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Eric Newhouse has worked as a journalist since In , he joined the Great Falls Tribune where he was news editor and editorial editor, before becoming a projects editor. He is also an instructor for the University of Great Falls, where he teaches English, mass communications, and writing courses.

Womb to tomb replaces cradle to grave as focus for health service

He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin, a master's degree from the University of Maryland, and a second master's from Columbia University, where he was also appointed an international fellow. He lives in Montana.

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  3. Womb to tomb replaces cradle to grave as focus for health service;
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This disturbing book is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper series on alcohol abuse and its social impact. Newhouse, a reporter for the Great Falls Tribune , focuses on the gritty Montana town where bars that open at 8 a.

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Newhouse was covering alcohol-related murders on a Montana Indian reservation when he came up with the idea for reporting on the social costs of alcohol abuse. This book is a diary of Newhouse's reporting, including interviews with alcoholics as they struggle day-to-day with their illness.

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  • His subjects reveal their darkest secrets and frightening recollections of alcoholism in their families. Newhouse visited Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, treatment programs, and bars; he also accompanied police on calls to alcohol-fueled disturbances. He includes statistics on the overt and hidden costs of alcoholism in hospital and program treatment, police enforcement, social services, and the proliferation of one of the most dangerous legal substances taken by Americans.

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    All rights reserved. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Hazelden, Condition: New. Comments: With dramatic anecdotes and data, [Newhouse] offers a penetrating rebuke to insane public policies focused on shoveling up the wreckage of alcohol abuse rather than on preventing and treating it. Joseph A. Califano Jr. I feel enlightened after devouring this powerful book.

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