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For me, his books are comfort food. It a August still a favorite!!!!! It also dawned on me that the character of Teddy Fay is the alter ego of Stuart Woods, more so than either Stone or Will. The descriptors of Teddy are almost written while being awe-struck.

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Strange feeling to root for a stone killer. Apr 17, Heather rated it did not like it. If you enjoy the murder of your political opponents, merely because they have different political views, then this book is for you. If you enjoy large government spending and believe all conservatives should be killed, this book is for you. If you believe that every individual in politics, intel agencies, etc are all arrogant sex fiends, this book is for you.

I think Stuart Woods must be an arrogant perverted jerk. It is too bad, as I have a lot in common with the author, including an interest i If you enjoy the murder of your political opponents, merely because they have different political views, then this book is for you. It is too bad, as I have a lot in common with the author, including an interest in Ireland, love of Key West, interest in flying and sailing, and southern roots. Aug 08, Charlotte Guzman rated it really liked it. Picked for my Mystery Book Club it was a light , quick read. Stuart Woods always writes a good story and this one was good.

It kept me wanting to read and who was doing all the killings. You know who did the killings about half way through but then there was the big chase scene at the end and the quick ending. Who was really the cause of all the killings? To be continued I say. View 1 comment. Dec 14, Karen rated it liked it Shelves: read Okay story, but a bit slow. I much prefer the Stone Barrington series by this author. I would rate this book 3. Oct 29, Dr. Thomas Wasser rated it it was ok.

Another frustrating read by Stuart Woods. The premise of the book is great! Its the cast of characters that is far fetched and uninteresting. Love the whole FBI characters thing, and the way that they carry out the investigations although I wish Woods would have consulted with someone to find the correct names for the levels of individuals etc. I understand its a carry over from and up from Chiefs which was Another frustrating read by Stuart Woods.

I understand its a carry over from and up from Chiefs which was Woods best book in my opinion. You could really just skip over a lot of the -- in White House -- stuff. I'ts pretty painful. Its a lazy read and you can't really go wrong with it.

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It will hold your attention, but there are many situations where you will just have the "oh please" response to things. Easy to see why this line of books just didn't continue but I picked the book up at a book fair for a buck so It was a good break from the Stone Barrington series. Pre-meditated murder without a doubt.

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  5. Chraracter has a lot of hate and the essential skills needed to commit his "perfect murders" so to speak. Scary, his own government trained him. Even though I abhor murder there is a dark side in me that admired his skills including those to avoid being caught. I hope this type of character is in stories only I know; I'm not that naive but I can dream can't I?

    My next book will be Heat by Mr. Supposedly it's a "Will Lee" book. I'm still searc Whoa! I'm still searching for the book detailing how Will Lee's wife becomes President. Can anyone help me out with the book's name? Dec 31, Crystal Toller rated it it was amazing. I had a personal tragedy in my life in December and this book pulled me out of my reading slump. A really enjoyable book. Great character development, good editing and a really entertaining and interesting story.

    Just discovered this author this year and love his books. Highly recommend this book and this author. Mar 19, John Sklar rated it it was amazing Shelves: read Another great story with great characters. I love the twists and turns and could not put this book down. In fact I read it in a day. I'm beginning to be sad that there is onlly one more book in the series. These are great books but I have read the Stone Barrington series and that has tipped me off as to some of the action Mar 12, Mary rated it liked it.

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    Jun 19, Greer Andjanetta rated it really liked it. A good mystery story featuring well-known by SW readers characters and the always entertaining and readable writing style of SW. After the success of this mini series, another book titled Grass Roots was adapted into a 4 hour television series with Mel Harris and Cobin Bernsen as the lead stars in the series. Author Stuart had started writing this thriller series in the year and had come up with the publication of its debut book in the same year. In spite of the being extremely successful with 4 books through the nineteen eighties, the series did not have any installments during the nineteen nineties.

    Author Stuart had explained at that time that he could not come up with any interesting story to continue with the thriller series. However, he again resumed the series in the year with the publication of the 5th book of the series titled The Run. The last book that featured in the thriller series was released in the year After this, there has not been any news from author Stuart or the publishers, whether he is going to continue with the series or not.

    In the last couple of books of the thriller series, Will Lee is depicted in the role of the President of the United States of America. The W. Norton and Company published this novel in the year It was first released in the year Will Lee is shown as a Georgia senator, who takes up murder investigations and solves them with the help of his intelligence and undying determination.

    The plot begins in the winter of the year , when a bitter case comes to the notice of Will Lee. He comes to know that a dead body has been found in Delano. The unidentified corpse of a young teenager is discovered in naked condition.

    Capital Crimes

    The investigators are not able to find any direct evidence hinting towards murder. However, the dead body shows certain marks at some places that appear to have been caused due to ritual beatings. At this point, Will Lee is introduced into the plot of the story, who is asked to take over the case and continue with the investigation.

    After failing in his profession as a cotton farmer, Will Lee gets appointed as the first police chief of Delano, Georgia. After working on the case for some time, Lee becomes very much obsessed with it and looks to solve it at any cost. The story that follows his obsession goes on to through several decades. Throughout this time, it follows the happenings of a tiny southern town and the role of 3 chiefs of police who try with all their abilities to unravel the brutal crime. Greg Ridgeway is an associate professor of criminology and statistics in the criminology department in the School of Arts and Sciences.

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