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Christopher Wright is an Academy of Management scholar. We find ourselves in an era of what we might call creative self-destruction. Climate change, the greatest threat of our time, is perhaps the definitive manifestation of the well-worn links between economic progress and devastation.

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How can we allow this to happen? The sheer scale of the problem undoubtedly makes genuinely united efforts difficult, but there must be other fundamental reasons for the alarmingly limited reaction to the spectre of all-out ecological disaster. Many might be more accurately described as narratives, or even myths.

But until we appreciate quite how brilliantly they satisfy their purpose to protect the interests of some at the expense of the rest, any meaningful alternatives will remain elusive.

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Our recent study of corporate responses to climate change sets out not to disprove these myths but to understand how they work and what they achieve. We looked at how 25 major corporations in the resources, energy, manufacturing, transport, finance and retail sectors responded to climate change between The analysis involved interviews with senior and operational managers and an in-depth investigation of sustainability assessments, annual reports, submissions to governments, shareholder briefings, climate-change presentations and policy documents.

Three key myths emerged, each helping to obscure the link between the accumulation of capital and the erosion of natural resources.

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Each has shown itself to be dangerously seductive. The first, the myth of corporate environmentalism , portrays corporations as the saviours of the environment. Revelling in the ideals of transparency and accountability, it conveys the message that corporations are best placed to respond to climate change and that alternatives — inevitably including government regulation — will inevitably be less effective. The suggestion is that the answer to over-consumption is more, but better, consumption.

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  7. By the grace of their hand, corporations have equipped us with the tools to save ourselves: now it falls to us as individuals to use them wisely. This is how corporations give us a voice. In effect however, the only way this voice is heard is through consumption.

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