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Write down any belief that comes to mind. Now return to your lists at least two more times in the following week. Add to the negative and positive side as your mind continues to cogitate—you will find that deeper beliefs take more time to surface.

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Now that your lists are complete, sit back and assess them. You are mapping out the territory of your core belief system, which is incredibly useful. Since this is your private communication with yourself, don't be ashamed to put down a belief you think is wrong or unacceptable; this is your time to take charge of all your beliefs. Now begin to foster change. Take one strong negative belief and one strong positive belief.

A shocking real life case that revealed a secret how to change beliefs of others.

As an example, the negative belief might be "I will only get love from a few people" and the positive belief "Love can heal. This is a kind of brain training, where you lay down new pathways of thinking and feeling. So in the case of these two beliefs, what steps can you take? To minimize this belief, you need to feel more secure about love outside your close-knit circle of family and friends.

Tell yourself that this is possible. Just because only a few people love you now doesn't mean that more won't love you if you seek their love.

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Start where it feels safe, like working in a shelter or helping underprivileged kids—an activity where you can see an immediate response of appreciation and gratitude, which are expressions of love. In general, be with people who are loving—they exist all around you. They may intensely love their work, their mission, their vision of life, other people, or the beauty of nature. There are infinite ways for love to express itself, and when you become involved with them, you become part of this love.

To activate this belief and make it expand, there are two directions you can go in: healing yourself and healing others. They are connected, and it's good to focus on both as you grow and evolve. But you can only give the love you feel, so most people will first focus on healing themselves. This project begins with self-care, expressing love for yourself by adopting lifestyle choices—in diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management—that enhance your sense of well-being.

Everything you do to care for body and mind is a form of self-healing based on loving yourself. Next comes self-compassion, which means being kinder and more forgiving of yourself. Then comes self-purification, the process of clearing out toxic residues from the past, old wounds, bad memories, and outworn conditioning. Finally comes communion with your higher self, which has always been the source of healing and love at the same time.

I've looked at only two beliefs out of many, but the general process is the same for any belief, positive or negative, that you want to address. You consciously diminish negative input and consciously increase positive input. Setting up such a program ensures that your life will always be dynamic, because nothing creates change and transformation like gaining control over your core beliefs. As they evolve, so do you, moving ahead on a never-ending journey that is based on your deepest belief in who you really are. Search form Search. By Deepak Chopra, M.

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There are four core beliefs that make the most difference: Love Self-worth Feeling safe and secure Feeling whole In everyone's heart there is a belief about all four of these things, and this belief isn't always simple. Negative Beliefs I am not very lovable. Love is temporary and fleeting. Love can easily turn into hate. Falling in love is a delusion, a kind of romantic insanity. Positive Beliefs I deserve unconditional love and also want to give it.

Love is eternal.

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Consciousness itself contains the power of love. The pragmatic theory to be defended, in which the justification of a change of belief attempts to show that the proposed change best promotes the goal of the enquiry in question, is set out.

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