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Emeritus Professor, Flinders University. Gayle H. Author or Coauthor of 15 books on education methods. Presents seminars on data driven education, instructional strategies and other topics. Independent Educational Management Consultant. Heads a team of software architects to implement analytic solutions focused on eliminating waste and fraud.

Advises clients on advanced analytics and cloud computing. Organizes Visual Culture Lab, an experimental research group, developing new methods, theories, and pedagogy for engaging with visual culture and politics. Heidi E. Investigates discourse and Alzheimer's disease, language and aging, and health. Professor, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University.

Conducted significant project work in medical home automation, automated analysis of PAP and COLPO lab results, sleep, population health, and disease management. Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Movie analytics, people! How sexy is that? Researches adolescent reproductive issues and public health. Certified colposcopist. Practicing nurse- midwife. Advises clients about the changes in marketing, communications, and social entrepreneurship. Senior Vice President, Commonwealth.

Applies sensory science to sensory science to food and non-food products including wine, meat, ice cream, cereals, juices, cat litter, soap, and toothpaste. Joanne V. Conducts research on the adult neuroscience patient population. Mary C. Uses simulation and statistical analysis methods to help communities make informed decisions about use and protection of groundwater supplies.

Former Senior Research Hydrologist, U. Geological Survey. Fellow, The Geological Society of America. Professor, Department of Geology, University of Kansas. Lecturer in Performance Analysis and Programme Leads a program for sports performance analysis. Explores use of quantitative psychology to advance the fields of psychology, human development, and other social sciences.

Consults in business intelligence strategy, tool selection, and best practices. Founded BI Scorecard. Vice-President, Gartner. Heads a research and consulting firm focused on big data and emerging technologies. Serves on advisory boards of emerging companies. Condiucts research in human resources and strategic management. Principal of studies on diverse topics including volunteerism, early childhood education, literacy, violence prevention, adults with developmental disabilities, suicide prevention, strengthening kinship families and smoking cessation.

President, Queri. Sherri L. Leads research in thinking and reasoning, and teaching of psychology. Researches 21st century learning environments and instruction both in the United States and in China. Coaches school principals. Kristin H. Analyzes data for applications in biomedical engineering, forensic handwriting examination, text analysis, and analytical instrument development.

Exploratory data analysis

Julie K. Focuses research on quality improvement and management. Barbara Johnstone Author, Discourse Analysis and several other books on narrative, linguistics and society. Explores the ways that relationships among people are established and maintained through talking, writing and thinking. Leads research in space systems and development, intelligent systems, signal and image processing, cognitive radio, and sensing. Holds six analytics patents.

Conducts research in signal and image processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, and statistics. Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Deborah A. Kashy Coauthor, Dyadic Data Analysis. Consulting Editor, Psychological Bulletin. Professor, Michigan State University.

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Advises clients on Big Data and cloud infrastructure. Proud promoter of measurement in digital marketing. Researches a wide variety of public health issues, ranging from issues surrounding HIV risk and Katherine M. Explores factors related to alcohol-attributable injury, unintentional drug overdose, and suicide. Ruth M. Professor and Takes part in a research and quality improvement initiatives for adult health and gerontological nursing.

Uses probabilistic models and machine learning to understand complex domains that involve large amounts of uncertainty. Chair of Software working group, Next generation sequencing data analysis network. Studies effect of interviewers on survey participation and responses.

Creator of MobileMoxie Toolset, a suite of mobile marketing tools. Consults in mobile marketing practices and analytics. Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Moxie. Kristen S. Focuses on interdisciplinary collaborations using geographic information systems GIS and spatial analysis. Linda M. Works with schools and districts across the country that are struggling to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Educational Consultant, Kuzmich Consulting Services. Nan M. Laird Coauthor, Applied Longitudinal Analysis. Works with national governments to document the results of their science investments. Professor, Has taught students at every level: elementary through high school and university. Reading Hall of Fame Inductee. Leads an integrated marketing communications firm. Independent Journalist and Editor.

Margaret D. Investigates school success and failure. Jerri Ledford Coauthor, Google Analytics 2. Analyst focused on broadband Internet and mobile technology. Marketing Manager, ANSolutions. Elisa T. Leads research in areas including epidemiology of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and eye disease and American Indian health. Trains researchers to use software for analysis of qualitative data. Yvonna S. Teaches graduate courses in qualitative research methods, the foundations of American higher education, proposal preparation and organizational theory.

Carries out research in neoliberal and corporatization shifts in faculty worklife and university administration, and also in the development of qualitative research methods. Sharon L. Lohr Author, Sampling: Design and Analysis. Conducts research in statistical methods for educational evaluation and applications of statistics to criminology and law. Nancy B. Works with schools to educate data coaches and establish data teams. Researches cardiovascular disease in Native Americans. Explores statistical and applied probability applications in cancer, epidemiology, the environment, and other medical areas.

Develops applications programs and statistical documentation. Independent Consultant. Designed three editions, one each on data analysts, managers and researchers, while completing her studies at University of California, Berkeley. Product Designer, Khan Academy. Developed software to visualize visualizing massive time series datasets, identify unusual patterns in time-series data, and illustrate the dangers of dimensionality reduction.

Laura Lipton Coauthor, Got Data? Now What? Consults on effective practices for enhanced classroom learning. Director, MiraVia.

Leads workshops on the teaching undergraduate mathematics. Member, Calculus Consortium for Higher Education. Lawrence University. Kim A. Teaches research methods for criminal justice and sociology. Researches adolescent health, body image, deviant behavior and cultural differences in language learning.

Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology, St. Mary E. Ludloff Coauthor, Privacy and Big Data. Leads marketing for a Big Data analytics application building platform. VP Marketing,AppSheet.

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Kathleen M. Laura B. Leads healthcare practice for a business intelligence Founded Healthcare Business Intelligence Summit. Director, Children's Minnesota. Focuses research on HIV prevention in women at high risk and support for faculty productivity. Dean, College of Health and Human Services. Develops dynamic optimizations and distributed file systems for next generation storage systems. Research Scientist, Conduent Labs India. Pamela S. Audits and advises with focus on forensic accounting with emphasis on forensic accounting issues related to employee theft and embezzlement.

Director, Elliott Davis Decosimo. Wendy L. Advised more than organizations, including retailers, technology companies, and investors on market research with a focus on tracking location of individuals in shopping areas. Principal, Behavior Analytics Academy. Principal, Silicon Waves Advisors. Rachel S. Models wild animal populations.

Lecturer in Statistics, University of Kent. Identifies pathways to meaningful, sustainable improvements to workflow and analytic practice. Developer of a system that enables business analysts to apply scientific method to common analytics problems. Drupal developer.

Adjunct Professor, Statistics, University of Connecticut. Examines fundamentals underlying how information is structured, represented, and communicated in different media. Information Designer. Investigates applications of predictive analytics for healthcare. Emeritus Professor, Southern Nazarene University. Gloria J. Miller Coauthor, Business Intelligence Competency Centers: A Team Approach to Maximizing Competitive Advantage and author or coauthor of five more books on business intelligence, project management and the use of information in decision making.

Managing Consultant, Maxmetrics. Operations research practitioner who develops financial portfolio and risk models. Capital Actuary, Brit Syndicates. Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Teaches parametric and nonparametric inferential statistics. University of Florida College Teaching Award. Sara Morgan Author, Building Intelligent. Software developer with a focus on Microsoft and Salesforce technology. Larissa T. Founder of a data warehousing and business intelligence consultancy.

Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium. Jeanette A. Conducts research in advanced neuroimaging and statistical analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI. Consults in using data for improvement, organizational planning, and organizational improvement skills. Principal, Corporate Transformation Concepts. Emily E. Designs and manages socio- behavioral research. Conducts research in in behavioral economics, knowledge structure, and knowledge change. Professor of Psychology, Stonehill College.

Codeveloper of AdNauseum, Adnostic and TrackMeNot, Firefox browser extensions designed to protect users against tracking and surveillance. Professor, Media, Culture, and Professor, Information Science, Cornell Tech.

Making Sense of Data I: A Practical Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining, 2nd Edition

Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics. University of California Berkeley. Developed outcome-focused communication strategy to drive adoption of analytics. Marija J. Independent Statistical Consultant. Influential blogger in analytics and finance. Developed a certification program for context rich data techniques in journalism, the humanities, and social science. Helps businesses manage algorithm-related risk.

Consults in public relations measurement and social media measurement. Fellow, Society for New Communications Research. Senior Consultant, Paine Publishing. Consults in Psychometrics. Published over 50 peer reviewed research studies. Gisele L. Expolres bio-inspired algorithms and other topics in artificial intelligence. Leads a risk prevention and security consultancy focused on emerging technological threats. President, Fortalice. Principal, Dark Cubed Conducts research in effect size measures, missing data methods, logistic regression, research design, and statistical computing using statistical software.

Patricia F. Authority in media planning and audience measurement. Consults in marketing strategy and analytics management. Leads projects in remote crisis mapping and on-the-ground digital humanitarian deployment support. Chief Data Scientist, Data-Mania. Emily C. Vicki L. Research methods experts whose projects include diverse applications, among them management of cancer pain, identity development of STEM graduate students, professional development of teachers of Chinese, and the well-being of rural low-income families.

Denise F. Leads research on topics including scale construction, intervention design, intention-to-treat analysis, generalizability, and blinding. CMO, Buoy Up. CCO, Story Engage. President, Psychometric Society. Fellow, Royal Statistical Society. Works with engineers and scientists in the biotechnology, chemical and semiconductor industries. Principal Quality Engineer and Statistician, Amgen. Conducts research in subjects including business analytics, climate change management, green supply chain management, and predictive modeling in strategic decision. Fellow in Management, Indian Institute of Management.

Conducts research in cyber intelligence tradecraft and designing new methodologies for Former FBI intelligence analyst. Associate Professor, James Madison University. Explores and evangelizes data visualisation, maps, diagrams, interactive installations and generative design. Author and Editor.

Dianne C. Designs and evaluates teacher professional learning systems. Explores quantitative self-representations and self-tracking. Visiting Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor of Digital Culture, University of Bergen on leave. Conducts research in machine learning, pattern recognition and deep belief networks, among other analytics topics. Helps clients and readers avoid graphical mistakes and recognize misleading and deceptive graphs.

Teaches principles of effective graphs, graphical methods and data visualization. Principal, NBR. Named one of the 19 "most important business gurus" of the past century by Business 2. Katherine S. Advises healthcare providers, payers, and policymakers on effective use of healthcare data. Principal, HealthDataViz. Developing teaching methods that introduce inference in statistics on day one. Investigates design of experiments, statistics education, missing data, and survey data analyses. Irene S. Investigates effects of changing resource levels on organization behavior.

Deborah J. Fellow, American Statistical Association. Investigates diverse topics ranging from statistical literacy and student retention of statistical ideas to bypassing use of primary care physicians. Probes causality and probability in the social, biomedical and policy sciences, and the relations between science and technology. Assistant Professor, Universiteit van Amstardam. Colleen N. Discovers new ways to make statistical theory practical, easy to understand.

Laura F. Nagiza F.

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Conducts research in information and knowledge management, parallel and distributed systems and high performance computing. Nada R. Expert witness in forecasting. Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute. Professor of Criminal Justice, Radford University. Advises insurance and healthcare executives on leveraging data assets and analytics. Jean J. Founder of a key AIDS research center.

Investigates language in social life, using discourse analysis, a method that combines analysis of text and context. Dara G. Investigates practices for green supply chain management. Performs research in qualitative and mixed research methods, media psychology and priorities in health care. Handled over Six Sigma projects. Principal, ProcessArc. Linda L. Shaw Coauthor, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes. Researches issues including welfare reform and fraud, welfare-to-work and lives of those in psychiatric care. Strategizes with school district leaders on programs to improve student achievement.

Explores differences between using analytics for prediction and explanation of causes. Visiting Scientist, Evidera. Research Fellow, University of Surrey. Director, Qualitative Data Analysis Services. Judith D. Programs, educates and writes about data analysis. Consultant, Avocet Solutions. Jolene D. Leads research in survey methods and social science teaching. Pioneered use of magnitude estimation in linguistics. Director, Bilingualism Matters. Delena D. Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

Author or coauthor of more than 40 publications. Finds beauty in exploring complex systems, and thinks in metaphors. Facilitates quality improvement teams using statistical process control, design of experiments, root cause analysis and other Six Sigma techniques.

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Studies careers of scientists and engineers and movement of knowledge across institutional boundaries in the economy. Mia L. Technical advocate who represents a significant analytics software brand for academic markets. Kim B. Stevens Coauthor, Spatial Analysis in Epidemiology. Probes predictive mapping of disease and the effect of influences such as climate change on the spread of disease. Carol L. Holds patents in energy management and benchmarking, digital communications, and inventory management.

Making sense of data 65 0. Making sense of data i, 2nd edition 34 0. Making sense of data i, 2nd edition 33 0. Making sense of stream processing big data 63 0. Data analytics practical guide to leveraging the power of algorithms, data science, data mining, statistics, big data, and predictive analysis to improve business, work, and life 37 0. Practical data analysis a practical guide to obtaining, transforming, exploring, and analyzing data using python, MongoDB, and apache spark 2nd edition 13 0.

Making sense of stream processing 15 0. Bookflare net next generation big data a practical guide to apache kudu, impala, and spark 44 0.