully read the story and listened to the audio presentation. Now answer the multiple-choice questions and other activities in the Activity Book. Gullivers Reizen. Read more. Gullivers Reisen.

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    Gullivers Reisen Gullivers reizen. Gullivers Reisen-Das Original. Catherine's Travels. Gulliver's Travels.

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    Travels in Siberia. Travels in the Scriptorium. Gulliver's Travels Saddleback Classics. Travels In the Scriptorium.

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    Travels With My Cats. Celebrated Travels and Travellers. Travels In Arabia. Travels with My Aunt. Travels with my Daughter. Travels With Isabel. Wilhelm Meister's Travels. Recommend Documents. Your name.