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Orangutans Picture from www. Porcupines They have sharp quills on their backs to protect them from their enemies. Pictures from www. They are small birds and lay brightly colored eggs. Quail Picture from www. They have one or two horns on their noses and thick gray skin. Rhinoceroses Picture from www.

They sleep hours per day. Sloths Picture from www. They use their coloring to hide from predators. Tapirs Picture from www. They have a large crest on the top of their head. They have hooked bills that help them tear apart dead animals. Vultures Picture from www. They are covered in thick brown fur with white patches on their face or chest. Wolverine Pictures from www.

ABC's of Habitats

Male and female musk oxen have sharp pointed horns on their heads. Musk oxen Picture from www.

Activities to Learn about Biomes

They have long hair to keep them warm in the frigid temperatures. They live in large herds in Africa. Zebras Picture from www. She has been teaching for 11 years. She lives in Asheboro, North Carolina with her husband and six year old twins. Retrieved on Dec.

Different Animal Habitats (where animals live) - HD footage for Kids

Animal Adaptations. What is an adaptation? Our Animal Exhibit By Mrs. Appaloosa Horse by Sabrina This is an Appaloosa horse. It can be 14 to 16 hands tall and weighs 1, pounds. Monkeys Monkeys are primates, which means they are prepared for life in trees. Monkeys have thumbs on their hands and feet Have facial features much like.

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"Finding Home" Everglades ABCs: 2nd Grade - Teachers (U.S. National Park Service)

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Animal Homes

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Habitats are the natural places where plants and animals live. Fabulous photographs highlight this valuable learning resource. Children will be inspired to write their own ABCs after reading this book. Reading Level: Gr. All of the books are lavishly and colourfully illustrated with photographs and pictures Each book has a strong bias in favour of saving the earth, its species, and its habitats from the onslaught of expanding populations and industry.