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However, before you go on to navigate the links in search of example service definitions I want to qualify that these links do not necessarily represent the best practices we discuss in our book. That being said they do provide you with a glimpse at some real organizations that are kind enough to put their cookies on the table for all to sample. University of California. University of Santa Cruz. State of North Carolina.

University of New South Wales. University Kentucky Commonwealth. National Institute of Health. University of California at Santa Cruz.

How to create a Service Catalog: Advice, Best Practices, Mistakes

Stanford University. Clemson University. The Ohio State University. The University of Texas. MIT Information Services. University of Wellington.

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State of Maine. New Mexico Dept. Of IT. University of Alaska. It's the only one of it's kind in the industry.

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I encourage you to check it out. I am rarely happier than when spending entire day programming my computer to perform automatically a task that it would otherwise take me a good ten seconds to do by hand. Like this article? I am currently working on formalizing the IT Architecture of a client and plan to build the framework around views of the Service Catalogs.

Thanks RL for the notice, can you imagine that they would not let me know of the website updates. Looks like Griffith has put their service catalog behind an internal portal and the other two site have updated their page address which I have adjusted. Can someone please share the reasons for tracking Service Versions in the Service Portfolio? A service starts with a a definition of requirement, and the outcomes that it will provide in support of a business goal.

This is sometimes fleshed out in a business case or ROI evaluation. Both of these sources move forward to flesh out the Service Design Package. A detailed understanding of the functional and warranty elements of the service. These are reflected as attributes in the Service Portfolio. I would think that you will want to have a version attribute for all services along with a Status Attribute describing its state.

Making your IT Service Catalogue customer centric

Approved, Development, Active, Retire. Bought and read! Congratulations on that book, it really provides for a lot of practical information, and has certainly helped us. Now I am looking for a couple of examples for setting up our own Service Catalog. These are the links that I and others have collected over time but there are more being added to the web all the time. Most are from Higher Education of Government Agencies which operate under a full disclosure.

Appreciate it. Many of these service catalogues describe what IT does to provide the service to the business - not the actual service provided to the business. Stephen, I agree that technologies or domains are not services but resources. The links in this blog are simply a collection of available examples. Hello Claudia, while I do not have a specific example of an Airline company it would only be the Business Application Services which would be unique. When it comes to general IT Services there is not that much difference between different vertical.

It is actually one of the lacks of ITIL. Chris thank you for your comments however I would ask you to please read the comment in the opening paragraph. I agree that the Service Catalog should be a description of value outcomes that IT provides to enable the business or its primary service consumer. However, that very same Service Catalog needs to be actionable or else it simply becomes a static web based brochure that now one will care about or use on a daily basis.

Without the ability to order off of a business and value based service catalog the website will be rarely visited or used for much of anything practical. If the Service Catalog is only a brochure to enable good conversations about demand and supply you would be better off printing out some marketing brochures a Relationship Manager could use in a customer meeting.

The Term Service Catalog vs Request Catalog is something that has been created by the Software Vendors who have a very rudimentary ability and are challenged to enable both concepts in one catalog. In short a Service Catalog must be able to present a picture of value but also provide a portal for IT to automate engagement activities with its services. You are right at ITIL does not go into much detail on this so that is why we wrote a book on these concepts.

For more information on this concept I invite you to listen to the following Blog Post. Very nice. I came to your site and have analyzed your post. There are excellent details you posted here. I enjoyed reading your blog, and it is both instructional and enjoyable. I like those layouts.

Once the service has been identified, define the fulfillment process and its tasks, clearly. Define main properties of the items Naming and description Think about the end user experience first while naming the Catalog Items. Use terminology that users know. Add Variables Variable Sets- It refers to a defined set of variables that are relevant to more than one item and shared between them.

There are 3 main best practices for creating variables-. Previous Next. View Larger Image. So here are some best practices one should follow for designing the Service Catalog: Define and assign roles Service owner- The Service owner owns a specific service. The Service owner coordinates with Catalog Manager and editor to add services to the catalog.

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  6. Service Catalog Manager- Determines what is going on into the Catalog. The manager also ensures that the operational services on the Service Catalog are recorded, updated and available for the view to appropriate end users.

    How to Create a Service Catalog Using Best Practices, Part 1

    Catalog Editor- Manages the creation, modification, publication and deletion of Catalog Items. Service Fulfiller- Fulfills user requests on day-to-day basis. End User- User who request the product or service items. Identify and define Items to offer The best practice to define what items to offer is to start by identifying those that are- Existing and well-defined. Most frequently requested. High priority. There are 3 main best practices for creating variables- Keep questions understandable.

    Keep the interface user-friendly. Ask only necessary questions. Standard variable names e. Define Service Catalog Security Apply user criteria to an item to define which users can access to it.


    User criteria allow to group a specific set of users on multiple parameters such as groups, department, company, role or location. Organize the items Service Catalog enables to organize items into multiple categories and sub- categories to provide access and use by all users. The best practice is to create these categories in a user-friendly way while avoiding complex category trees. Reports and Dashboards ServiceNow provides a robust engine to generate charts, graphs, maps, list and various reports.