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From the use of ginseng to more interventional procedures like Acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine has led the art and culture of alternative medicine within its might paws.

Getting the point of Chinese medicine[1]-

Acupuncture to Meridian massage or Reflexology , Nepal Ayurveda Home provides integrative care to any sort of problem you have in the qi — the life force. Our therapists combine the better of two worlds, in bringing together the practices of Ayurveda along with the practices of TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine. From best of Ayurvedic massages to acupressure massages, from Panchakarma to Acupuncture, Nepal Ayurveda Home is a garden that tries to cultivate the serenity, sincerity, and effectiveness of thousands of years of alternative medicinal practices.

Be a part of flexible treatment procedure where along with acupuncture treatment you get to travel along with various exciting places in Kathmandu, and be a part of our complete healing package including but not limited to — Ayurveda, Various Massages , Yoga, Sauna, and Facials. Nepal Ayurveda Home sets you on a path in achieving a holistic health through traditional medicinal practices. Meet up with the doctor who will hook you up with just the type of therapy you require. From Ayurveda to TCM, the doctor will check you and give you the best advice on therapeutics you are required.

Based on your requirement and disease condition, the acupuncture therapist will guide you through the best way to balance out the qi and relieve the blockages in meridian. Along with the regular acupuncture, a low voltage electrical stimulation is passed through acupuncture needles. This is very beneficial for injuries, chronic pain, paralysis, and sensory loss. Extend the deep fascia through cupping. Vacuum cupping is a good way of deep massaging and works very well in acute pain and sciatica.

Herbs are made into pills, powder, paste and soup, and the kind of herbs used, their quality and quantity, and the processing of the ingredients jointly determine the efficacy of the prescription.

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Compared with Western medicine, which has standardized drug production processes and treatment methods, TCM lacks standardization, with the chemical composition and functioning mechanisms of its medicines being unclear and their effects being unstable. Standardization has improved in recent decades, with an increasing number of factories producing patented TCM drugs. However, a lot more needs to be done to document the chemical formulas of TCM's medicinal recipes.

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Another factor that has hindered the development of TCM prescription drugs is the lack of innovation. While Western pharmaceutical companies come up with new products every year, TCM drug producers tend to manufacture medicines according to prescriptions handed down from the past. Chinese pharmacist Tu Youyou's winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her research into malaria treatment may drive innovation to some extent in China's TCM industry.

Nonetheless, the current state of affairs cannot be changed within a short timeframe. The way forward may be to apply modern science to TCM research and to establish internationally recognized standards for herbal drugs developed and produced in China. China's TCM industry has huge potential for growth. According to the white paper, the industry's output value increased by 20 percent year on year from to , reaching Synopsis An introductory text aimed at practitioners of Chinese medicine and orthodox medicine, and other interested healthcare professionals, this book focuses on the conditions for which traditional Chinese medicine may be appropriate and its wider use healthcare.

Health Concepts in Chinese Medicine

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