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Shortis, TFJ ; Orthographic practices in SMS text messaging as a case signifying diachronic change in linguistic and semiotic resources. From , SMS text messaging diffused in the UK from an innovation associated with a small minority, mainly adolescents, to a method of written communication practised routinely by people of all ages and social profiles.

From its earliest use, and continuing to the time of writing in , SMS texting has attracted strong evaluation in public sphere commentary, often focused on its spelling.

Generation Txt? The sociolinguistics of young people's text-messaging

This thesis presents analysis of SMS orthographic choice as practised by a sample of adolescents and young adults in England, with data collected between and I present analysis of a variety of representations of SMS orthographic choice, including facsimile texts, electronic corpus data, questionnaire survey responses and transcripts of recorded interviews.

Journal of Pragmatics Chen, Tao; Min-Yen Kan. Creating a live, public short message service corpus: The nus sms corpus. Etude d'un corpus de SMS en Belgique francophone". Variations lexicale et syntaxique. PhD thesis defended on September 15th Belgium ComScore. The U. Digital Year in Review, A recap of the year in digital media. Txtng: the Gr8 Db8. Oxford University Press.

Frehner, Carmen. Peter Lang.

1 Introduction

Gains, Jonathan. English for Specific Purposes 18 1 : The inside text: Social, cultural and design perspectives on SMS. Herring, Susann. A faceted classification scheme for computer-mediated discourse. Language Internet. Optimizing predictive text entry for short message on Mobile Phones. Las Vegas, USA. Kasesniemi, Eija-Liisa; Pirjo Rautiainen.

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Life in characters: The text message culture of Finnish teenagers. In Katz, J. Perpetual contact : Mobile communication, private talk, and public performance: Cambridge University Press. Normalizing SMS: are two metaphors better than one?

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Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics 1: , Manchester. Laursen, Ditte. Please reply! The replying norm in adolescent SMS communication. In Harper, R.

The Inside Text: Springer, Dordrecht, kluwer aca edition. Leung, Louis.

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    Schneider-Hufschmidt, Matthias. Usability Issues of Sending Text Messages. Springer, Dordrecht. Stark, Elisabeth. Linguistik online 48 4 : Tagg, Caroline. A corpus analysis of SMS text messaging. PhD thesis, University of Birmingham. Thurlow, Crispin. Generation txt? Discourse Analysis Online, 1. Turoff, Murray; Starr Roxanne Hiltz. Meeting Through Your Computer. Vold Lexander, Kristin. In Gerbault, J. Reorthography of SMS messages. Which advantages and disadvantages are there to the early acquisition of English? Which specific challenges does the acquisition of English face in multilingual Switzerland?

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