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YW 86 - Robert Carr: Why we keep paying for things without using money. Every aspect of our world seems to be at the hands of scientists and inventors striving to change how we do things, and money and payments are just the latest point of interest. Jason Hartman talks to Peter Zeihan, author of The Accidental Superpower, about the many factors which have affected the economic and social growth of America and several other vital world powers. Key takeaways What if the printing press actually was an option? Key Takeaways 1.

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Owners, flaky tenants could mean this is your responsibility. Jason Hartman invites Tim Carney, author of The Big Rip-Off and Obamanomics and writer for the Washington Examiner to come on the show and give his thoughts about the huge and potentially irreversible impact that big business and big Government are having on America. They also discuss topics such as human rights to information and what you say when Goldman Sachs offers you a position. Christine Hassler comes on to the Young Wealth show to talk about disappointment and how that affects millennials.

She is a professional speaker and considers herself a Gen Y expert. She is also an author and has recently published a new book called Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Love, and Life, which both Jason and her discuss in detail. Key Takeaways: — Christine's new book, Expectation Hangover, is for anybody who has been disappointed and wants to leverage it. They're fast learners, they have a can-do attitude, and they think outside of the box.

Christine believes millennials will be able to fix the broken school system and reduce the amount of student debt everyone has. Take the steps and have the vision, do what you can, but don't make your happiness and your worthiness dependent on the result.

Justin Gilchrist guest appears on the Young Wealth show today. He is an expert in buying online businesses and is also the co-founder of Centurica - a company that helps customers with website assessment and due diligence. He shares some important insider tips to Jason and his listeners about what you need to look for when purchasing an online business for the very first time. Key Takeaways: — For the most part, Justin wouldn't classify it as a business unless it's at least 1 year old. Good traffic should be spread out through organic, paid ads, and social media searches.

Does this website look too good to be true? Is it logical? Is the website consistent? You have to check everything and to have the experience to know when something doesn't look right. Most times you can change the terms of a deal to pay for a website slowly and overtime. This will prevent you from going out of pocket right away. Mentioned In This Episode: www. Mark Lack is the founder of The Peak Performance Club, which helps empower and encourage young adults to achieve greatness. Mark sits down with Jason today to talk about your mindset and how you can achieve the success you have always wanted by simply changing your outlook on life.

Key Takeaways: — Self-education is incredibly important. Always keep learning. Become the best version of yourself to find your true passion. Create a new identity of the person you want to be and pretend to be this character. Who is the person you want to be? When you wake up ask yourself what you're grateful for. The research is being done by someone else. YW 76 - Grant Cardone. The 10X Rule is about thinking beyond and re-inspiring people. What we lose from not taking risks is extensive.

Make everything 10X. With topics for discussion ranging from colour perception and its influence on website conversion to creating opportunities for the technological youth of today, this episode will open the eyes of many listeners to website design elements they may never have considered. Companies such as AppSumo are pioneering the trend.

Hello Bar is one example of an available split-testing tool. In some tests, green has come out as the least successful colours for conversion. Then you can decide whether to increase or stay the same. He's the Founder of Style Pro Pollard discusses how he got into entrepreneurship.

Listen to The Solomon Success Show with Jason Hartman now.

He gives us an inside glimpse of how professional athletes view business and manage their money. Style Pro 31 was founded in when Bernard Pollard, Jr. Bernard immediately began drawing up ideas and thinking of ways to create more space at the bathroom sink. A year later, after fine-tuning his concept, he found the solution.

The ingenious Style Pro 31 Smart Tray is a convenient, portable lightweight and affordable foldout tray that fits most pedestal and traditional sinks to provide up to square inches of additional counter space at the sink. The exceptional Smart Tray is designed for use in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, hospitals, assisted living facilities, hotels cruise ships and other travel applications. Bernard Pollard, Jr. Bernard is an innovative dreamer and analytical thinker who brings a unique perspective to anything he is involved with.

He is passionate and driven. His faith is most important to him and he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. Visit Style Pro 31 at www. It was but it seems like it was just yesterday. Ace Chapman was 22 and just the thought of what the next 40 years would look like terrified him.

He had tried some business ideas here and there and nothing seemed to work. It seemed nearly impossible to get ahead. He had little savings, student loans, and credit card debt. He was so sick of being broke and not being able to afford to finer things in life or the freedom to follow his passion for travel and connecting with people. A college dropout, Ace knew he would hit a glass ceiling in the corporate world. Yet he had neither the time or money to afford more education.

Talking to my his workers nearing retirement, Ace saw his future as retiring on a little more than social security. Well, eventually he was fired and he had a choice. Either go back and find another job or shoot for something bigger…freedom. Ace went for something bigger and honestly he had no idea what he was doing.

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He made some sacrifices, began investing in real estate, and realized he had a knack for it. Pretty soon Ace was making more money than he was at his previous job. Ace then took some of the money and bought two retail stores, one in Chattanooga and another out of state. Before he knew it, he had become a true entrepreneur.

But it was nothing like he envisioned. Ace was working for himself but he was working even harder than he was at his previous employer — 80 plus hours a week! Dealing with more headaches each week and putting out fires constantly. The money was good, and life was much better than being an employee, but it was not the life he had envisioned.

It got to the point where he decided to sell those businesses. Ace was glad to be rid of the headaches and have the opportunity to start from scratch with his new knowledge. He took a little time off, traveled and just collected monthly checks from financing the sell of my different businesses. Ace had the opportunity to do some consulting and build a relationship with a certified billionaire. It was then that he realized that the wealthiest people in America were not wealthy because of cash flow from their business but from growing a business and either selling it all to a a single buyer or portions via the stock market to shareholders.

Most importantly Ace learned that you really can create you own your reality. Imagine how much different your bank account would look. The secret to me has always been about providing more value than you take. Compensation is just a bi-product of your value to society. Your income is really defined by your value to society. Its pretty simple. Learn more skills, both left brain technical like Google and also right brain, less technical stuff like leadership skills and being able to inspire people.

To be able to look someone in the eye and tell them you can help them get where they want to go and know that you can is one of the most powerful things you can provide the world. Terry Savage is a nationally known expert on personal finance, the markets, and the economy. Terry is a regular blogger at the Huffington Post. Terry is in demand as a speaker at business meetings across the country. Her lively presentation style entertains as well as informs, whether talking about global economics, investing techniques, or personal finances. She started her career as a stockbroker, and became a founding member — and the first woman trader — on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Savage was also a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where she traded interest rate contracts and currency futures. She is a registered investment advisor for both stocks and futures. He's the author of the new book, "Knock 'em Dead Social Networking. He explains the importance of social networks in landing jobs and how social media creates stability in an uncertain world of work. Yate them talks about the important highlights to have on any resume. Martin Yate is an internationally best-selling author.

He has held major posts as a director of training and personnel for several international companies. His best-selling title Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions published by Kogan Page is now in its 5th edition and has sold over 4 million copies. Find out more about Martin Yate at www. Demartini developed the audio program "Business Mastery. Finally, Dr. Demartini talks about some strategies to make and save money. John Demartini is a human behavioural specialist, educator, author and founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education institute with a focus on empowering individuals and organizations and transforming micro and macro social dynamics.

Demartini is dedicated to expanding human awareness and potential in all markets and social sectors and travels over days a year to over 56 countries to share his research and findings across the globe. He has written over 40 books and appeared in numerous national and international radio, television and print interviews as well as appeared in movie documentaries such as The Secret and The Opus. Find out more about Dr. John Demartini at www. Pete Seat is the former spokesman for President George W.

Bush, U. Seat discusses who they will vote for next, given how much Obama has burdened them moving forward. A former spokesman for President George W. He traveled to 23 countries with the president, logged thousands of miles aboard Air Force One, and was one of only a handful of staff in the Oval Office during the first gathering in 25 years of all living presidents at the White House. Visit The Front Row Seat at www.

Find out more about Hathaway Strategies at www. He joins the podcast to share his thoughts on crowdfunding young entrepreneurs and start-ups changing the healthcare industry. He then finishes the discussion by sharing some advice for relationship building. Find out more about Scott Gerber at www. Visit the Young Entrepreneur Council at www. Anne Filipic is the President of Enroll America. Filipic has been tasked with taking one of the most politicized and divisive pieces of legislation in recent American history and turning it into a kitchen table, family-friendly consumer issue.

She joins the podcast to discuss the marketing tactics she is utilizing to sell Obamacare. Filipic tells us the truth on how things are really going with Obamacare and whether they are hitting their metrics. She also explains why she set a deadline of March 31st for enrollment. Anne Filipic serves as President of Enroll America, a non-profit organization dedicated to maximizing the number of Americans who enroll in health coverage made available through the Affordable Care Act.

Most recently, Ms. Her background includes key positions in a variety of electoral and issue campaigns, including the Obama for America campaign, where she served as Field Director during the Iowa caucuses and Colorado General Election Director. As an early leader in the Obama for America campaign, Ms. Since joining Enroll America in January , Ms. Filipic has become a leading voice on the consumer experience and best practices around ACA enrollment and engagement.

Visit Enroll America at www. At 38, Jennifer Kushell, has lead a movement inspiring young people to do more with their lives for two decades. In , she led her company in launching YSN. As a corporate consultant and thought leader, Kushell has worked with a wide range of educators, NGOs government agencies, and global corporations. Kushell has helped sculpt numerous programs, promotions, and initiatives targeting students, young professionals and business owners, while increasing the amount of information, resources, and support available both nationally and internationally.

These collaborations grant organizations unparalleled access to young people around the globe, an intimate understanding of what motivates them, and paves the way for innovative solutions to make campaigns more influential, emotionally charged and compelling.

Having started her first small business at the age of 13, by 19, Kushell was on a mission. Frustrated with the lack of support and guidance available for younger people pursuing their first ventures, in she founded The Young Entrepreneurs Network, one of the first online communities connecting over 10, entrepreneurs in 70 countries. From there, her team conducted the first psychographic research study on young entrepreneurs featured by the Wall Street Journal and wrote the first advanced entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students. While at the job, it's important for youngsters to find workplace mentors.

Levit explains how new employees can do this. Levit breaks down recent jobs data to conclude certain signals employers are sending to recent graduates. She believes several trends in will impact people's careers. She also thinks somethings can learn several career lessons about Healthcare. Find out more about Alexnadra Levit at www. She's a 1 New York Times bestselling author of 26 books empowering children and their families to take charge of their financial lives.

Godfrey explains how parents can teach the next generation how to be rich and appreciative. She thinks youngsters need to learn how to give back as well. Godfrey wraps up the discussion by giving advice to kids who will be facing the burden of rising healthcare, education, and inflationary costs. Visit The Children's Financial Network at www. Neale S. She has been in the financial field for over 30 years. She began her career as one of the first female executives at The Chase Manhattan Bank.

That started the conversation about children and money in the United States.

  1. Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing & Income Property.
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  3. Knowledge Structures for Communications in Human-Computer Systems: General Automata-Based (Practitioners).
  4. She has authored 16 books dealing with money, life skills and values. Neale is a dedicated and serious advocate for women. Her books and programs aim to empower women to take charge of their financial lives. She frequently speaks on the subject to groups focusing on assistance to women as well as supporting the education of their children. Neale is available to corporations both domestic and international to make keynote presentations, conduct seminars, and act as a spokesperson. She is a financial literacy advocate for the American Bankers Association. Gu also walks us through the entire model of Upstart In essence, Upstart is crowdfunding people and their educations.

    Furthermore, Gu describes how Upstart can curb the student loan issue. Find out more about Upstart at www. He explains how Kabbage provides online advances to grow a business without relying on credit score. Gorlin believes this new form of lending is the future. Gorlin also breaks down the current state of lending and what businesses can do to set themselves up for financing. Visit Kabbage at www. Frieman explains how people can make a great first impression and land jobs.

    He also shares some strategies to fix workplace faux pas and how people can completely avoid them in the first place. Frieman gives his advice to youngsters on conducting themselves on social media, company happy hours, and holiday parties. Find out more about Richie Frieman at www. To date, the program has been responsible for helping , people get off welfare.

    No is How You Get There. He also shares his opinions on whether we should end teacher unions and if states should disband the tenure system for teachers. Visit Danny Kofke's blog at dannykofke. He joins the podcast to tell us about his different businesses and their models. Bender also explains what got him interested in making money on his own through hard work, which required a different skill-set from sports. He describes how athletics can translate to power in business and how ordinary people can launch second careers. Bender is one of the rare social entrepreneurs who makes money and does good at the same time.

    He explains this new practice and how it's a win-win situation for all. Find out more about Jonathan Bender at www. Visit the Jonathan Bender Foundation at www. Edward Fiske is the author of the top college guide, "Fiske Guide to College. In this interview, Fiske shares his overall thoughts on college and attending it.

    He also addresses the student loan problem. Find out more about the Fiske Guide to College at www. She thinks it is important for people to break free from any subconscious mandates or family pressures that may be holding them back. Dabbah also talks about why she started the Red Shoe Movement and provides evidence for discrimination in the workplace. She was the owner of a book distributor where she developed parent and teacher workshops.

    After she sold her assets, she focused on her writing career and has become a renowned personality through her work. She presents in corporations and universities across the country and is frequently seen on CNN, Univision, Telemundo and other networks. She is the founder of Latinos in College, a not-for-profit organization that helps Latinos find everything they need to graduate from college. Visit Mariela Dabbah's website at www. Find out more about the Red Shoe Movement at www.

    Rohan Mathew is the Founder of The Intersect Fund, which is a non-profit organization that helps low-income people get the financial help, training, mentorship and more to turn aspirations into real businesses. Rohan shares some of his success stories that stem from a big boom in micro-entrepreneurship. A small micro loan help turn a worker into a boss. Rohan assesses the state of entrepreneurship and its outlook for and also gives his tips for building a business from the ground up.

    Visit The Intersect Fund at www. Jason talks with financial expert Logan Mohtashami regarding the massive student loan debt problem and how students can make smarter decisions. They also discuss where the economy is going. Logan Mohtashami is a senior loan manager at his family-run mortgage company, AMC Lending Group, which has been providing mortgage services for California residents since He has been an active trader in the stock market since His other passion is our political system in this country.

    Logan is also a financial columnist for Benzinga. He also explains whether a degree is required for many of the jobs that young people work. Ken Ilgunas was born in Ontario, Canada and raised in Wheatfield—a small town in western New York where his family still lives. He just finished walking the entire 1,mile length of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. Find out more about Ken Ilgunas by visiting www.

    At the age of 29, with numerous investments under his belt, he ended up on unemployment. Corey explains his career and what he learned about personal finances. He managed to reinvent himself as a career man after having to go on a job hunt for the first time in ten years and was able to go from being hopelessly ignored to being incessantly headhunted.

    Find out more about Alan Corey at www. He also shares how we can individually know what we're bad at how we can all go about finding a small group of people who care enough about us to tell us things we may not want to hear. Relationship expert and best-selling author, Dr. He offers a deeper explanation of these differences based on scientific research showing how activities particular to each gender, diet, and an increased existence of xenoestrogens in our environment play a significant role in hormonal balance and imbalance.

    Jason Hartman starts off today's episode with Carmen discussing her current issues she's having with her property manager and getting her property rent ready, past due rent collected and a new tenant put into place. It's a much bigger process than it should be and the price tag seems way too high. Jason gives his take on what you as the property owner and investor can do to make your process easier.

    Then Jason talks with Mauricio Rauld, Esq, attorney who specializes in syndications, about what Opportunity Zones can mean for investors. Mauricio breaks down the tax incentives that have been presented, but also why you may not want to invest in them. Jason Hartman talks with Romana King, award winning real estate writer and director of content for Zolo, about what's going on in the Canadian real estate market specifically Vancouver , as well as some of the best tips for real estate investors.

    Romana is another buy and hold real estate investor, and she and Jason explore what the best practices are in that marketplace. Jason Hartman talks with Doug about short-term debt cycles and what's going on with our economic expansion that's been happening for years. It's been going on for a long time, and at some point it's going to turn, so how do we recognize it? Invest with Sven Carlin, Ph. Jason Hartman starts off the show today with a reminder: housing is NOT at an all time high when it comes to payments which is how people really base their decision to buy , and housing is still where it's at.

    Scott owned a bunch of retail property previously, but recently sold all but one of them and shifted his focus toward residential real estate. Jason talks with him about why he made that decision, what the process was like doing his exchange, how his experience with property managers has been, and more. Jason Hartman starts off the show from the Baltic Sea where his cruise is currently taking him. He explains how the brand of the US has covered the whole world, including Russia. There's no way to make people like you, but there are ways to present yourself that will allow you to have a better chance of being liked.

    After giving a quick update on his cruise travels, Jason Hartman talks with Taylor St Germain, economic analyst at ITR Economics, about why lower interest rates haven't spurred the higher end housing market. The two also discuss what indicators Taylor looks at to get a gauge on the economy and the impact tariffs have had and may still have yet to come.

    Jason Hartman talks with investment counselor Sara about some things going on in the market right now. The two discuss the state of inventory going on as sales are slowing even though inventory is still a little low. They also discuss the "trust but verify" philosophy as you deal with everything involved with closing on your property. Today's show features a client case study and this month's mortgage update. After a brief hello from his latest destination, Adam talks with one of the network's lenders about what mortgage rates people are getting this month and what's driving the change in rates recently.

    Then Jason talks with client Damon Santa Maria about how he's accumulated his 20 properties in the past 6 years and what his investing plans are moving forward. Damon is self-managing two of his properties and gives some of his best practice tips on metrics he uses and investing in general. The two also delve into the growth of consumer debt in the past 5 years, as well as where interest rates may be headed and how much of an impact even a slight change in rates can have for investors and homebuyers.

    Will the volatility finally end? Jason Hartman and Adam start today's show looking at some Zillow stats relating to median home prices and what the average American can actually afford. Jennifer explains why she doesn't feel the short-term market is over supplied and whether this is all just a fad. Jason Hartman does another client case study with Lisa, and today is all about metrics. Lisa has seen the Pro Formas available on Jason's website but wants to know which lines are the most important to be looking at when evaluating a property. Then Jason and Lisa move on to self-management and some ways to find a handy man that are outside the norm.

    Plus, don't forget to celebrate Financial Freedom month throughout July! Quick Start Podcast. Jason Hartman talks with Andrew Rybczynski, Senior Consultant at CoStar Portfolio Strategy, about what is happening on the construction side of both single family and multifamily properties. The tight labor market is causing unit completion to slow significantly, but there are a massive number of units being started. The two look at the impact of more millennials living at home on the shadow demand for apartments and whether renter demographics are still looking good. Jason Hartman and Adam join forces in today's episode to discuss some of the recent economic stats the National Association of Realtors released and why they're important for real estate investors.

    Adam also has a talk with one of the network's lenders about current mortgage rates, and then the two tackle listener Robert's question about real estate investing during a deflationary period when Inflation Induced Debt Destruction doesn't factor in. How Have Rents Changed Since ? Jason Hartman starts off the show with Investment Counselor Carrie from a single family investment trade show in Phoenix, Arizona.

    The two have been meeting vendors at the trade show and are absolutely amazed at the opportunities that smart technology is creating for investors. These innovations will allow investors to truly increase their profits as they become more comfortable self managing their properties across the nation. It's imperative that every business knows exactly what the mission is, and that every employee in the business knows where the company is headed.

    It's the only true way to get, and stay, ahead of the competition. Jason Hartman talks with Dr. Warren explains why he was originally part of the National Organization of Women NOW and why he eventually left, as well as the importance of male figures in children's lives. Jason Hartman and Investment Counselor Carrie take a look at some of the prime markets where first time buyers are looking to buy, with several of them being markets his network is currently selling properties.

    Then the two look into some responses from listeners about some personal information they shared before coming to Meet the Masters as Jason tries to learn more about his friends. The two dissect what role the government should have in society: what it's capable of and what it need to steer clear from, while also delving into the 4 problems that need to be addressed in a feud system. Jason Hartman talks with Doug about why there's been a decline in inventory and what shortages are abound in the housing market.

    In examining several videos about the housing market and economy, Jason and Doug also look at what impact privatizing mortgages could have and housing affordability in Canada. Email your Spam to reviews JasonHartman. Jason Hartman is happy to bring one of his clients, Adam Jackson, on to the show to talk about his journey into real estate investing. Adam started buying properties toward the end of , and has subsequently purchased 11 homes in the past year on his quest for financial freedom. Adam shares what markets he's currently invested in, where he's looking to expand, keeping score with personal financial statements, and keeping a healthy balance.

    Magic Power by Triumph. Too many people hide behind the veil that corporations offer; ripping off consumers and shareholders and letting the company take the punishment. G Edward and Jason discuss this topic, as well as how we can actually change things to allow society to hold those responsible accountable. There's no such thing as owning something "free and clear". Jason Hartman talks with in-house economist Thomas about how interest rates in the past 10 years have compared to one another. The two explain why interest rates can be so difficult to predict and how these past 10 years are compared to the past.

    The two examine what central banks will have to do in order to deal with the looming shortages and what investments can buck that trend when it arises. Jason Hartman talks with client Drew Baker about one of his recent experiences in self-management that differed greatly from when he went through the same thing with a property manager.

    They also discuss the new community Jason's trying to start up for self-managing investors, as well as why Commandment 21 is in play for a couple of different things right now. Jason Hartman starts off today's episode discussing the amazing effect of inflation on assets in all markets. Then he turns his attention toward the upcoming Meet the Masters of Income Property event and gives a little taste of what he'll be discussing hint: core beliefs investors need to have , as well as why there will be a whole host of Local Market Specialists at the event.

    The two give Jason a lot of background on why they're investing in real estate, why they continued investing even when their initial property went horribly awry, the way and reason they went about their mortgage sequencing, and how they picked the markets they're currently in. Part 2 will be aired tomorrow. The two break down how our diets have changed over the years, why some aspects of our diets are the way they are, how to make a more ethical, sustainable world, and more. Jason Hartman and Doug start today's show looking at how much money the average 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year olds have in their retirement savings.

    There's a discrepancy that can be frightening. Then Jason finishes his conversation with Laurence Kotlikoff, William Fairfield Warren Professor and Professor of Economics at Boston University, about how his software, Maxifi, can help those people who are planning toward retirement. Laurence explains the intricacies, assumptions that many people don't make when factoring in their savings.

    Jason Hartman and Doug start off today's episode with a discussion on the issue of America's retirement savings. There's a looming problem with many people being unable to afford any form of an emergency expense, but also on the other end of the spectrum, as people are getting hit with taxes on their required minimum distributions. Then Jason has the first part of his interview with Laurence Kotlikoff, William Fairfield Warren Professor and Professor of Economics at Boston University, about the massive amount of unfunded mandates that are awaiting the United States. Jason Hartman and in-house economist Thomas take today's episode to examine the 10 things that are happening in the US and abroad that are making the most impact in Jason welcomes client, Clay Slocum to the show.

    Clay is a millennial who currently has four properties in his real estate portfolio. Before buying his first property, Clay worked diligently with Oscar, his Investment Counselor, and a Local Market Specialist to play around with the numbers and he discovered his initial investment could grow exponentially. Clay shares his insights on the power of compounding interest, asset protection, and the Memphis market. Compound Interest Calculator. Jason Hartman and Adam kick off today's episode answering some listener questions from Brenda and Roger.

    They want to know about how Jason's family was able to make real estate investing work in California, as well as planning for CapEx repairs as a landlord. Frank explains how UpTop helps landlords deal with leases and maintenance requests, as well as how to use the platform. How did she succeed? Categories Podcast general Archives Website: www.

    CW Bonus: 4 Hot Deals! Key Takeaways: [] Is Democratic Capitalism the most moral system out there? Key Takeaways: [] Jason has been researching an investment vehicle that might be better than the Exchange and he'll discuss it at the upcoming Profits in Paradise [] Consumer spending seems to be more in line with wages these days [] They're creating a new way to create credit scores with more data points [] Credit management isn't just the ability to repay [] Jeff's 5 Year Plan for retirement [] How employers are being hampered even more with a ridiculous event in France [] California's new law about independent contractors could have some big ramifications [] We need to divorce health care from employment Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] Good news for investors in Chicago [] Jason put an offer down for a short-term rental property, but make sure you're not violating Commandment 21 to avoid manias [] Tech companies are playing by different rules, so it's nice to see them being investigated Rob Stephens Interview: [] Is the short-term rental market oversupplied? Jason shares his thoughts.

    Dan Sullivan & Jason Hartman on The Creating Wealth Show 2 of 7

    Key Takeaways: [] James' experience on The Secret Millionaire [] What are the traits that lead someone who is poor to become successful? Key Takeaways: [] There are more lawsuits being filed over k fee abuse [] How much better would our economy be if insiders stopped skimming off the top? CW Bonus: Guided Visualization Today's guided visualization journey takes us back to the very first week. Key Takeaways: [] Yield rate and Cap rate compression defined. Key Takeaways: [] The graying of America [] Getting into real estate might seem expensive now, but it also seemed expensive in the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc and it's turned out pretty good [] The labor shortage in construction since the Great Recession is going to make ramping up construction difficult Ingo Winzer Interview: [] Rents behave differently from prices because rents tend to move with income [] What Ingo bases his price forecast on [] How do you factor in retired people and those in the gig economy when factoring in the job market [] You need to figure out where the concentration of renters are in your market before you invest Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] Home prices in driveable areas are now outpacing those in walkable areas [] Government considering offering a year bond Patri Friedman Interview: [] What is seasteading? Key Takeaways: [] What are "exotic" investments and how you keep your investments "at arms length" [] There are 2 types of self-directed IRAs, the custodial model and the checkbook model [] Finding financing for IRAs since you need a non-recourse loan [] Do people set up multiple LLCs inside their IRA to get even more asset protection?

    Key Takeaways: [] There's an amazing amount of infrastructure in our world that has been thought out to keep us safe [] The history of labor day and why being an income property investor is a way to let yourself CHOOSE to labor Chris Porter Interview [] The labor shortage in construction right now is a great opportunity for new technology to come into the market [] Some developer trends going on right now [] The current housing trends of Millennials and Baby Boomers [] Are the insititutional investors here to stay?

    Why he thinks it wasn't completely acurate [] Why the way generations are widely defined make no sense Website: www. Today is the 13th installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] A few things you probably didn't know about submarines. Key Takeaways: [] There's a cottage industry spinning off of Airbnb of tech companies telling municipalities which properties are violating their ordinances [] The ridiculousness of the stock market and tech startups Phil DeMuth Interview: [] How are investors being overtaxed?

    Key Takeaways: [] Rent growth and property value growth aren't moving in perfect sync [] There's new construction in Atlanta that is through an A provider team [] Take part in the latest contest Jason is having, because there are some great prizes [] What you need to do for the video contest [] Garrett Sutton's What Asset Protection Is NOT [] Does MMT say you can print money with no inflation?

    Key Takeaways: [] Banks charging negative interest rates [] Negative interest rates are trying to bring future consumption to present day [] The middle class is disappearing, and there's a danger of sliding down the socioeconomic ladder if we don't grab hold and start pulling yourself up [] Inflation always hits the poor the hardest [] The poor and lower middle class are also targets for sectors like payday lending, which keep them down [] When new generations like Millennials can't enter the investor class early in life, it makes a MASSIVE difference over their lifetime [] Investing is a relative game Website: www.

    Today is the 12th installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] What does the spike in interest rates mean for investors? Key Takeaways: [] Post-World War 2 we saw marketing start being targeted at the middle class [] Median home listings and median home sale price is showing that higher priced homes just aren't selling right now [] Politicians tend to be friendliest to real estate because of the MASSIVE supply chain Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] Technology is leading us closer to a Jetsons like world [] Short-term rentals seem like they're going to win out over areas that are currently resisting [] It's not hard to see why some areas of the country are resistant to the idea of short-term rentals [] Are short-term rentals squeezing renters out of the higher end homes? Key Takeaways: [] Is the United States market becoming less attractive to international buyers? Garrett Sutton Interview: [] The Supreme Court unanimously cracked down on excessive civil forfeiture, [] Why you should actually CARE about the civil forfeiture decision [] Another unanimous Supreme Court decision that protects trusts [] California is trying to create an Economic Berlin Wall to avoid a brain drain [] There's a new development for Series LLCs [] There's not a lot of case law for Series LLCs, which can make it a sketchy area Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] Florida is bringing in billions of dollars as people flee high taxes [] California is passing laws to increase revenues and are becoming predatory on their citizens [] There's no starter homes being built, so your properties won't have any new competition Rabbi Moffic Interview: [] Human beings are creators, and if you don't get to create you don't usually feel fulfilled [] Pleasure and happiness are two completely different things [] Plant a tree whose shade you will never sit under [] When you're feeling sad the best thing you can do is do something nice for someone else [] The bible is a pro-wealth product that teaches us to use our wealth to serve others Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] BRRR proponents don't ever tell you about their tax liabilities or their hunt for a deal [] We should look upon manufactured homes a lot better than we do right now [] The online housing kits are currently way more expensive than they pretend to be [] Doug's experience using Cozy so far [] You make money in life by adding value [] When you take the manager out of the equation you can just the property on the property alone [] The importance of future expectations [] When expectations decrease it's not just a little drop, it's a spiral Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] Join Jason and go cruising with good internet! Today is the 10th installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] There's better ethics involved in taking the long term approach [] Poland's Central Bank paid YouTubers to slander cryptocurrencies [] Venezuela's massive oil based cryptocurrency [] Indianapolis Market Profile from a Local Market Specialist Jeff Cronrod Interview, Part 2: [] Jeff's property management best practices, and proper tenant screening [] What sort of reports are available for landlords?

    Key Takeaways: [] There are microscopic creatures that can survive in outer space and some of them ended up on the moon thanks to an Israeli probe [] Lower rates have made 8. Key Takeaways: [] Not surprisingly, the US and China make up the largest 2 economies in the world, but some of the others are surprising [] Just because you have natural resources doesn't necessarily make your economy thrive [] Misleading mortgage delinquency stats David Kelley Interview, Part 1 [] What is the Atlas Society? Key Takeaways: [] A misnomer about the real estate market [] Jason's latest binge-worthy show is educating him about money and making a statement about governments and central banks [] Comparing asset class sizes [] Derivatives are the biggest market BY FAR Anita Campbell Interview: [] Some of Anita's rankings for best cities for entrepreneurs really suprised her [] How Anita's company was able to use the US Census to help in the rankings [] Technology has allowed rural areas to start flourishing as entrepreneurial havens [] Does having more entrepreneurs in an area make the market more or less stable?

    CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 9. Today is the 9th installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] The dangers of the entitlement disease [] When you take all the advantages of real estate for a few years, it's hard to unwind [] What happens when you view your life like you're the source [] The simple key to success in business Jeff Cronrod Interview: [] What is Lease Guarantee?

    Sally Kohn Interview: [] Technology makes us feel more anonymous, which isn't always the best thing [] Does the US deserve credit for being better than the rest of the world? Key Takeaways: [] The incredible price history of a home in Port St. CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 8. Today is the 8th installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] The power of the 30 year mortgage, explained by Warren Buffett [] Your returns when you lever equity can be really good, but when a tenant is paying your mortgage then it's even better [] Don't miss the market because you're waiting for a dip [] Time heals wounds, especially in real estate Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] Some of Jacksonville's economic rankings [] New construction has been the main focus in the market [] The different models available [] The average construction time is about months, but you don't need a construction loan Website: www. Key Takeaways: [] Jason's mom's takeaway from the book The American Jubilee [] The middle class is getting crushed today more than they ever have in American history [] You can use debt as a strategy [] Impact of the bank holiday [] Student loans are being packaged and sold to financial firms just like liar loans were [] The federal government can nationalize your stock and bond portfolio a lot easier than your property [] Turnover can be expensive, but keeping tenants for too long could mean your rents are too low [] The longer your tenant is there the more they treat it like their own home [] A recommendation to reduce your insurance prices Website: www.

    CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 7. Today is the 7th installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] Home sales are very strong, but remember they lag [] A suprise in the hottest housing market category [] Jason's latest book recommendation: The Effective Executive Brandon Cook Interview: [] Brandon discovered Creating Wealth and started listening at Episode 48 [] The first one is always the hardest [] What has Brandon learned on his investment journey [] Introducing the Jr Venture Alliance Mastermind membership!

    Key Takeaways: [] As an investor you don't have to get things at a discount, you need to get them at fair prices [] You don't necessarily get the fantastic deal the day you buy it, you get a good deal at the beginning and it becomes fantastic over time [] Join Jason on the upcoming cruise Gabriel Weinberg Interview: [] What is Super Thinking?

    Key Takeaways: [] What is a real estate investor? Key Takeaways: [] Rabbi Evan is venturing into his first short-term rental [] Why Evan started investing in real estate [] The first time it's a mistake. The second time it's a decision. CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 6. Today is the 6th installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] The barbell that is crushing the supply of affordable homes [] The millennials make up one side of the barbell, but the Baby Boomers on the other side are doing something new and it's causing a disruption [] How bad is the inventory level?

    Pretty bad, and Jason has some market examples to prove it [] One of the solutions to this inventory shortage is get what you can get and hope the market calms down Scott Client Case Study, Part 2 [] Why Scott's dad wasn't able to make residential real estate work when he tried decades ago [] Scott's experience with the property managers in Jason's network [] The difference in self-management in office space versus residential Websites: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] The Law of Agency [] The potential dangers of the portal with property managers [] Carmen's property manager didn't even put her name anywhere on the lawsuit against her tenant who hasn't paid their rent [] The Cuba cruise couldn't happen, but there's another one planned Mauricio Rauld Interview: [] What's the deal with Opportunity Zones? Key Takeaways: [] When you purchase a property, the value isn't in the property it's in the land [] Canadian financing options [] Romana's take on Opportunity Zones [] What is Zolo?

    Key Takeaways: [] The Wealth Effect in a booming economy [] What precipitates the turn of the economy? CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 5. Today is the 5th installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] Housing is where it's at [] Housing is NOT at an all time high based on the payments being made [] Everybody's a genius in a bull market Client Case Study with Scott: [] Was Scott worried about the retail apocalypse when he purchased all the shopping centers?

    Key Takeaways: [] Are lower interest rates good news for cyclical markets or are they just too overpriced? Key Takeaways: [] Amazon has reached a deal with developers to hard wire Alexa into new builds [] Show your LMS your inspection and give them a chance to fix things and don't let them rush you to close [] Some provisions you can put in place for the escrow money [] The state of inventory in the network [] Buying down your interest rates with points [] It's important to find not just the best market but also the best team Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: Mortgage Update [] What rates can investors get today?

    By Jason Hartman

    Damon Santa Maria Client Case Study [] Why Damon started investing in real estate [] If your tenants are staying for a long time, make sure your rents aren't too low [] Damon's experiences with buy and hold rentals [] Damon is self-managing his property in Houston and it's working out well [] Don't gloss over your maintenance percentages when looking at cash flow and reserves Website: www.

    CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 4. Today is the fourth installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] The difference between saving versus savingS rates [] The Fed has some useful data that can be used for your investing research, and one thing in the consumer credit reports stuck out [] The growth in consumer and student loan debt in the last 5 years has been astounding [] Cryptocurrency mania is going crazy and it's not a healthy thing [] The REAL environmental destruction that cryptocurrencies are creating [] What's going to happen to Bitcoin now that it will be traded on 2 exchanges?

    Websites: www. Key Takeaways: [] The things Jason looks at first in the Pro Forma [] The very first thing you need to do when looking at any Pro Forma is checking the assumptions [] Don't forget to watch and re-watch the 27 minute video that goes over the Pro Forma line by line [] How Lisa used Lowe's to find a handy man [] Why Jason's so excited about his new Empowered Investing Network [] What to do for Financial Freedom month coming this July Website: www.

    Key Takeaways: [] Foreclosures are down, which is both good and bad news for us as investors [] The 2 ways of determining pending home sales [] June mortgage update [] Listener question from Robert about deflation concerns [] How real estate rents fared during the 30s and 40s in single family and apartments [] In the past 54 years the number of cost burdened renters has doubled because wages aren't keeping up with rent growth [] Just because deflation happens doesn't automatically mean your rents are going to go down Website: www.

    Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing & Income Property episodes:

    CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 3. Today is the third installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] There's technology coming that will allow you to review tenants and have them review you [] Smart technology is making it easier to self-manage properties from a distance, and increasing your profits in the process Cameron Herold Interview: [] How writing your Vivid Vision can author your future [] Reverse engineering your Vivid Vision [] Finding the "sweet spot" in length for your Vivid Vision, and how to properly use it [] What should you do with your Vivid Vision?

    How much does David share his? Key Takeaways: [] Dr Farrell left the National Organization of Women when the members demanded that children of divorce be kept with their mother, not the father [] Want to know how messed up the world is? Check out dating sites [] Examining the 3 waves of feminism, have they been a good deal for women?

    Key Takeaways: [] Where first time buyers are looking to buy [] Terminology that Jason thinks needs to be used [] Tampa made the list of places people are looking to live, and it's also a market Jason's group is looking at potentially going into [] The Millennial Struggle House and Home Blogcast [] Some responses from the Meet the Masters question about some interesting facts about attendees [] What life lesson Jason learned from his mom when learning to fly Website: www.

    David Friedman. Key Takeaways: [] How David's thinking is similar and different than his father's [] Can the government actually be out of everything? Key Takeaways: [] The big housing shortage is not in McMansions, it's in the k range [] The problem with waiting for the next recession [] Inventory has declined, which has caused upward pressure on prices [] When large developers start building an area, they have to keep the sales going in order to make money, so prices can fluctuate [] The potential impact of privatizing is a prevention of markets overheating Website: www.

    CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 2. Today is the second installment of our guided visualization journey. Key Takeaways: [] is predicted to be an earthquake heavy year, so be careful with your property in earthquake zones [] Venezuela is the latest example of runaway inflation [] Invest in commodities and fight inflation with income properties Client Case Study with Adam Jackson: [] Who is Adam Jackson?

    Key Takeaways: [] It can perfectly legal to extract millions of dollars from a company while the shareholders value drops to 0 [] Trying to punish "the corporation" just means that shareholders get hurt [] How do we hold someone accountable when a corporation does something bad? There's no such thing as owning something "free and clear" [] What is reasoning behind people like Soros when they pump money into politics?

    Key Takeaways: [] Asset inflation is making the rich richer and leaving the poor and middle class behind [] Will millennials get bailed out by their inheritance from their Baby Boomer parents? Key Takeaways: [] Drew's recent flooring story [] View your tenants as part of your team [] The new community that Jason's trying to build [] Reminder: Wall Street is not the real economy [] The market constantly prices things in, both on Wall Street and the housing market [] Some current manias that may violate Commandment 21 Website: www.

    CW Bonus: Guided Visualization 1. Key Takeaways: [] You need to think about how much you're saving for retirement as well as how you're saving for retirement [] The current average savings for those in their 30s [] Amortization is beautiful because it just happens, there's nothing for you to do [] Your 40s presents both a danger and an opportunity for your retirement savings Laurence Kotlikoff, Part 2 [] Is the future inflationary?

    Key Takeaways: [] Jason comments on the Las Vegas terrorist attack. Tue, 6 August Mother of All Bubbles? Wed, 17 July Real Estate Entrepreneur vs Investor with Gary Boomershine Jason Hartman talks with Gary Boomershine, real estate coach, real estate investor and founder of REIvault, about the differences between real estate investors and a real estate entrepreneur, as well as ways that you can protect yourself from inflation.