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Jim Newell, Rowan Hall. These are times when students can be certain that I will be in my office. However, students are welcome and encouraged to come or call at other times.

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If I am in my office, I will make time for you. At minimum, we will arrange a time to meet. Develop an understanding of the conservation laws that govern mass,. Learn to derive and solve the ordinary and partial differential equations. Develop the ability to formulate and solve mathematical models for. The actual cutoffs will likely dip below these scores depending on logical breaks. Consistent offenders will be asked to will be asked to leave the class. General property balances. Convective and diffusive flux. Conservation equation for thermal energy. Introduction to Femlab.

Steady-state unidirectional conduction. Conservation equation for chemical species. Mass transfer boundary conditions. Steady-state unidirectional diffusion.

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Exam 1. Transient and diffusion and conduction.

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Multidimensional diffusion and conduction. Conservation equation for momentum. Momentum diffusion and viscous stress.

2: Introductory Transport Phenomena supplementary lecture

Navier-Stokes equations. Steady-state duct flows. Exam 2.

Stochastic dynamic approach to transport phenomena

Low Reynolds hydrodynamics. Spring Break.

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  4. Potential and boundary layer flows. Exam 3.

    Transport Phenomena of Water in Molecular Fluidic Channels

    Transient flow processes. Convective heat and mass transfer. Exam 4. Research project presentations. Other Important Dates:. January 18 Friday : Last day to drop class without tuition charge. March 16 Wednesday : Last day to withdraw from class with R grade. April 24 Saturday : Spring Term ends. The student will be able to write the Thermal Energy Equation, the Species Continuity Equation, and the Navier-Stokes Equations and pose simplify them appropriately for specific transport problems.

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    The student will know appropriate boundary conditions that can be applied to specific transport problems. The student will be able to conduct scale or dimensional analyses of transport problems, using the analyses to help simplify or enhance understanding of underlying transport processes. Overview Syllabus Related Courses Reviews. Overview This course will introduce the concepts of fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer with behavior and processing of engineering materials as the focus.

    Week 3 : Navier-Stokes equations, exact solutions for simple geometries. Week 5 : Application of fluid flow solutions to materials processing. Week 6 : Governing equations for heat transfer, problem statements. Week 8 : Empirical correlations, heat transfer coupled with fluid flow Week 9 : Mass balance equations, governing equations Week 10 : Diffusive mass transfer, exact solutions for simple geometries Week 11 : Solute transfer during phase change Week 12 : Convective mass transfer correlations, Similarity across transport phenomena.

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    Taught by Gandham Phanikumar. Tags fluid mechanics. Advanced Transport Phenomena via edX. Browse More Engineering courses.