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They ultimately found 20 primary research publications that specifically addressed the topic.

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Ulrich said the review provided a deeper look into the mechanisms of carcinogenesis. For example, several studies showed that adipose stromal cells have the power to infiltrate cancer lesions and promote the growth of tumors.

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These cells were found in greater number in obese prostate cancer and obese breast cancer patients, studies showed. There are three different types of fat: white, brown, and beige; and each acts differently and is present in different amounts depending on where the fat is located. For example, the review noted, white adipose tissue has been associated with inflammation, and in breast cancer patients, has been associated with worse prognosis.

Targeting the adipose tissue to fight prostate cancer

For example, Ulrich explained, in colorectal cancer, adipose tissue is typically located adjacent to tumors, whereas in breast cancer, adipose tissue is part of the direct tumor microenvironment. She said that future research would be useful in evaluating the role of tissue distance in the obesity-cancer connection, and whether there are ways to intercept the processes that fuel tumor growth. Ulrich added that the study supports the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight. Mario Kratz. Reka Toth.

Cancer as a Matter of Fat: The Crosstalk between Adipose Tissue and Tumors.

Axel Benner. Biljana Gigic.

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Nina Habermann. Petra Schrotz-King. Hermann Brenner. Martin Schneider. Alexis Ulrich. Esther Herpel. Peter Schirmacher. Beate K Straub.

Demystifying Medicine 2017: Obesity: Brown and Other Fat

Hans-Ulrich Kauczor. Claudia R Ball.

Adipose tissue

Cornelia M Ulrich. Hanno Glimm. Dominique Scherer. Corresponding author and to whom reprint requests should be addressed: Dr.

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Adipose Tissue and Cancer Risk

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