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During his writing of the film, it soon became apparent that Drowning House could be developed concurrently, from the same material, as an intrepid miniseries, without minimizing its purpose as an incredible feature film. During the production of the proof of concept trailer you have just watched, Marc, with his Co-Producers Rob Gross and Rachel Korsen, discovered a way to serialize Drowning House into a seven season anthology series.

Driven by newfound inspiration, over the next few weeks, countless days dawned without any sleep, and a TV series was born. Together, bringing everyone's ideas under one roof, Drowning House was crafted into a film that will launch a TV series organically. It is, as we see it, something never quite done before, and a mark of a new age of twenty-first century entertainment.

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With the feature film and first season entirely written, we are ready to begin production on this project we know the world will find as deeply moving and endlessly intriguing as we do. We have created a series bible and outline for each season, along with an episode guide mapped out with a clear end in sight. Now, this is where you Kickstarter backers can really help us out!

The Kickstarter audience is a group of individuals whom we know appreciate fine art and share vision to see how great things can become with collective community support. We are all early adopters ourselves, and we hope that your voice can join the growing chorus in making this dream come true. We have to be very realistic going down this path, and we are aware that, in this new century, there are so many ways a film can be made. What has felt right is to involve the audience, whom we wish to gift with Drowning House's great story, as early as possible.

Thus, we chose to give a first look at Drowning House to our Kickstarter friends, sharing our goals with you, including our wish to reward you for participating in our project, and helping us out greatly, however you can. Our super objective is to make a Feature Film and Television Series, and we are aware of the great journey still ahead of us.

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But with the help of as many people as possible, we are confident we will get there soon. We've set up a realistic target pledge goal, with stretch goals that we know will get everyone excited. Starting small is important to us, it is where we all have to start, and that somewhere is here on Kickstarter. The main objective of this Kickstarter is to create the most amount of content for you all to see.

The early Stretch Goals range from a new edit, to some more concept footage being shot, but what we really know we can do with your help is to start shooting the Pilot to the Television Series for Drowning House. We have a realistic budget planned out going forward but know that to get attention from any Hollywood studios we need a visual pitch packet. With all projects there is a degree of risk to them.

With Drowning House, we've minimized all risks from the get-go. We already have footage filmed and ready to go.

The next step of making a golden film to walk down the red carpet may, in fact, be years away. It's a journey our team is ready to take, and hope that everyone will come along for the ride. We're all extremely excited to get this project off the ground, and know that you'll enjoy every step of the way. Help us bring Drowning House to life, and you will be a part of an amazing American story, unfolding before you, through even the smallest of updates we have to share -- and especially the biggest. Thank You! What might the number 7 mean to you?

We promise Drowning House will have a new film score you will love! Even in written form, Drowning House will have you on the edge of your seat! Will you spoil yourself by reading the script first? Times will vary. Upon release, we will send you a copy of the Drowning House Blu-Ray set, packed with behind-the-scenes featurettes, a Making Of documentary, and audio commentary on the feature film.

You will be in good company as this shirt will also be provided to all cast and crew on the film. Mailed right to your house, Drowning House will be novelized for all to read, a new take on a writing style fusing Novel prose and screenplay format, will make this one of the most fun reads you've had in awhile! Signed and Mailed right to your house, Drowning House will be novelized for all to read, a new take on a writing style fusing Novel prose and screenplay format, will make this one of the most fun reads you've had in awhile!

It will be like you are there, making the movie with us! A cast or crew member will record an awesome voicemail message for you to use!

Proudly frame this beautiful poster in your office, movie theater, or bedroom! Travel expenses not included. Join us on set as we make film history! Travel expenses not included; location to-be-determined. Three different cities, yet each night will be one-of-a-kind! This is a One-Time Offer. Have what it takes to be IN Drowning House?

I lost Bailey. That was the way I thought of it, and the thought was both hopeful and damning. Lost suggested that she might someday be found, as if she had wandered into the next aisle at the grocery store or been forgotten by the car pool, that she might reappear, absently twirling a damp strand of hair around one finger. Still, anyone listening carefully would understand that it was an admission of guilt. I lost her. I also lost the person I was then, the person I was becoming.

Jules, my agent, would have said more positive things. That I was a young photographer whose star had risen suddenly. That I had been invited to Galveston to choose material for an exhibition. And it was true. In my camera bag I had the letter confirming everything.

The Drowning House: A Novel

It had arrived late one afternoon. Soon Michael would call from his office and ask if I were dressed. I would say yes and he would pretend to believe me. You should get out more, he would say. But when I thought of the hotel dining room where the dinners took place, of the bleak expanse of white linen, the tightly wired flower arrangements, the recirculated air that smelled faintly of cleaning fluid—all of it so like one of the nicer funeral homes—I knew it was impossible. Then an image came to me. I hung up and went back to bed, pulling the covers over me, but the face followed.

Finally I got up again and went to look for a book. In a cardboard box, still unpacked, I found the Cartier-Bresson volume and turned the pages until I came to a photo showing the interior of a once grand Galveston hotel. A sign tacked to the wall reminded boarders to pay their rent in advance.

On the landing was an elderly woman, her body shapeless in a flowered housecoat. Darkness poured out of the doorway behind her and rose up from the baseboards, so that her face and body were split into light and shadow. It was one of several images of Galveston looking sad and shabby, images that had caused controversy when the book was first published. Others were different. Cartier-Bresson had also captured in his photographs the sensuality, the drowsy, self-indulgent beauty of the Island.

That was when I began to think about Patrick. And the Carradays. Still I ask myself, when? When was there no longer any going back? Suppose I had stayed with Michael, attended the dinner. Could I have made myself give up those other thoughts?

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And if I had, would everything else have been different? My dreams were always about falling. Things dropped around me—branches snapped, walls and roofs collapsed, objects of all kinds plunged from the sky. Sometimes I fell—down stairs, off bridges. When I woke I went to the restroom, splashed my arms and face with water, and drank from the faucet. I dried myself with brown paper towels. I realized I was hungry, and I bought a pint basket of blackberries and ate a few. Past Houston the landscape began to flatten and simplify.

There were no more pipe yards or feed stores, no more roadside chapels or ice houses advertising beer and pool. I saw white smoke drifting from the Texas City refineries. An egret lifting itself on leisurely wings. I could feel the presence of the bay and the deeper water beyond.

I thought of Bailey and told myself that the pain of losing her would diminish. That someday I would have the memory without the hurt. And while the sun glinted off passing cars and the breeze whipped around my ears, it seemed possible. I drove faster. Soon I came to the shallow rise that offers the first glimpse of Galveston. Below was the old causeway, a series of sand-colored arches that skimmed the water next to the higher, modern road. The approaches at either end had been washed away, so that only the middle stood, rising abruptly from the water, like the spine of some ancient animal whose submerged skeleton had unexpectedly shifted.

Probably there were practical reasons why the old causeway had never been torn down. To me it said something about the Island, marked it as a place where the ideal of progress was complicated by stubborn survivals. A place where you could sometimes see the past running alongside the present.

Book review: ‘The Drowning House,’ by Elizabeth Black

The surface of the bay was broken only by the creamy trails of pleasure boats. Overhead, clouds hung huge and motionless as mountains. I saw nothing that would have been out of place in a travel brochure. Nothing to explain the feeling I had, like the one you get when the roller coaster leaves the loading platform and starts to move slowly, inexorably, up the first incline. Elizabeth Black's suspenseful inquiry into dark family secrets is enriched by a remarkable succession of images, often minutely observed, that bring characters, setting, and story sharply into focus.

Black mythologizes this landscape, evoking its essence and that of its inhabitants, creating a novel that is far more than the sum of its parts. A multigenerational, thrillingly evocative and witty novel Black excels at summoning the unique culture of Galveston, its tragic past and scruffy present. Strange, mysterious, and utterly riveting, The Drowning House is a captivating mystery as well as a beautifully realized story about grief that skillfully evokes the heat, humidity, and languid desire that pervade Gulf Coast life. How does the first quote set the stage for what happens in the novel?

Why do you think Walker Evans meant? How does Clare follow in his footsteps? Now I understood that I had failed to perceive what other s How does Clare use photography to distance herself from other people? How does she use it to understand her own experience?

How important is the setting of Galveston to what happens to Stella in the book? To Clare? How do the women in the novel define themselves in those roles? How do their roles shift over the course of the novel? When she thinks about her daughter, Clare wonders whether she lived up to her role as a parent. What do children really need from their parents? Grief and the different ways in which people deal with grief, is a major thread that runs throughout the novel.

What insights did you gain from the novel about this complicated process? Consider the legend of Stella Carraday and the truth about her life. If so, how do they enhance the reading experience? What is the difference between history and legend? How do events become part of history?