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Chen and J. Ye: Computer Simulation, Vol. Demirel and S. Jing, Y. Liu, B.

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Mousakhani: International Journal of Production Research, ahead-of-print , pp. All Rights Reserved. Log In. Paper Titles. Article Preview.

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Abstract: We herein simulate the scheduling process of automatic guided vehicle AGV for short with Plant Simulation, and try to obtain an optimal configuration for meeting practical engineering requirement in one assembly plant. Add to Cart. Advanced Materials Research Volumes Main Theme:. Progress in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology. Edited by:.

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May Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. Abstract: Firstly, taking the stability of the forestay bar as the restraint, the section area of the forestay bar was optimized from mm2 to mm2, with reduced weight of Secondly, the equivalent load of the forestay bar was obtained by using dynamics simulation software.

Finally, the stress field and the fatigue life of the forestay bar were simulated.

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  5. The results show that stress of the forestay bar with MPa can meet the requirement for its material strength, and fatigue life of times also satisfies the request of the nose landing gear. That is, material property of the forestay bar is utilized more than before, and its weight decreased successfully. Adjusting the system parameters in the model, several simulations obtained an ideal simulation result. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. How To Weld Aug 25 Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Unknown Binding.

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