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The Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs offers a comprehensive and authoritative review of physical, chemical and ecological characteristics of lakes and reservoirs, as well as describing their uses and environmental conditions and trends in all parts of the world. Proof might really be found in the pudding. Chefs can be key changemakers in a sustainable transformation of our food system.

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Proposed management interventions in the Baltic Sea can have negative side-effects on seabird conservation. New report provides 36 solutions, ranging from solar and wind to electric bikes, commercial shipping and reduced red meat consumption, with the potential to scale rapidly. Evidence of a paradigm shift in fisheries development aid offers hope for future projects. Patterns of the Anthropocene.

Our research focus. Our publications. World research map. News archive. For example they: Store water for domestic use and irrigation.

Study of lakes

Generate energy. Serve as a refuge for birds and habitat for aquatic fauna fish, shrimp and turtles ; some lakes are designated as wildlife shelters.

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Are recreation areas for: navigation kayaks, canoes and boats recreational and sports fishing: The DNER fish farm in Maricao reproduces sea bass and black sea bream which are later introduced in our reservoirs. In addition, you can catch catfish, tilapias and Peacock Bass in almost all reservoirs; contemplation and recreation they help control flooding.

Threats to this resource The following constitute a phenomena that threaten the functionality of our reservoirs.

Reservoirs of Puerto Rico

Effects of reservoirs Reservoirs could have a negative impact on native flora and fauna because dams interrupt migration of larvae and juveniles towards the estuary and from these to the mountains. Species of native fish need to be in touch with the estuaries during their reproductive stages, and reservoirs disrupt these connections because they store water where the fish are established. However, there are design and management measures that are used to minimize the impact.

The Environmental Quality Board has regulations that apply to water quality and protects this resource through projects such as reforestation of hydrographical basins and the presence of guards. Reservoir: Caonillas Location: Utuado Area in square miles: 1.

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Reservoir: Carite Location: Guayama Area in square miles:. Reservoir: Cerrillos Location: Ponce Area in square miles:.

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