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The can says that the rubberizer needs a good 4 hours to dry. However, mine were dry to the touch after about a half hour, possibly due to the fact that I'm applying it to porous leather instead of nonporous steel.

Moccasin Making with Madonna Johnson

After letting the mocs dry the allotted time, pull the socks out and try them out! Hopefully everything went well and you got even coverage over the moc. If not, you can always add a second coat of the rubberizer. As I just finished this, I haven't had a chance to try them out in inclement weather but I'll update when I do. Funnily enough, I randomly decided to post the "After" pics exactly two months after I completed the Instructable. The moccasins have held up pretty well I'd have to say.

I took them many places, including a long hunting excursion where I had to drag a deer out of the bottom of a valley at night and just general walking through the city. The rubber did a good job of keeping my feet dry from ground moisture out in the woods. I would say more moisture got absorbed from my feet than the ground itself when I was wearing these. For how thin the rubberized sole actually is I'm plenty happy with the results. The second two pictures show part of the sole pulling off, probably because the bottom wasn't completely clean when I applied the rubberizer.

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It doesn't seem to be coming off much more though so I'll probably cut that off. The fourth pic shows where I scuffed through the rubber on the big toe area of the moc. I must have dragged it on the cement or something. All in all, I think it was worth the time and effort. Question 2 months ago on Step 8.

How was the traction on hard surfaces? I'm asking because I'm thinking of re-treading some old running shoes. Tip 1 year ago on Step 8. I do construction we have an amazing thing called. I took a pair of smooth soled Apache mocasins and a caulk gun and turned them into 4x4 hill climbing smooth soled gripping machines.

A little less talk and alot more traction!! The soles will give out before this construction adhesive.. Pepsi challenge any day of the week. Your welcome. Reply 10 months ago. My local DIY store has about a million kinds of construction adhesive. Could you be more specific? That is pretty cool. I wonder if you laid a bead of hot glue on the soles in some kind of tread pattern, then rubberized, would it work? I am going to try thison some felted wool slippers that I made. Hot glue doesn't hold well when wet -- I tried making sweet pea trellises and they fell apart in the first long rain.

I think a better tread material would be silicon seal -- the grade used for bathtubs.

What’s So Great About Moccasins, Anyway?

Believe it our not, moccasin making takes a lot of physical strength endurance. In particular, it works your hands and your fingers. And if you aren't careful, it can be rather dangerous. During the workshop with Sam I was so excited about finishing my repairs that I stabbed myself.

Good thing I didn't bleed on my moccasins.

Where Did You Get Your Moccasins? | Phillips Indian Educators

This cultural art also tests your eye endurance - as you are sewing, spacing is. This spacing is created through your diligent perception. So take time to rest your eyes. It pays of in the end.

Where Did You Get Your Moccasins?, paper ed

Your posture is also something that you have to pay attention to. Much like weaving, if your posture is poor, that laziness reflects in your work and back pain. Now mind you, this is just with the assemblage process. If you hunt, butcher and tan for your own buckskin - that's going to add a whole list of other physical demands as well. Emotionally My emotional health impacts my work - nothing beautiful can be created unless your mind is in a beautiful place.

When you are laughing, joking, and enjoying your company - that is when you are in a beautiful place. The more they laughed - the more they produced! LibraryThing member AmyPierce. Summary: This book is about a school boy whose classmates are asking from where he got his moccasins. He explains his Kookum made them for him and his friends keep asking how she made them and how she got the leather.

The last line in the book is when the boy tells his classmates she simply got the beads "At the store. I did enjoy the repetition of the previous steps that the child repeats throughout the book. I also enjoyed the difference in pattern at the end. Classroom Extension: This book would be a good book if you're looking for that repetition. Also, it is a good book for multiculturalism.

It could be used to teach about what people call their relatives in other cultures. LibraryThing member kailee. This is a book about a boy who goes to school in his moccasins. His classmates ask him questions about the moccasins, like where he got them.

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The boy is proud of his moccasins and his Indian heritage. I love this book as many of us from Oklahoma have at least some Indian in us. I feel it is very important to teach all heritages, but since there is so many Indians around us it tends to be the most important for kids to learn about. I love that the students in this book are so understanding and welcoming to the boy. When teaching different cultures this is a great book to use to teach about Indians by just reading it aloud to the classroom and allowing discussion.

Teacher could have each student trace their foot on brown paper and decorate it to be like a moccasin. LibraryThing member emedwards.