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Hao, An experimental and numerical study of reinforced ultrahigh performance concrete slabs under blast loads, Mater. Inan, V. Wang, J.


Wu, J. January Tai, Flat ended projectile penetrating ultra-high strength Concrete plate target, Theoret. Construction and Building Materials. Goel, V. Akbarzadeh Bengar and M. Jocius, V.

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Praise Worthy Prize Homepage. Subscription Login to verify subscription Give a gift subscription. Chandrashekar Rao 2. Abstract This paper focuses on the need of increasing the demand for safety and security of concrete structures in the wake of the breakdown of terrorism acts through explosions, missile and nuclear attacks on strategic domestic, government and defence buildings. Full Text: PDF. References H. Contact Us 1 Search for:.

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British Columbia Prairies Ontario East. BOXX West. Protect your workers with blast resistant-buildings Are industrial explosions or blasts a risk — or even part of the process — on your worksites? If so, you know how important your safety programs are, and the value of a safety-focused work culture. Even during the most well-planned operations, workers have been known to suffer injury from industrial explosions or blasts. Air Shelter.

Need Blast Resistant Buildings To Protect Your Workers?

No prior knowledge of structural dynamic analysis is necessary. A list of free computer programs available from government to qualified companies is provided, and details of how to apply for them are discussed. Achievement of the learning outcomes will be assessed through problem-solving sessions and testing. Structural engineers and engineering supervisors who are responsible for analyzing, designing or qualifying structures subjected to bomb blasts or accidental chemical explosions, as well as engineering supervisors and managers responsible for auditing, reviewing or approving such tasks will benefit from this course.

All participants receive two course texts and supplementary notes prepared by the instructor. There are many commonalities between loads generated by bomb blasts and those by accidental chemical explosions in petrochemical and other industrial facilities. So these two cases are discussed together. Necessary equations, graphs and tables are provided. Several numerical examples are solved.

Blast Resistant Buildings

Either a coupled global analysis or a member-by-member analysis may be used. The former is often performed using finite element method. The course provides a basic discussion and references to nonlinear finite element analysis computer programs. Emphasis of the course is on member-by-member analysis technique that does not require knowledge of finite element method. Equations, graphs and tables required for this type of analysis are included in the class material.

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  • Approximations involved and where the method may and may not be used are discussed. Several example problems are solved to illustrate the procedure.