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This information helps us design a better experience for all users. Jan 07, Stacy rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. I am always amazed at the world building that goes into these books. There has been something in each installment that has made me put the book down and Google away trying to find out more information. Once Suzanne started describing it in the book I had to learn more and she was totally spot on with descriptions.

I thoroughly enjoy how she brings the area into her books. DJ of course has grown a lot since book 1. She has climbed in rank and has great allies on her side. Her personality pulls me in and brings me back again and again. She gets targeted a lot by the bad guys but I love the way her and her allies always manage to handle it.

Jake has a lot of issues. The whole situation spirals into other things and plays a big part of what the book is about. I really love Jean Lafitte. He always manages to surprise me. I love the way Suzanne has written him and continues to grow his character. Quince the neighbor who is dating DJ's other neighbor and friend, was introduced to us in book 2. He ended up being a complete surprise to me. My goodness did that take forever to move along. It is always 1 step forward, 2 steps back with these two.

It was again a great mix of world building, characters, history and adventure. The pace was consistent with a plot that was always advancing. The Sentinels of New Orleans series is great to get lost in. Aug 27, S. Blooding rated it it was amazing. As in all caps. No holds barred. I read book 2 the last time it was on tour!

What a fun, fun book! I was swept away from the start.

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So when I say that I had absolutely no issue following this book, I want you to understand that I say this knowing I had…oh, maybe half a brain cell left to comprehend this book. I love how Ms. I wish I could bottle that. She just writes the story with an ease that makes it easy on your overworked brain. I love DJ. Nooooooow, okay. She made a few decisions in this book that had me pulling out my hair.

I am definitely on team Alex. There is just something about him—no, no. Johnson pens him. The plot was fast-paced and kept the book moving. The character plots were great and kept the pages hot-hot-HOT! The setting is a ton of fun and there are little treasures sprinkled here and there. Not quite easter eggs, but still fun.

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This was a great book. I will say that between the characters, the history and the world building, this series is genuinely unique! I highly recommend it! Give it a read! Jul 26, Billie Jo rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who is a fan of paranormal fiction. This was my first time reading a book by this author, and it was "Amazing". This was the third book in this series and I felt as if i hadn't missed a thing by not reading the first two books. I love when an author can take you from one book to the next seamlessly.

Terrific plot and well developed characters, a must read in my opinion. I also loved the author's take on New Orleans, very descriptive and colorful, made me feel like i was right there along side the characters. Planning on purchasing the first two books immediately. Oct 03, julia rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi-alt-history. Pretty good. Not sure I like the elves in this particular universe. Still a little tired of how handsome some of these guys are. Love Jean LaFitte, though. He's awesome. Glad we got to see some of her merman friends too.

Those guys are great. A little sad for DJ and all that she went through, and I'm not even sure what was gained here. Here's hoping the next story is a little more cohesive. There was a lot going on in this one. I think maybe the love square or maybe now it's a love pentagon finally got to me. I'm not usually a fan of love triangles, and the amount of potential suitors in this one really exhausts me. I don't think this book was less in terms of quality as compared to the first two. If you liked the first two books, then you'll like this one.

I'm just not sure I'll continue with this series if the focus continues to be on D. Mar 09, Debrac rated it really liked it. I enjoyed it! DJ, a wizard, has elven blood and can do elven magic. The elves aren't happy! Adrian,as usual,is annoying and betrays DJ! Rand turns out to be an elf and DJ bonds with him to save herself. Good read! Jan 06, Readsalot81 rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , received-for-review.

I'm so conflicted.. Love her writing.. Review to come shortly. View all 9 comments. I did receive this story ARC from the publisher. My Take Johnson has some interesting twists on the loup-garou, the dead, and magic in general, and she takes it and runs in this opening. It's an easy enough, basic opening: serial killer back from the dead with the good guys trying to figure it out. Without telling at least one of the party the background truth. She incorporates worries about Jake's psychological condition and how other people's perceptions can color our own. Something to keep in mind in our own lives.

Of course, we don't have to be worried about shapeshifter hearing… I do like how Johnson wrote Jake's reactions. They felt so real, how a real person might react if they had been forced into Jake's situation. Johnson takes excellent advantage of this to create yet more problems for the besieged DJ. Lots of personal tension what with DJ's worry that she may turn loup, the wizard crazy house, whether Alex will have to put Jake down, Alex's sudden turn at hot romance, and then Rand's offer and his actions after bonding.

It complicates things all the hell up. I did love that DJ had some problem with her fire control when Adrian was oh-so-condescendingly teaching her how to use her elven magic. But, what I don't understand is if Adrian has a master's-levels in elven magic, why would he disregard DJ's elven abilities?

I love that DJ is so protective of Eugenie and how she thwarts Rand's attempts at Yeah, I don't like the Elders insta-judgements and their bias about anything anyone can do better than they. That settles it. The sky is falling. Alex is endorsing one of Lafitte's plans. Awww, DJ feels bad that she's screwing everything up. I say she's simply being consistent in her stupidity, although Alex calls it her chaos. I can't believe how pushy Rand is. How much he thinks he can get away with! He completely ignores whatever she says?! Of course, DJ being such an idiot has dropped herself right into his lap.

It's heavyhanded and shallow, even as Johnson does a nice set-up for future issues; I know I'll want to read number 4 when it comes out. The Story It's a serial killer come to life, well, a sort of life and DJ and Alex debate whether Ken is ready to learn about the other side. Oh, right And the Axeman is after DJ.

That FBI badge is a fake! She's also part elf, which explains Charlie , her elven staff which the elves call Mahout. Sebastian is the unwanted, sneaky chocolate Siamese she inherited from her father. Eugenie , a beauty shop owner, is DJ's best friend, but fully human. And she's so in love with Rand. He had been DJ's cosentinel. Jake Warin is a loup-garou with shaky control who happens to own a bar, the Green Gator; Alex is his cousin, who believes that training and working for the DDT will help Jake with his control.

Jean Lafitte is, yes indeed, the infamous pirate who walks between the Beyond and New Orleans. Always the businessman, always an eye out for the deal. And always an eye out for DJ. Quince "Rand" Randolph started up a landscaping business across the street and cattycorner from DJ: Plantasy Island, and he has an unhealthy interest in DJ when he 's supposed to be dating her best friend, Eugenie. Adam Lyle is a Yellow wizard and Houston psychiatrist helping in the aftermath of Katrina. Louis Armstrong is one of the dead, and he's happy to help DJ out as it seems that the Axeman loved Louis' jazz.

He's also been seeing a lot of Jake…hmmm… Adrian Hoffman is the insensitive, overbearing, condescending jerkwad Speaker of the Elders and a Blue wizard. I know I'd like to smack him around. For days. Willem Zrakovi is head of the Elders for North America. Jonas Adamson is the only registered necromancer in the area. Denis Villere is a cantankerous merman from River Road , 2. He and his clan have been consigned to the Atchafalaya Basin I love saying that word!

The Axeman was a serial killer in the early part of the twentieth century in New Orleans. Joseph Isaacson appears to be his latest victim. He's an old friend of Lafitte's. And he was a wizard who could do necromancy when he was alive. Terri Ford is his assistant. Lily , an elf, wants to do business. Dani is a naughty vampyre. The Congress of Elders rule the wizards and the rest of the supernatural community. If an ability or power isn't something they can wield, it either doesn't "exist" or they make it illegal.

Green Congress wizards are "the geeks of the magical world", using potions and ritual magic. Red Congress wizards do physical magicthe flashy stuff. Yellow Congress specializes in mental magic. While artistic and creative, the Blue Congress is usually in charge of reconstructing crime scenes if it turns out the crime is not supernatural. Sentinels are wizards in charge of cities or regions and keep an eye on the boundary between the Beyond and our world, the Now.

Enforcers are part FBI prete team and part assassin. Ittoqqortoormiit is a remote wizard outpost in Greenland specifically for the incarceration of whacked-out wizards. The Beyond is another plane of existence that lies alongside our own where Vampyre , Faerie. With this latest treaty, any preternatural being prete can walk on over.

The Elven Synod has become aware of Charlie known as Mahout by the elvesand belongs to the Fire Elves clan , and they're not happy about a wizard who can wield elven powers. Mace Banyan is the head of the Synod as well as the chief of the Awyr, or Air. Yep, the same one who tried to fry DJ's brains in River Road.

River Road (Sentinels of New Orleans Series #2)

The Cover The cover is greenish grays and reds as DJ grasps Charlie and stares out at us in defiance, standing in front of a wrought iron fence. The title is a misnomer as there is nothing about this story that comes close to being Elysian Fields As soon as I started to read this book, and got a few pages in, I immediately regretted the decision to request this book and ya know Because as I got a few pages in, I immediately loved the characters and the world, I didn't want to leave it, and I clocked the agonizingly long wait, nearly a year, until the next book in the series.

In case you haven't worked it out yet, I haven't read the first two books, and I chose to request this one solely on the strength As soon as I started to read this book, and got a few pages in, I immediately regretted the decision to request this book and ya know In case you haven't worked it out yet, I haven't read the first two books, and I chose to request this one solely on the strength of the intriguing synopsis, I mean c'mon guys, undead pirate?

You may not know this, but I can quote Pirates of the Caribbean to an irritating level, so if it's got pirates I'm in. The whole "undead" pirate was an intriguing bonus, not to mention the magic, implied romance and general crazy murderer running about. I guessed I'd be in for a fun few hours and I really wasn't wrong. To be honest, not having read the first two books wasn't a problem for me, sure I wasn't too sure on some previous relations with some characters, but DJ does a great job refreshing everyone's memories concisely, letting me know what I need to know from the other books, and I would imagine reminding readers of the first two books without wittering on for pages with stuff you already know.

We join DJ at a crime scene, eerily similar to those of the serial killer, simply known as The Axeman, except it has to be a copycat This has got Historical Undead all over it. DJ sets out to apprehend him, but when Jean Lafitte shows up, in a horse and carriage no less, he has an interesting and mildly terrifying piece of information.

The Axeman is after her. More specifically, as DJ works out, a necromancer controlling him, is after her. We had an undead serial killer quoting Tennyson. Cue Alex and his sudden desire to be something more than friends. Did I mention the kidnapping elves? Well there's them too. Add in some political drama and becoming bonded to a certain stalkery Elf and DJ's just about reached her drama quota. But first, she has to work out who it is trying to kill her, and then she can curl up and gorge on cake in peace.

I don't know where to start raving about this book! I mean, I was drawn in from the very first page and kept there the entire time I was reading. A major part of that was DJ. I love her, she's badass, she's strong but can still let herself have a good cry, and even though she's hurting emotionally from love related problems, she still gets stuff done. Not to mention she's perfectly snarky and witty. I think I laughed over "impending furmaggedon for way longer than I should have.

I connected to DJ and she has fast become one of my new favourite characters. Her narrative was engaging and hilarious in certain places, to the point of ugly snort laughing. At other times you really feel for her, and can relate. She's my kinda gal. Along with DJ, all the other characters, including secondary ones, where written with their own unique personalities, and with depth and detail.

Johnson gives us a strong cast of characters who jump off the page, from sometimes neanderthal Alex, to undead charming pirate Jean to irritating and weird Rand. Rand would be able to annoy me from a distance" The world building was given plenty of detail, enough to create a feel of the setting. I've never been to New Orleans unfortunately, I would love to go, but after reading about it in the book I have a good idea of what it's like there and such. The world created truly takes all your attention, along with the characters and action. You really got a feel for the vibes of New Orleans and it was enchanting.

Elysian Fields is fast paced with a good flow. You blow through the book even though you don't want it to end, and you're left wanting more even though there isn't a cliffhanger at all. Although I can't be the only one reading the last page like Elysian Fields is written atmospherically, with plenty of laughs, as well as plenty of creep with the whole serial killer thing.

The man was an immortal undead serial killer fueled by the cold magic of a necromancer. He wasn't going to pet the azaleas and sing Grateful Dead songs. Another thing that, along with DJ, had me loving the book a mere chapter or so in. We have the elves, but their divided in to different clans, each with one of the four standard elements. Then more unusually we have the wizards being divided in to different congresses, for example, DJ is a green congress wizard and so on. Each can do different magic I believe. Then there's the standard Vampires, and shifters and weres, but there's also one of my favourite supporting characters, Rene, who is a merman.

I mean Love it. Further adding to the unique, stand out vibes of Elysian Fields is the aspect of the Beyond and the Historical Undead, which I have gathered means historical figures, well known and powered by us lot talking about them and so on, keeps them alive and immortal and they crash in the Beyond, unless they're powerful enough to come over to our world. That is the aspect that really piqued my interest. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love books that stand out from the crowd and are totally unique. I'm not sure what I can comment on the romance seeing as I haven't read the first two, but I gotta say I'm team Alex, although DJ and Jean would be pretty fun!

Rand annoys me and I don't like him, nor do I trust him. I thought the romance with Alex and DJ was written perfectly. While we appear to get a happy ending, both are complex characters, so I'm not entirely sure it's gonna be smooth sailing, and the whole Rand bond thing will add an interest aspect, but seeing as DJ hates him, I don't think there's going to be a love triangle, just Rand being a pain in the ass! DJ has attracted the amorous attention of Jean LaFitte, the legendary pirate, an undead pretenatural who is doing business in both present day New Orleans and the Beyond, the magical universe inhabited by otherworldly creatures and the undead.

LaFitte's friend and business partner is Robert Delachaise, a merman, who is having a territorial dispute with another merman clan, headed by Denis Villere. While meeting with both to mediate a truce, DJ and Alex discover a dead wizard, who has been ritually slain and learn of the death of another wizard. In addition, the merman inform DJ that the water of the area has been fouled with some chemical that is making merpeople ill.

DJ and Alex must investigate the deaths and the water issue. DJ enlists her friend and fellow wizard Tish to help with the magic on the water and gets some help from a nymph to deal with the merman and the poison in the water. The cavorting nymph has her own magic and the merman and nymph supply a lot of the plot. But the novel is not just about murder and magic. Johnson keeps the plot bopping along by fully developing DJ and her life outside of her magic.

DJ's life is complicated by the attention of the men in the novel. She must not only deal with LaFitte's attention on a date, but goes out on a date with Alex Warin's cousin Jake, a powerful werewolf with control issues, and even visits Alex's family as Alex's pretend girlfriend. Alex and DJ are also making sparks, which bothers DJ because he is her partner and she does not want to mess up their "friendship" and working relationship.

Alex may have other ideas about that. DJ also must deal with the other Sentinels, who look down on her because her power is more ritual magic and the issue of the Elves who want to confront DJ about a magic staff she wields. DJ risks a lot when she comes up with a crafty solution to figuring out the water problem, but the murderer of the wizards claims another victim.

DJ and Alex must race to figure out who is killing the wizards before its too late for another of DJ's friends. Suzanne Johnson's urban fantasy return to New Orleans is another worthwhile entry in this genre. She is an author to watch.

Jul 16, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , kindle. I'm just loving this series. Definitely one of my new favorite series. I devoured the first book Royal Street and then proceeded to beg Tor for an advanced copy of River Road. Johnson has created such an exciting urban fantasy. Delicious, well fleshed out characters, supernatural creatures and excellent world building have made this one of my favorite new series. The tale is set in the rich, eclectic city of New Orleans and I was delighted to visit again. The tale picks 4. The tale picks up almost three years after hurricane Katrina, the backdrop for Royal Street.

Drusilla DJ Jaco is the wizard sentinel in charge of containing and controlling the paranormal creatures that cross over from the Beyond. Not trusting her to handle things alone, she is partnered with shifter, Alex Warin. In this tale wizards are dying and a war is brewing between two clans of merpeople. Something is poisoning the waters of the Mississippi and DJ needs to solve it before the humans get involved. The tale that unfolds is action packed, full of suspense, mystery and a little romance. I was completely swept up in the tale and cannot wait for the next installment. I love the characters Johnson has created and the new ones she introduces.

DJ our kick-ass protagonist is complex, flawed and at times brilliant. We see both growth and setbacks for DJ in this novel. She stretches the limits of her abilities and facing some tough challenges. Alex is smexy, loyal, stubborn and I adore this shifter. We get to see more sides of this yummy, competent enforcer and I enjoyed every minute of it. The two of them are working well together now but the sexual tension is still there.

Jake is back, and is dealing with his own demons. This does not stop him from being dark, sexy and dangerous. The sexy, debonair and very dead pirate Jean Lafitte is back. He is as charming as ever and makes his intentions very clear. His grasp or lack of the modern world and slang had me giggling. All three men have a thing for DJ, and we have a few romantic moments.

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Nothing is resolved in that department and I have firmly chosen my man. They shared some hilarious scenes. I am really hoping he becomes a regular in the series. We also meet a few nymphs and that proved to be interesting. We meet an elf and the encounter was not pleasant and I am anxious for that storyline to develop further.. The world building is one of the things I love most about this series.

Johnson has chosen the perfect backdrop to this series with New Orleans. Mix in supernatural creatures, a society of wizards to protect the humans, well fleshed out characters and you have the recipe for endless tales. While she struggles with the fact that everyone she loves she loses, we do see a lot of growth in her as a Wizard. I love the supernatural and magical elements the author mixes into the tale. The banter between DJ and the others had me giggling aloud. The mystery of the poisoned water and murders was fascinating, and I liked how Johnson revealed clues.

Sentinels of New Orleans

Not since the Hollows have I been this enthralled with an urban fantasy. Johnson delivers this tale at a fantastic pace all while weaving different threads of the tale together and bringing them to a climatic ending. While each of these novels can be read as a standalone, some arc development would be lost and I recommend reading them in order. In case you have not guessed, I loved River Road and highly recommend the Sentinels of New Orleans series to fans of urban fantasy, kick-ass characters and paranormal woo-woo.

Elysian Fields the next book in this series will be available in August of and this reader cannot wait. I want to thank Tor for providing this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review. Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer Jan 17, Kristin Taggart added it. I don't use star ratings, so please read the review! But a war is brewing between two clans of Cajun merpeople in Plaquemines Parish, a I don't use star ratings, so please read the review! Wizards are dying, and someone—or something—from the Beyond is poisoning the waters of the mighty Mississippi, threatening the humans who live and work along the river.

The novel tackled Hurricane Katrina, set up a magical system and its politics, defined the kinds of magical creatures that live there, and juggled three possible relationships for the main character. While it all meshed together fairly well, it contributed to the book feeling much like the complicated set-up to a longer tale. This newest one, however, is more settled in tone.

In River Road, Drusilla has been a sentinel for a little while and is portrayed as more sure of herself, although echoes of uncertainly do haunt her occasionally. Woven though this part of the story are some intriguing hints about a newly arrived character who is likely more than he seems. This novel brings in some new supernatural races: the elves, the nymphs, and the mermen. Believe me, the nymphs fill that role quite well. I also liked that Drusilla is strong enough and smart enough to not constantly need rescuing, although she does get in over her head sometimes. I find that I like her a lot.

River Road is a good read, eschewing most of the common urban fantasy elements to bring in the flavor of New Orleans in some very unique ways. This review originally appeared on Owlcat Mountain on January 17, See this review and others like it at BadassBookReviews. The characters were great and the plot was fast-paced and twisty. It kept me guessing until the end!

This book left just enough threads loose that I am already anticipating the See this review and others like it at BadassBookReviews.

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This book left just enough threads loose that I am already anticipating the next installment in this series. To appease the ruling wizards, Alex Warin is helping her out as an enforcer when things get rough. DJ owes Jean Lafitte a favor and he has decided to call the marker in for 1 help solving a dispute between two mer clans and 2 a honest to goodness date. DJ has no problem jumping into the mer problem, but the date is another matter entirely. Jean has a much larger role in this book and his interactions with DJ were pretty hilarious.

Oh, did I mention Jean is a ghost? DJ and Alex now have to add this mystery to their plates and figure out if it is connected to the mer issues. The biggest question is whether or not he has mastered the wolf within himself. If not, he may be putting DJ in danger. Poor DJ is seriously confused! I have to say that I am Team Alex after this book. I still like both Jake and Jean, but Alex has stolen my heart. He and DJ just fit together so well and I know he will always be there when she needs him. On top of the investigations and her romantic confusions, DJ also has to deal with the elves.

The wizards are protecting her from them as much as they can, but I smell a confrontation coming in the next book. DJ has grown a lot from the first book, and she can take care of herself and deal with her own problems much easier now. She is level-headed and reacts well in a crisis, but still has her weaknesses. She has created a good support group for herself and has learned that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. She still makes some rash decisions, but I can respect that because she is trying to prove that she is capable of holding her own in the face of a crisis.

I loved all the new characters we were introduced to, especially the mers. This world is so richly described and its inhabitants uniquely detailed that it is easy to imagine yourself as a part of it. I loved the way this book ended; it set up the next installment perfectly. I have enjoyed both visits to Ms. Thank you to Ms. DJ once again finds herself at the center of the action when pirate Jean LaFitte asks DJ for her help in solving a dispute between mer people who are blaming each other for the Mississippi river being poisoned.

Since DJ owes Jean for saving her life, she feels a sort of obligation to return the help request even though Alex has severe reservations. On top of all this, Jake, now a loup-garou, is back in town and making advances towards DJ which complicates matters even more. DJ has grown a lot since the first book, and can better understand what is happening around her and how to solve the problem at hand. She still has lingering doubts over the loss of her father and mentor Gerry and wonders how much stuff he truly kept from her.

The one constant in this series is the fact that DJ is surrounded by enough suitors to keep her occupied for a very long time. First, there is the enigmatic Jean LaFitte who is constantly trying to get DJ to dress differently, act differently, and above all, give up the other men in her life and be with him.

Next up is Alex who runs hot and cold. Usually hot when it comes to other men like Jean or Jake putting DJ into difficult situations. Jake is the wild card because of his temperament. Some readers may or may not figure out who the villain is before the climatic conclusion to this book and that is totally fine. In the end, this is a pretty decent read with lots of action and quick pacing. The setting of New Orleans has been one of my favorites for a very long time. I love how this particular author genuinely seems to care about what is happening around her hometown.

If you loved Royal Street, you will be happy to find out that this book is even better. Expected publication: November 13th by Tom Doherty Associates I liked the first book. Royal Street was funny and promising. I truly hoped i found another PNR series that i could enjoy. But in the second novel the standards fall. Biggest issue is sitcom quality. Nothing worth reading ever really happens. The cases she investigates are missing that gritty factor, the romance is come and go, and with more then one guy involved it just gives me a headache at the end.

You remember those old soaps? The ones where if a character puts a pot of coffee on it will mos I liked the first book. The ones where if a character puts a pot of coffee on it will most probably be done at the end of the month???? Well this book is like that. Started off great but just not my cup of tea. I don't think i will be reading the next installment.

They have come a long way into developing a relationship that works well for both of them. DJ is also still recovering from the duplicity and death of her father and mentor, Gerry. Her fear of losing another person who matters weighs heavily on her. Hurricane Katrina did more than just devastate New Orleans, it weakened the veil between the mortal and spiritual worlds. DJ and Alex find themselves submerged in a dual mystery filled with magic and death as wizards start dying and the waters of the Mississippi are being poisoned, causing war among the merfolks who live along its coastal waters.

I adored the lush world building and overall premise, but the character development and revealing of the storyline was not a smooth transition. However, River Road more than makes up for all that and I found myself engrossed in this second installment. Heavily character driven, there is a nice balance between the magic and the police procedural investigative means DJ uses to solve the mysteries.

The world building continues to expand and evolve, giving us more insight into this world of magic in a modern, mortal setting. Supernatural entities coexist with humanity in a comfortable relationship.


Two main storylines develop at a steady pace, merging at key times without overpowering one another. I especially enjoyed that Ms. Johnson downplayed the romance in this story, choosing to keep it low key and not make it a major plot line. I felt that was a huge mistake book one had to contend with. We see her develop into a more three dimensional character that bodes well for the continuation of the series. I enjoyed her easy going banter. Her dialogue rings true. Rather, she explores and defines what DJ already is. She and Alex are hilarious together.

I want to be the bad cop. The men in her life are still around though we see a huge difference in their actions too. Jake, who became a werewolf after helping DJ defeat the evil in Royal Streets, disappeared for 3 years but is back and more than adamant he wants DJ. But that persky shapeshifting could prove a problem. Alex is…Alex. Both the reader and DJ are unsure where Alex stands in terms of their relationship.

They are partners professionally yet DJ has feelings for him that straddle the line. Alex tries to show her his deepening feelings but they manifest themselves in ways that frustrate DJ-he gets extremely protective and bossy. Needless to say, there is some steamy chemistry and sexual frustration between these two. Strong hands slipped over her shoulders as Alex joined us, standing so close, I could feel his body heat radiating up my back…. He squeezed my shoulders a little hard for it to be a show of solidarity. He was marking his territory. Last but not least, we have Jean Lafitte. Oh my!

The sexy undead pirate whose attention to DJ leaves her feeling confused and needy. And with good reason. Jean wants to stay out of the Beyond permanently. He hit you once-hard. Oh, sure he saved your life later but it was in his beat interests. Plus, he accepts himself for who and what he is. The main plot is a delicious mixture of mystery, suspense, intrigue, and humor. Strong and well written, I laughed throughout this book. Johnson writes some devious twists into the investigation which helps to further the arc. Using realistic themes- the continuing problems that New Orleans is experiencing after Katrina and some very serious environmental problems that plague us all-Ms.

Johnson appeals to us on more than just a fictional level. We meet some new interesting characters through the investigations that I hope remain central to the series. Rene, a merfolk, is a saucy fellow while the Nymphs, whose day jobs cracked me up, had me shaking my head ruefully. As I stated earlier, I enjoyed River Road tremendously and am looking forward to reading more in this series.

This installment embodies everything that appeals to me in urban fantasy. One feature of note: Ms. Jan 02, Stephaniec rated it liked it Shelves: shapeshifters , urban-fantasy , magic , vampire. This is my second try to read this series, there is something missing here for me and I can't quite put my finger on it. I find DJ's relationships with the people in her life a bit superficial and the bad guys mystery not as engaging as I hoped IMO Overall not a bad series just a few things that make it hard for me to keep interest and pick up the next book.

When I interviewed Suzanne Johnson for a blog tour, she mentioned this. She mentioned that she wanted to eliminate the obstacles that Hurricane Katrina brought to the first book in the series, as it made the pace slower. I think this big jump in the timeline was very smart. I agree that it definitely helped up the pace for River Road. I was on the edge of my seat! It also left room for so much more in the way of plot. The intricacies of the mystery, the characters, their connections, etc. Every time you think you've got it all figured out, she tosses a wrench into the works and changes the entire dynamic—in a good way!

She is absolutely astounding. Read the books and you will understand. They are quite the handful. They come into the picture due to a mer-fued that may or may not be linked to the death of two local wizards. These brothers add quite the interesting element to the story and they also bring lots of laughs.