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Other studies have found that, for example, the global population of wild vertebrates — that is, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians — has declined by a staggering 58 percent between and The biosphere is wilting in real time, and our own foolish actions are to blame. As for disease, superbugs are a growing concern among researchers due to overuse of antibiotics among livestock and humans. These multi-drug-resistant bacteria are highly resistant to normal treatment routes, and already some 2 million people become sick from superbugs each year.

Cancer chemotherapy, organ transplants, surgeries, and childbirth all rely on antibiotics to prevent infections. Making matters even worse, experts argue that the risk of a global pandemic is increasing. The reason is, in part, because of the growth of megacities. Even more alarming, though, is the fact that the rate of ocean acidification is happening faster today than it occurred during the Permian-Triassic mass extinction. As the science journalist Eric Hand points out , whereas 2.

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Thus, the sixth mass extinction mentioned above, also called the Anthropocene extinction, could turn out to be perhaps even worse than the Permian-Triassic die-off. In fact, considerations like these have led a number of other notable scientists to suggest that the collapse of global society could occur in the foreseeable future.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists also recently moved the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight, or doom, primarily because of President Donald J. Trump and the tsunami of anti-intellectualism that got him into the Oval Office. The United States now has a president who has promised to impede progress on both [curbing nuclear proliferation and solving climate change]. Never before has the Bulletin decided to advance the clock largely because of the statements of a single person.

But when that person is the new president of the United States, his words matter. But so far we have mostly ignored threats to our existence that many leading risk scholars believe are the most serious , namely those associated with emerging technologies such as biotechnology, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

The result is that a growing number of individuals are being empowered to wreak unprecedented havoc on civilization. Consider the following nightmare disaster outlined by computer scientist Stuart Russell :. A very, very small quadcopter, one inch in diameter can carry a one- or two-gram shaped charge. You can order them from a drone manufacturer in China. You can fit about three million of those in a semi-tractor-trailer. You can drive up I with three trucks and have 10 million weapons attacking New York City. You need only three guys," he concludes, to write the relevant computer code and launch these drones.

This scenario can be scaled up arbitrarily to involve, say, million weaponized drones packed into several hundred semi-trucks strategically positioned around the world. The result could be a global catastrophe that brings civilization to its knees — no less than a nuclear terrorism attack or an engineered pandemic caused by a designer pathogen would severely disrupt modern life.

As Benjamin Wittes and Gabriella Blum put it in their captivating book " The Future of Violence ," we are heading toward an era of distributed offensive capabilities that is unlike anything our species has ever before encountered. What sort of person might actually want to do this, though? Unfortunately, there are many types of people who would willingly destroy humanity. Given the dual technology trends mentioned above, all it could take later this century is a single person or group to unilaterally end the great experiment called civilization forever.

It is considerations like these that have led risk scholars — some at top universities around the world — to specify disturbingly high probabilities of global disaster in the future. For example, the philosopher John Leslie claims that humanity has a 30 percent chance of extinction in the next five centuries. And Lord Martin Rees, co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge University, argues that civilization has no better than a likelihood of enduring into the next century.

Returning to religion, recent polls show that a huge portion of religious people believe that the end of the world is imminent.

Islam, The Petrodollar & The Future of Money : Shaykh Imran Hosein

For example, a survey found that 41 percent of Christians in the U. The tragedy here, from a scientific perspective, is that such individuals are worried about the wrong apocalypse! Much more likely are catastrophes, calamities and cataclysms that cause unprecedented and pointless human suffering in a universe without any external source of purpose or meaning. At the extreme, an existential risk could tip our species into the eternal grave of extinction.

Or, at least that one…. Good luck. I typo? Sloppy, but what else can you expect from ignorance and innumeracy?

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That was my guess, too. Ha yes! Just shows the level of scientific understanding of these people. Works better. Everyone knows that to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit you multiply by 1. Climate Science at its best. The gross error is that a temperature of 3 C is equal to a temperature of But 3 degrees of rise in C is equal to 5. Many of these activist journalists, or more accurately described as propagandists, are quite young and have quite a few years where they will need to provide for themselves after their involvement is exposed.

I wonder who would employ such a person besides the advertisement industry where truth is regulated? Sunset, yes there is definitely a worry that nothing bad is going to happen. Sounds like the Report of the Club of Rome 40 years ago or Paul Ehrlich another 40 years ago or or or or. Then yes, civilization as we know it will end — brutally. Its the loonie greenies and thermogeddonists that truly frighten me. If they get their way and they will always demand more and more in any case we will face a very dismal future indeed. Extinction rebellion is aiming in the wrong direction. We can add one more to the list.

I look at UAH monthly chart, then at these hysterical claims.

End of Money and the Future of Civilization

There is no correspondence between reality and the dystopian fantasy. The chart shows an increase of 0. If that continues, will be around 0. I am really curious if there is a correlation between galactic cosmic rays and climate such that the reduced solar magnetic field leads to enhanced cooling. These next two solar cycles will tell the tale and at least have some falsifiable claim that can be tested. I look at that chart and think that the idea you can somehow pick out what is man-made CO2 and what is natural from that data is a joke. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is the prophecy of a progressive process.

However, what is the certainty that climate change is monotonically divergent? It is the cheap energy of fossil fuels that provides some hope others might escape their current poverty.

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The bigger math error is if CO2 is increasing by 1. Therefore they are computing climate sensitivity of about 25 degrees Celsius for a doubling of CO2. It is very trendy to preach gloom and doom these days, very fashionable, very virtue signalling…but the writers use fossil fuels every day.

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  8. And serious. How many easily misled people are going to get depression, or worse, due to this continuous propaganda? One of these days we are going to get a Climate Jonestown. The only question left is will it be quick, by drinking the Kool-aid in a literal sense, or will it be slow, by the power going out for a week in the middle of winter. At least they might be able to be saved. If not, this current teen sensation will either become a bitter old woman still clinging to a desperate narrative in a bid for relevancy, an old true believer hippy, or if there is a miracle, a well-adjusted person who can laugh at youthful indiscretion.

    Good point. Move now, before the best real estate is taken. These guys propose no specific mechanism by which all this stuff will happen, even if the three degrees of warming in just 30 years — vastly beyond what any of the false models predict — were to occur. I think you need to read more Science Fiction, Duane, as I am not sure you can currently tell the difference.

    I think you will find after a pleasant amount of study that one is well written, well researched, and able to sustain probing questions related to their core premise, and the other is a Climate Change tm report. A 3 degree Celsius temperature rise relates to approximately a 5 degree Fahrenheit rise not The confusion seems to be that 3 degrees Celsius is approximately 37 degrees Fahreheit.

    Is it on a certain day in that civilization comes to an end or is it gradual so some day soon we will actally see civilization beginning to end? I suspect pm might be more appropriate for this group. These predictions sound like the result of smoking something. So, in order to save human civilization from a climate optimum which largely contrubuted to human development, those ridiculous psychopaths want to destroy it as soon as possible.

    So let it be written that the final days of newspapers were sour and manic. The Age of High and Mighty Opinion went out with no one caring in the end. The end of the world is nye… nigh. There is a Project prosecuting a disinformation campaign on Youtube to influence elections. It seems that Alphabet will sell anyone a platform, with approval? Yesterday the temperature difference here between the hottest past of the day i. Should I be concerned as this is more than double what is being billed as the end of civilisation?

    So far I am feeling fine, the temp and rain today are cooling things down but I am expecting another day where temp variation is greater than the alarmist fear threshold of 3 deg C. Maybe humans become more delicate and vulnerable to change, as the Green anxiety overcomes them? Here in Finland it is common to have temp swings of 20c or move in 24h period. Having lived here 20 years now I am seeing later and longer winters. I have decide to totally ignore all such warnings until those issuing them become more realistic about the use of nuclear energy.

    This would allow both sides to have their cake and eat it too. They are right about one thing; we will all die. If the cause is climate, it will likely be cold. You cannot have an over 18 years hiatus of temperature, when the Carbon Dioxide increased by 2 ppm each year and have any significant connection between CO2 and temperature.

    How could anyone take seriously a paper that has been co-authored by a member of The Club of Rome. That disaster can they keep kicking down the road must be well beat up by now. I forgot it is a virtual reality can recreated with each prediction. Virtual: not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.

    Yesterday it was 4 degrees C hotter than the day before in Central Florida. I guess we are all dead since we passed that magic 3 degrees. These people are jokes and those of us that know better need to voice our opinions. Easier said than done since we have lost the independent journalism platform. Today is ten degrees colder than it was on Sunday here in London. If the trend continues by next week we will be at absolute zero. If anything ends civilization by , it will be the ceaseless activities of the CTRL-LEFT who may finally succeed in marginalizing men and removing them from the equation.

    When given enough power, socialists have been able to accomplish the same thing in less than half that time. Todays greensocialists are much weaker than their idols, but they are angrier because they are always hungry. That must be frustrating, as their behaviour indicates. Yet no attempt made here to obtain the report, analyse the risk analysis and point out where it goes wrong. Where is YOUR comment on it?

    When the conclusions of a paper are so absurd as to make it obvious nonsense, why waste an electron on reading why they have written nonsense? Are you actually defending this useless tripe? This is a policy paper, written from a socio-political viewpoint. This is not risk analysis. A real risk analysis paper would have a Failure Modes Effects and Analysis chart, easily traced and supported data, an exceptional amount of detail and recommended mitigation options based on feasibility and cost. This piece of trash paper is pure propaganda, filled with talking points and quotes from established thought leaders who engage in proper rightthink.

    Anyone who would defend this ignorance is quite obviously a brainwashed true believer. If you want to convince intelligent and critical thinkers, you had better produce better propaganda than this. Just did the link and none of that was online. This is strange. Oh joy, another reprieve! Human civilization has been granted another twenty years until the end instead of Allow me this moment to extend my gratitude to the high priests of the climate cult have seen it in their hearts to give us this extension.

    End of Money and the Future of Civilization - P2P Foundation | Casa Robino

    Praise be! At the rate we keep getting reprieves, human civilization is going to go on indefinitely.

    If there is one interesting characteristic about doomsday prophesies, the end-date is never set in stone. Pick any year in the future. Write a paper or make a political statement about a climate catastrophe taking place by that date and you get published or receive press. Write a paper or make a political statement contradicting climate catastrophes and you are either ignored or demonized. Controlling what information gets disseminated is more important than the information if you want control.

    I thought maybe the paper was actually sarcasm so I opened it up and conclude that the authors are being serious. It is written in a journal like format with footnotes and graphs and headings.

    Victory (Civ5)

    I see it as a clear example of the necessity for skepticism of any climate related article. This one is so wild it is hard to accept that the authors are serious but I have seen responses to serious and reasonable skeptical papers that sound like the comments here on this one. I looked at it briefly. Looks like they are trying to piggy back onto the terminology the IPCC uses to gain credibility.

    But that assumes the IPCC even has credibility……. If I wanted to, I could do that in the grocery checkout line. Though readers might think this was meant as an ominous warning it was actually a promise to the deranged folks who think human society is a problem rather than a miraculous success. I figure that we can have some real fun until the deadline has passed, and then go home, fat and happy, and count the mopes who were waiting for The End of All Things, and are now disappointed. Should be a real good time, too.

    It contains now wrath of ancestors, bad sacrifice, war, famine, plague, overpopulation, nuclear accidents, artificial intelligence, aliens, antibiotic resistance, ice age, asteroid impact, and male facial hair in the sink. One of them is scary. Surprising that the New York Post would reprint this garbage. This is more worthy of the New York Daily Snooze. Nick, Loydo, ghalfrunt, where are you? The human species will survive somehow but we will destroy almost everything we have built up over the last two thousand years. Including a fair amount of climate science institutions , one may presume.

    Boy: Hey dad, how come they have all these gift shops selling junk? I encountered a similar issue with maps in a era textbook when the printer converted all the Degrees of Latitude to Degrees of Fahrenheit so that the Tropic of Cancer was labeled as A retiring teacher gave me that book, and said to keep it, it was one of a kind. I have it in a box, somewhere. I wonder why a publisher would think Latitude was in degrees Celsius rather than Fahrenheit already?

    Neglecting to read the article I will just agree,human civilization could fall in less than 30 years. If we continue to tolerate the insipid idiocy of Gang Green. If we allow these Fools and Bandits to continue to vandalize the foundations of our technologic marvel of a society, they will destroy it. You cannot cure stupid. Allowing the incredibly stupid and the utterly gullible to hold positions of responsibility, can and will bring about systemic collapse.

    For nothing is more dangerous,than weapons grade stupid,totally certain of their righteousness. Now,when we have elected representatives who assert that their feelings are more important than cold hard facts, we may well be in end times , of this luxurious civilization. For this life of luxury we built up over generations runs not on Unicorn Farts and Feel Good Intentions. The con jobs are all lining up. Frenchman Jean Pierre Christin, physicist, mathematician and astronomer, considered this highly illogical and proposed reversing the scale which was accepted, sadly Celsius died within a year.

    Human extinction is a bad thing on even-numbered days, and a good thing on odd-numbered days. The planet needs it to happen, but we must prevent it by causing it. Now, convert that to Fahrenheit. What were they thinking or drinking? I note that one of the authors once worked for Shell.

    Shell has been using scenarios since the s to explore a range of visions of the future. They include extreme possibilities. And good news, their scenarios extend to , so no assumption of Armageddon in There is a 99 percent chance that I will extinct by BTW, it was 47 F last night. In the outskirts of NYC.

    In June. I doubt it! Two gasses come out of the tailpipe of an automobile: H2O and CO2! Ban the oceans! Having bothered to click the link and read this little report at two things immediately spring to mind. Straight and foremost this is not a scientific study. They are not formally stating that if world as we know it will end in , they are putting forward a scenario — with a few token references to Xu Y and Ramanathan V to impress the yokels — where the world COULD end in I am not sure which is worse.

    Honestly this is utter garbage as a scientific paper.

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    I bet none of the even read it. Actually many stated they read at least part of it, came away thinking they wasted their time reading such junk. They are not going to waste time trying to debunk such drivel, as it would beneath them giving it undeserved attention.