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Also get the names and contact information of the managers, directors or owners who you would first approach about your product and then who would make the final buying decision.

5 Simple Steps To Win The Professional Services Sale

The more you can find out about who you're selling to, the better the chance you can find a message that resonates. A prospective customer is not going to spend a large amount of money on what you're selling unless you can demonstrate how that customer will benefit. In the B2B selling world, what you are selling has to either save the purchaser money or increase sales.

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Make it clear that whatever money is spent now will have a positive impact on the bottom line later. In establishing your business, you likely learned early how to close a sale by asking for the order.

1. Reciprocity

When selling big-ticket products, the challenge is gain an audience at the appropriate level in a company so you can ask the closing question to someone who has the authority to say yes. Work with your contacts at lower levels of management to gain access to the company decision-makers. Managers at all levels have the power to say no, and if you close at the wrong level you may find your effort stalls prematurely.

Your presentation may require both a written report and an in-person presentation, so be prepared to argue your case in both formats.

Review of SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business With Today’s Frazzled Customers

Large sales often require a long period of time to complete. After giving your initial proposal or presentation it is important to stay in contact with your contacts at the prospective customer. Often the timetable for making the final decision is pushed back, but it's important to not sit passively and wait for a phone call. Follow up with periodic calls, and offer to provide additional information if needed.

It also can help if you provide new information when you call, such as a recently added feature or a warning about an upcoming price increase.

When hunting for large orders, persistence can often pay off as much as sharply honed sales skills. Tim Plaehn has been writing financial, investment and trading articles and blogs since His work has appeared online at Seeking Alpha, Marketwatch. Everybody sells, but not everybody sells well.

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Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, homemaker or real-estate agent, sometime you will need to sell yourself, your ideas or your services. Know your product, take on challenges and seek opportunities to become a "star" sales professional. Solution selling involves building relationships, learning about prospective clients, identifying a problem, then offering a solution with your product or service.

Introduction to SPIN Selling

These skills do not require a sales spiel; anyone can learn and master them to become a professional seller. Don't just take orders and don't use hard-sell techniques. Instead, help your customers make the correct buying decisions and buy exactly what they need.

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Psychology of Selling: 7 Psychological Triggers that Win Sales

Qualities Applicable. Recommendation British sales expert Richard Denny demystifies the sales process in this readable and easy-to-process text. About the Author Richard Denny is chairman of a leading British sales and management training firm, a speaker and an author.