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At times he toyed with compromise, particularly in his dealings with propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, who insisted the storyline in the screenplay of Iron Gustav which, never filmed, became a novel of the same name should be continued up until Fallada did so without elaborating on the political situation. It seems it may have been sheer naivety that caused him to feel that he could write it in such a way.

The month I spent writing this Nazi sequel is outlined in black on my calendar, I hated every minute of it — and I hated myself even more. The candour of this memoir, which provides a keyhole view of the daily paranoia of life under the Nazis when, as Fallada recalls, in every group of three people, at least one was a spy, reflects the wit and the rage, the very human contradiction that was Rudolf Ditzen the man, Hans Fallada the writer.

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Poem of the week: 21 Westland Row by Colette Bryce. Women writers Putting Irish women writers back in the picture. In simplicity, fidelity, I follow 2 Sing to Him, sing praises to Him, tell of all his wonderful works. Sing to Him sing praises to Him, O give thanks to the Lord. Glory in his holy name. Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.

Every rainbow in the sky, every pretty Butterfly, tells the fascinating news to those Who dare to hope.

School Diary

And the massage is. God still loves the world. God still Still loves the world, So throw your life into his hands Day by day discern his plans, God is passionately busy loving you and me.

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Every ocean wave that breaks upon the sea shore Every stalk of golden wheat. Every silver stream that gushes down the mountain Every drop of honey sweet, Every eagle flying high, every worm that wriggles by, Tells the fascinating news to those who dare to hope. He says I will guide you all the time.

He has called us all together and we are delighted that we are united into God's own family. Take time to listen Take courage to obey The inner voice is calling, calling you There are voice all around me. My enemies and my friends Do this don't do that. The chorus never ends But I shall always listen To that quiet inner voice. It's swift and definite and I have made my choice.

As I walk along I just keep trusting my lord. In his time, in his time He makes all things beautiful in his time Lord please show me everyday. As you're teaching me your way. And to do just what you say, In your time 2. In your time, In your time. You make all things beautiful, in your time, Lord my life to you I bring.

With its winter and its spring May I fathom everything In your time. There's a time, there's a time Both for sowing and for reaping there's a time. Time for losing, time for gain, time for joy and time for pain. Every purpose under heaven has a time. There are times, there are days Weeks and months we cannot understand God's ways If for years we fail to scan what is his eternal plan We'll remember that he can, all the time.

Show me they stairway, I have to climb, Lord for my sake teach me to take, One day at a time Ch. One day at a time sweet Jesus.

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That's all I'm asking from you Just give me the strength to do everyday. What I have to do Yesterday's gone sweet Jesus, And tomorrow may never be mine Lord help me today, Show me the way One day at a time 2. Do you remember when you walked amongst men Well Jesus you know. Cheating and steeling, violence and crime. Lord for my sake teach me to take. One day at a time. O give thanks to the Lord for he is good 3 Yes eternal is his Love.

I will sing to my God never ceasing. All my life, I will tell of His wonders. He's the maker of all, Earth and heaven Of the ocean, the seas and all they hold. The almighty is faithful forever, He is just to the poor and the outraged. He gives sight to the blind in His mercy And he raises the lowly and the humble, It is He who gives shelter to strangers. Every orphan and window He defends. Teresa of Avila and of Mother Veronica, the Sister try to combine contemplation with apostolic activity in their lives and adapt their apostolate to the sings of the times and the needs of the day.

The focus of their apostolic service is Christ in his brethren, the Church and the world. The congregation tries to fulfil the purpose of its existence through the education of youth in its various colleges, schools, technical training centres, hostels, children's homes, creches and school for the handicapped established throughout India, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Rome, Africa, Bahrain and Philippines.

It aims at developing the students entrusted to its care, into committed people who should be the leaven in their milieu putting love and meaning into human life and endeavour. The school has classes from KG I to V for both boys and girls. The basis purpose of St. Agnes Branch School is to render loving service to God, the Church and the Country by education the youth of today's India. The desire to experience and witness God's all sufficing love, urges the sisters of the Apostolic Carmel to respond to the needs of our country in ways which will most effectively bear fruit for the betterment of man.

Agnes Branch School, Includes in its objectives the aspirations of our country for a just and honest society and its regards education as the most effective means of promoting national development and the integrated development of the human being. Today India suffer because of the selfishness and bad conduct of her youth. The mission of St. Agnes Branch School becomes more meaningful in this context to lead our youth towards Truth and Light through the medium of education so that realize that much of our country's development depends upon them and their attitudes.

The school prepares citizens and leaders for the country by inculcating in its students a sense of responsibility. Agnes Branch School also tries to bring peace and happiness in today's war-torn unhappy world by making us conscious that in God's all sufficing love, there is no room for war and jealousy.

The last but not the least of the objectives is to prepare our students to show a greater appreciation of Indian culture, familiarising them with knowledge of Indian thought and philosophy and to make some contribution to it. Following the teachings of Christ, we aim at total development of the human being so that our girls and boys will become person. The medium of instruction is English, Bengali or Hindi is the second language.


Physical exercise, games and sports, literary, social and other school activities are part of the general education given to the students. The admission from must be filled with utmost possible accuracy. A candidate who has attended a recognised school cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school attended.

Others must produce an authentic birth certificate. New candidates will be tested appropriately and adequately. No transfer certificate will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full and only on receipt of a written application from the parent or guardian. Those who leave in the middle of the term, must pay the fees of the full twelve months of the calender as well as fees of the Transfer Certificate Rs. There will be 2 terminal examination each includes 2 evaluations and at the end there will be annual examination.

Class tests may be conducted for them every week or fortnight. Hence their regularity to school is very essential. The progress report of the students will be shown to the parents during the Parent Teacher Meetings which will be notified during the course of the scholastic year. Vacation There are three vacations during the school year.

My Country

These holidays may not be extended or anticipated. Staff will be present on the 3rd Saturday of every month to plan out the programme and lessons for the month. The new academic year begins in January. Regular and punctual attendance is insisted upon. No leave for absence is given without a previous written application from the parent except in case of sickness, in which case the reason for absence must be given on return to school.

Students who have been absent from class must have the reason of absence briefly noted in their Regularity Record. Birthdays, marriages, excursions or urgent work are not sufficient reasons for absence from school. Every student must be present on the re-opening day and on the closing day of school after the Summer, Puja and Christmas Vacations, Tests will be conducted before and after the vacation and during the course of the year. Attendance of the students is compulsory during celebrations and activities of the school. A medical certificate must be produced for absence due to a contagious or infections illness.

No student is allowed to leave the school premiss except with the written permission of the Headmistress. Parents should not call the children away during school hours. Such requests by parents will not be sent to school. During examination no student will be allowed to leave the hall or be sent home before the schedule time. School begins with an assemble during which prayers and bhajans are conducted. At the stroke of the first bell in the morning and after the break the students are expected to stop talking and lead to their respective classes in perfect silence. If they fail to do so the teacher will not allow the students to enter the class.

Games, Computer, Singing classes order and silence must be observed.

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Students are expected to be neat and tidy in person and belongings Refinement of manners and punctuality are expected at all times. No money collection for any purpose whatsoever may be made without the previous sanction of the Headmistress. Students are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct in and out of school. Conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school is sufficient reason for the dismissal of students. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Each article should be marked with the student's name class and section.

No letters are to be passed on to students and teachers except through the Headmistress. Tiffin and water bottles sent after 8 a. Cycles should be kept in the stand provided and should be securely locked. Inside the school premises.

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Books are regularly issued to the students from the School Library. Students are not allowed to keep any book borrowed from the library longer then a fortnight without permission; otherwise they are liable to be fined. Students are expected to make good the damage to furniture and library books. All books taken from the library should be covered before us.

No books or magazines of any kind, other then the school text books or library may be brought to the school and circulated. It is not advisable for students to bring or wear valuable articles in the school. The school is not responsible for lost articles.

All are advised to bring their books in a canvas bag. Parents are requested to make complaints if any, to the Headmistress and not the class teacher.

No Parent should visit the teachers' houses on school business. Parents are not allowed to interview the teacher in their respective classrooms during the teaching hours. No parent is permitted to enter the classroom. Use the contact page in the calender Students are expected to speak only in English in the premises, in order to gain fluency and accuracy in Spoken English. Those who fail to obey will be requested to withdrawal from the school. Private tution is strictly discouraged. Parents are advised not to approach the teachers of their wards for any tuition or special classes.

The school does not receive any financial assistance from Government and has to meet all running expenses from fees. The management reserves the right to make alterations in the fees. School fees are as follows. Kindly make the entries clearly Admission Fees Rs.

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By 11th - 19th of the month. Annual Fees to be paid by 19th June, Fees must be deposited in cash only. Afine of Rs. All fees may be paid in advance at one time. The school fees cover a twelve calender month. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Pupils are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the Rolls. No fees is refundable.

Every three months your fee receipt book will be called for. If necessary in order to bring accounts up to date. So kindly co-operate. If you pay an extra amount, it will not be refunded, so please pay the correct fees.


Correct amount 5. Every child should wear a clean uniform daily. V the uniform is as follows, Blues skirt, white blouse with blue stripes and short sleeves, the school monogram on the pocket, black shoes and white socks. Hair should be neatly plaited and tied. Ribbons used should be black. Boys, will wear blue shorts and white shirt with blue stripes and short sleeved with a school monogram on the pocket, Plain red sweater with long sleeves in winter for Class KG I - Cl.

White uniform on Fridays for Classes I - V. Leather, cloth or canvas bag may be used. Take up first, the subject you dislike most. Once you have done this, the rest of your work will be easy. Find what is about things you cannot grasp clearly. Never neglect difficulties. Never omit a lesson or homework assigned. Always revise the work done in class and make sure that you have understood everything clearly and thoroughly.