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A crucial early event in the narrative is when Carl enters the Vault, descending beneath the surface of the Earth, to attain the dangerous knowledge. They went down the steps. At the bottom, Rowney lifted his candle high and Carl saw that the vault was a great underground chamber lined with concrete, reaching farther in shadowy distance than he could see. This pragmatic approach would certainly fit this author, long respected in the genre as a model of consistency.

Lenard and Carl share many traits:. His observations are seasoned with wisdom gained from a short lifetime of experience, and he has the edge in verbal confrontations with Carl:. Nor do I think there is enough room for such large tribes here, even when you count the forests.

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No, there is space for only one tribe, and we mean to be that tribe. Later, Lenard captures Carl after a battle, and spares his life as well. He is the first to see that the two of them would make greater allies than enemies. Anderson usually chooses a side of a great conflict in his stories, but he also promotes the understanding of the other side of said conflict. As it must, the larger war between Dalesmen and Lann, is eventually distilled into a final duel between Carl and Lenard. VotA is actually pretty solid as a juvenile adventure tale, told with plenty of action and a generally optimistic tone.

As with his short fiction, Anderson makes the case for individual action in the face of collective ignorance and corruption. It must have been so natural of an inclusion, that I filed it away mentally and forgot to put it in there. Like Like. Anderson was prolific, but even more so was Andre Norton, and perhaps the greater portion of her gargantuan output was for the juvenile market. With the collapse of the pulp market, I think this was a way to keep getting young readers into the genre. And a lot of these young adult novels were post-apocalyptic in some way. Get in the way of watching Dr.

Who marathons on PBS channels. Like Liked by 1 person. Well I did read Witch World not too long ago and found it to be a solid fantasy work, but fantasy is generally not my thing. I have another Norton title or two in my collection and will give her another chance at some point. I read The Hunger Games and its two sequels a couple of years ago, each of them in practically one sitting. Collins did a bang-up job with those! She was very much an SF author, but like many others including Poul Anderson she also dabbled in fantasy.

I also sneer a bit at Kurt Vonnegut. The last two are in the Flandry series. I guess what strikes me about PA so far is that 1. But, I imagine some may read those experimental works in think of them as brilliant. The other PA characteristic is that 2. That means when I dig into his work a little bit to write a review, I find more reasons to like it.

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I wish he did…. I may have to go back and re-read it…. Now that is pure fantasy, A Midsummer Tempest—mixed with period romance, of course they should try selling it to the Outlander crowd. I quite appreciated it, but again, he loves relitigating civil wars—I believe he also did an SF novella where the American civil war is refought in the future, and this time the south wins without slaves.

From your reviews it seems that his SF novels are better. My suspicion is that, in general, his SF is better than his fantasy ….

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Yes, that explains a lot about that book — thanks for that! Besides the titles I listed above? The Enemy Stars is also strong, and Fire Time is a good example of an ambitious combination of world-building and characters. The aim is to provide an interesting and novel angle, and to give enough of description so that you can decide on your own whether read the book.

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