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Seller Rating:. New Paperback Quantity Available: Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. More than 50 exercises and full-color photos guide readers through the best ways to obtain a tight six-pack. Throughout the exercises informative tips and fast facts are included to ensure that each routine is executed in the safest and most effective manner possible. Show More Show Less.

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Nonfiction Books. No ratings or reviews yet. Try to get a little crunch on either side after the rotation to up the ante. Your biggest danger here is letting your arms wave across your body and out of line with your torso. Turn at the waist, not your shoulders. In addition, avoid pulling through your thighs hip flexors on the decline bench here as well.

Your upper abs are contracting to maintain your body position, while the rotation involves the obliques. Increase the degree of difficulty by increasing the angle of the bench or using a heavier ball.

Total Abs: Build a Rock-Hard Midsection in Four Weeks

Some EMG data suggests that using an ab wheel may beat out hanging leg raises, sit-ups, and reverse crunches for the top muscle activator. This movement capitalizes on the concept of anti-extension perfectly; as you roll out, your trunk must actively fire eccentric motion to maintain a neutral spine without collapsing under your body weight and gravity.

If you can't do all the reps prescribed, reduce the distance, then slowly work to extend it over a few weeks. Once you feel confident starting from your knees, the next level of difficulty is going from your toes. A research team from California State, Sacramento demonstrated that the pike movement is one of the most effective total-ab workouts.

This movement may be the heavy hitter that's been missing from your daily routine. While not exactly the same, the pike can also be done using a TRX system with similar results expected. Shoot for sets of reps. According to the EMG sources we checked, this movement is a mid-tier activator of both the rectus abdominis and obliques. We put this on the list because of how easy it is to manipulate the degree of difficulty.

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Put your feet into a TRX and give that a whirl. Still too easy? Take your feet out, and put your forearms in. Each one of these progressions leads to a greater training stimulus to the abs. Since it's an isometric move, shoot for time rather than reps.

Doing sets of seconds in whatever variation is toughest for you should get you shaking! He has written a great deal regarding performance, nutrition, and much. View all articles by this author. Sponsored By:. Hanging Leg Raise. Serious About Getting a Six-Pack? Check out our complete guide to getting a ripped midsection! Kneeling Cable Crunch.