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The colorful, whimsical illustrations hit just the right note both in full-page versions and smaller vignettes for instance, 'The Magic Pot of Porridge' shows a small house with a roof tilted crazily due to porridge pressure. Jane Yolen — a prolific and much-honored fantasy, science fiction and children's author — shares 20 classic childhood stories from many parts of the globe, with a type size and brevity that invite reading aloud.

Illustrated by Philippe Beha, the book includes margin notes from Yolen shedding light on the stories' origins, alternative versions and lore about the main ingredients. The doable recipes by Yolen's daughter, Heidi E.

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Stemple — breakfasts to desserts, including Brer Rabbit's Carrot Soup and Little Mermaid's Pasta Shells — have age-spanning appeal, laying out details for equipment and serving suggestions. Toddlers will enjoy The Runaway Pancake, while fourth and fifth graders will appreciate Yolen's Snow White this heroine doesn't pull any punches.

Fairy Tale Feasts

Yolen's knowledge of folklore shows in her tidbits about the tales and their origins. For instance, alongside the Stone Soup recipe is a note that Al Capone set up Chicago's first soup kitchen. Beha's illustrations, with bright colors and bold, simple lines, are set off by lots of white space, adding to the appealing and accessible look. The food focus provides a lively collection pairing sidebars about the stories' creation and food history with recipes and classics.

Stemple, is billed as 'A Literary Cookbook for Young Readers and Eaters' — and that's precisely, deliciously, what it is. Twenty folktales, including old favorites such as "The Runaway Pancake," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Stone Soup," "Jack and the Beanstalk," and "Cinderella" all make their appearance, simply and charmingly told by Yolen, whose graceful prose seems exactly right for each tale.

European Fairy Tales & Folk Tales Children's Books

Philippe Beha's bold, splashy, brightly-colored watercolors enliven the pages of this volume. With whimsical illustrations, this book features recipes such as the runaway pancake, Little Red Riding Hood's deviled eggs and actual stone soup made with a boiled rock. Get in touch Email: info interlinkbooks.

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  • Book Size: 8" x About the authors Jane Yolen is the author of books for children, young adults, and adults. Internationally acclaimed artist Philippe Beha has illustrated more than books for kids. About the Author Her daughter, Heidi Stemple, has tried out all the recipes many times with her helper, Maddison Jane. As Yeats says his introduction, "These folk-tales are full of simplicity and musical occurrences, for they are the literature of a class for whom every incident in the old rut of birth, love, pain, and death has cropped up unchanged for centuries: who have steeped everything in the heart: to whom everything is a symbol.

    Highly rated by both literary critics and common-man readers, this book is highly recommended to all interested in fairy and folk tales, especially those interested Irish traditions and folklore. Includes eight pages of notes on the stories and twelve illustrations by James Torrance , from the edition. Fionn mac Uail was a hunter-warrior of Irish mythology appearing also in the mythologies of Scotland and the Isle of Man. The stories of Fionn and his followers, the Fianna, form the Fenian cycle or Fiannaidheacht.

    From this beginning Fionn becomes the greatest warrior in Irish mythology. Filled with adventure, humor, magic, and romance, Irish Fairy Tales was hailed as one of the great fairy tale classics when it was first published in Even today it appeals greatly to readers of all ages. The stories were translated from the modern versions recorded by Sadanami Sanjin.

    As Ms. Yei Ozaki , the editor, tells us in the Preface , "these stories are not literal translations, and though the Japanese story and all quaint Japanese expressions have been faithfully preserved, they have been told more with the view to interest young readers of the West than the technical student of folk-lore. Many of the stories in this volume are based on actual historical figures from Japanese history, while others are simple fanciful tales.

    As Yei also admits in the Preface, "I have followed my fancy in adding such touches of local color or description as they seemed to need or as pleased me, and in one or two instances I have gathered in an incident from another version. Of special interest to storytellers is the included extensive subject index, expanded for this edition. This collection was specifically intended for children, and consequently edited for that end, with the character and spirit of the original stories being carefully preserved.

    This edition contains all 37 of the original stories and all of the original H. Ford and C. Jacomb Hood illustrations. The Gold-Spinners. This edition contains all thirty-seven of the original stories and all ninety-nine of the original H. Ford and Lancelot Speed illustrations. This edition contains all 42 of the original stories and all of the original H. Ford black-and-white illustrations.


    This edition contains all 48 of the original stories and all of the original H. Ford illustrations. This edition contains all 41 of the original stories and all 69 of the original H.

    Primary Sources

    This edition contains all thirty-five of the original stories and all fifty-eight of the original H. This edition contains all 35 of the original stories and all 59 of the original H. This edition contains all 36 of the original stories and all 53 of the original H. This edition contains all 32 of the original stories and all 50 of the original H. This edition contains all 33 of the original stories and all 58 of the original H. This edition contains all 29 of the original stories and all 51 of the original H. Types of Folk Literature. Folktales or Fairy Tales.

    Folktales are stories that grew out of the lives and imaginations of the people, or folk. Their popularity springs from their imaginative characters, their supernatural elements, their focus on action, their simple sense of justice, their happy endings, and the fundamental wisdom they contain.

    Many people use the terms folktale and fairy tale interchangeable, though few of these tales actually contain fairies.

    National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

    Animal tales are perhaps the oldest of all folktales. They are part myth, part fable, and part fairy tales. They play significant roles in early stories and legends.