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As is stated in the ruling of Capps v.

Preparing for a Legal-Ethical Telemental Health Practice

Barnett, J. Termination and abandonment: A proactive approach to ethical practice. Retrieved from: www. American Psychological Association. Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct. Risk management and ethical issues regarding termination and abandonment.

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Jackson Eds. New York: Oxford University Press. Davis, D. Ethical competence in psychotherapy termination. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 40 , — Jorgenson, L. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 15 , 49— Joyce, A. Penn, L. When the therapist must leave: Forced termination of psychodynamic psychotherapy.

RANZCP Code of ethics

Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 21 , Vasquez, M. Psychotherapy termination: Clinical and ethical responsibilities. Younggren, J. A legal and ethical review of patient responsibilities and psychotherapist duties. Termination and abandonment: History, risk, and risk management. Jeffrey E. Barnett, Psy. Caroline Coffman.

This article is really reassuring. My 9 year old son was receiving weekly thearapy sessions and all of a sudden they ended.

Technology Changes Ethics for Private Practice

There was not any closure or any unpleasant issues that I can recall. My son has server emotional challenges and he looked forward to the theapy.

Borderline Personality Disorder Splitting and How to Manage It

The Thea ray seemed to help bring more balance into his daily routine. The therapist contacted me and left me a message after 2 months. I contacted her to see if we we still going to continue or meeting and were there Changes to please let me know. My call was not returned until another month. There was no closure and My son and I feel abandoned. It is so very difficult already to build trust in others due to unpleasant experiences.

I am now not sure to continue our relationship with the company. I have sought out other options. Hi Ann, Let me first apologize for what seems to be a very difficult and trying time for you and your son. I would encourage you to reach out to the organization that the therapist works for and speak to a supervisor, who might be able to shed some light on what happened. I might also suggest reaching out to find another therapist perhaps through a different organization to, at the very least, help your son and you process your feelings from the first therapist.

It is so very clear that there is pain and hurt there, and I wish you and your family some peace and closure, but also the help for which you originally sought out. The feeling of abandonment which as a daily struggle for me have just increased to a level that seems unbearable. I feel at the very least a brief session to end or even a phone session to inform would have been more appropriate.

Has also not responded to any communication including a request for Referal.

Al-Alon Faces Alcoholism. Georgia Psychologist, 61 3 , Ethics and Diversity. Georgia Psychologist, 61 3 , 3.

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Georgia Psychologist, 60 4 , Fall issue , 5. Georgia Psychologist, 60 1 , Ebert Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 24 3 , Georgia Psychologist, 59 3 , Georgia Psychologist, 59 2 , Reflections of the Child I Never Knew. Georgia Psychologist, 59 2 , 3. Boundary violations and psychotherapy: [Review of the book Dual Relationships and Psychotherapy by A. Zur Eds. Contemporary Psychology, 49 2 , What are the characteristics of a State Psychological Association that promote effective decision-making and conflict resolution?

Georgia Psychologist, 58 4 , Georgia Psychologist, 58 1 , The Changing Faces of Georgia Psychologists.

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Georgia Psychologist, 57 3 , VandeCreek Georgia Psychologist, 57 2 , Georgia Psychologist, 57 1 , Georgia Psychologist, 57 1 , 2. Common Ethical Concerns of Psychologists. Georgia Psychologist, 55 4 , Why another ethics book, when there are several excellent ones already on the market?

Article excerpt

All three co-authors have extensive experience in independent practice and have published widely on clinical practice, ethics and the business of practice. Speaking collectively in the tone of a kindly mentor, they offer extensive advice to novice and experienced clinicians alike.

There are chapters on documentation, dealing with insurance and other third parties, financial decisions, staff training, advertising and marketing and continuing education. They devote relatively light treatment to ethical aspects of administering psychological interventions e.

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  4. Some of the strongest and probably most important guidance comes around billing and finances. Rare is the clinician who has had adequate preparation in dealing with money matters prior to hanging out a shingle.