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Uchronia: The Assiti Shards

A good read, and I continue to like this format. A collection of miscellaneous writings in the x universe: short stories by Flint and others, proving again that the short story form's narrowed focus works well for this series, along with some fascinating factual articles explaining radio, antibiotics and oddly horse-breeding in the Grantville context. For fans of this series -- myself included -- this is well worth reading. This book and further Gazette volumes not yet available as real books are also available electronically directly from the publisher.

The first collection of short stories set in the x universe, and a fascinating read. The short story form seems to work especially well with the setting.

1634: The Ram Rebellion (Assiti Shards)

Even if you don't like Flint's style, there are probably several stories here that'll interest you. Another romp in the x multiverse from Eric Flint. Nobody's ever going to mistake this for great literature, but it's an entertaining and inventive read, expanding on some of the characters introduced in "Ring of Fire" which I'm still waiting for my copy of.

I'm looking forward to future books in the same series. Eric Flint has donated his book archive to the Rare Books department and special collections based in Northern Illinois University. He is recognized as the editor for Bean free Library. It continues the story of agent Anton Zilwicki and Victor Cachat.

It centers around the very ancient cabal bent on enslaving the human race. Alliances are broken and new ones form and best friends become enemies. It is going to take a lot more than that to get that entity to surface. Even the stars of the novel are not exempted from the savagery of the Alignment. This is a bestselling first time paperback of the Honor Harrington Universe. There is an alliance between the Star kingdom and Erewhon that is getting stronger due to the ignorance of the problems of the High Ridge regime.

There is a definite instability in the politics of the Solarian League proven by the assassination of their voice of public conscience. The slave labor planet that the High Ridge was doing nothing about have all contributed to the long standing problems.

The niece of the Queen Elizabeth and Zilwicki has been missioned by the queen in a desperate attempt to stop the problem. The mission to a turn for the wort when they got to Erewhon only to encounter Victor Cachat, a very able agent may be the best for the Republic of Haven and to make matters worse Jeremy X is also present. He is leading the Audubon ballroom which is the organization of freed radical slaves. The book is based in northern Germany and another in the Ring of Fire series. It was a time that death was a mercy for the lower class while the aristocrats lived a lavished life style.

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Things chance and Mike has to command a troop of miners in a fight against men in steel vests. These men were killing the community members without mercy and stapling them to the sides of building. The star of the novel along with the miners has to address this situation with extreme prejudice. This novel is the 18th in the series, the Ring of Fire series. He is sent by an Admiral Simpson, who has provided him with a small fleet of the new tech steam powered ships fresh off the ship yard.

Even with this arsenal the commander still face a major problem in the form of the presence of the Spanish in the New World. A plan is formulated to distract the Spanish and it was executed by the last earl of Ireland and a car mechanic. The will have to get to Trinidad and snatch the oil fields in an attempt to draw the attention of the New World governors.

1634: The Ram Rebellion (Assiti Shards)

The plan works and while the Spanish galleons are off to Trinidad it gives the commander a chance for one of his sloops to make it for the coast of Louisiana. The plans of the commander might be in jeopardy as he continues to face violent natives, starving allied colonies, Dutch ship unruly captains and internal fighting. It was about to get worst for the commander as he is about to find out that he has enemies in all forms and they will be coming at him. Novelist enjoys reading novels just as much as fans with various writers having either examined a particular topic broadly or have been tried by a blend of uncommon experiences.

Whether undeniable, research, nostalgic question or significant center hobby. Eric Flint is a stunning writer with astonishing books that merits their success.

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If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details.