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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Ruthy Alon's description of Feldenkrais work in Mindful Spontaneity is a favored text of a generation of Feldenkrais enthusiasts. Alon weaves experiential and theoretical information in a poetic yet pragmatic language.

These simple and unexpected suggestions will help everyone who suffers from restricted movement or pain to find a new sense of freedom.

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A lesson in standing while lying down. A Change in Proportions of the Division of Labor. Meet your needmake the struggle unnecessary. Foreplay that ripens the movement. Reconciling symmetry in the Feldenkrais approach.

Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement for Cancer Patients

Auto Reflexology. Releasing movement from control.


Though many might find this book pretty heavy going, it was Scott's introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. Awareness Heals by Steven Shafarman This book, written for the general public, makes a very accessible first book about the Method. The author discusses Feldenkrais and his work in a straight-forward, conversational way, and includes a series of simple lessons.

Mindful Spontaneity by Ruthy Alon Ruthy was one of Moshe's first students, and she developed the work with great inventiveness and poetry. The text is very rich — perhaps best read in shorter bursts.

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It seems a simpler version of Feldenkrais's thinking, though we have certainly found it valuable. Some classic lessons are included at the end. Many of of the dimensions of Moshe's thinking are set out here more clearly and concisely than elsewhere.

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This is a must-have anthology for anyone wanting to look more deeply into Feldenkrais. Moshe works with a woman who has had a stroke, which has left her with a puzzling set of difficulties.

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The ideas represent the beginning of his thinking more than the mature phase, but many of the most important elements of his work are here. The Master Moves by Moshe Feldenkrais A transcript of Moshe teaching a workshop — his explanations, jokes and anecdotes are mingled seamlessly with some very clearly-presented lessons.