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The United States invested its prestige and diplomatic capital for what turned out to be relatively modest material benefits. America also expanded its economic interest in an Open Door into a declared political-strategic interest in the territorial integrity of China; but over the ensuring decades the United States did not develop credible means to defend its expanded commitments in China and East Asia, including the Philippines.

Secretary Hay and other American officials quite reasonably questioned the intentions and viability the Chinese government. They were also put off by legal and social discrimination against those of those of Asian descent by the United States an issue that also seriously threatened U. The Open Door, then and now, is not always welcomed by those who are behind the door. Explain points of agreement and disagreement experts have about interpretations and applications of disciplinary concepts and ideas associated with a compelling question.

Evaluate how historical events and developments were shaped by unique circumstances of time and place as well as broader historical contexts. Use questions generated about individuals and groups to assess how the significance of their actions changes over time and is shaped by the historical context. Analyze complex and interacting factors that influenced the perspectives of people during different historical eras.

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Use questions generated about multiple historical sources to pursue further inquiry and investigate additional sources. Distinguish between long-term causes and triggering events in developing a historical argument. Integrate evidence from multiple relevant historical sources and interpretations into a reasoned argument about the past. Review the lesson plan.

Download and print out selected documents and duplicate copies as necessary for student viewing. Alternatively, excerpted versions of these documents are available as part of the downloadable PDF. This file contains excerpted versions of the documents used in the various activities, as well as questions for students to answer.

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Print out and make an appropriate number of copies of the handouts you plan to use in class. Most importantly, review the web interactive and familiarize yourself with both the format and content of the site. In addition, if your students need assistance with primary source documents, the following EDSITEment-reviewed websites may be useful:. For well over a century, the major European imperial powers, Japan, and the United States had sought access to Chinese markets. Americans also promoted missionary and humanitarian activities there and elsewhere in Asia.

Use the web interactive to show where these spheres were located and to discuss the purpose and management of the spheres you can also use the Background for Teacher section for more information. Depending on computer availability, you can have students view this interactive individually or you can project it for the entire class to see at once. Explain to the students that the United States favored open and equal access to China.

Read this note together as a class. Discuss with students what can they determine about the tone of the letter? Does this point to any underlying issues? In addition, a number of multimedia-learning objects have been place including sound bites, mini — movies and flash items. Two major simulations have been developed for students that can be used in a stand-alone delivery mode. Decision in Normandy provides students with the opportunity to recreate the events around the Normandy Invasion.

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Prisoners of Another War In this high school lesson plan students will be able to identify violations of the Geneva Convention in the treatment of American POWs at Berga and understand the role of international bodies in judging war crimes and crimes against humanity. Sections revolve around essential questions for students to answer and feature diaries, activities, worksheets, a timeline, and video. Try the activity at this page. This web page provides a brief overview with images and highlights from that exhibition. The most luring feature of the site is a series of movie clips showing the interior cockpit and the exterior forward fuselage.

The site provides an overview to the Pearl Harbour attack, a timeline of events, survivor remembrances, a map, audio files, and useful links. Federal agencies from the onset of war through Posters are searchable by Date, Topic, or Title.

This impressive exhibit contains an animated timeline, activities such as sending encrypted messages , expert audio responses to science and technology questions, lesson plans, a quiz, essays, and more. An impressive presentation.


Baatan Rescue This PBS American Experience site relates the story of an elite Ranger battalion that went 30 miles behind enemy lines in the Philippines in to rescue survivors of the Bataan death march who were held captive by the Japanese. The web site offers more than hours of indexed and transcribed video interviews, 9, historical photographs and documents, contextual articles and exhibits, and standards-based curricula.

All these resources are provided free of charge to students, educators, historians, and the general public in the interest of promoting knowledge of our history and respect for civil liberties. It features 11 posters and 1 sound file from a more extensive exhibit that was presented in the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. The exhibit is divided into two parts, which represent two psychological approaches used in rallying public support for the war. Constitution An online exhibit from the Smithsonian, this site explores how a government balances human rights with a need for national security.

Immigration, Removal, Internment, Loyalty, Service and Justice are the areas available for viewing, with a special area for reflection by visitors. Classroom Activities are found under the Resources link at the bottom of the page. Women Who Came to the Front Library of Congress This exhibit tells the story of eight different women who participated as journalists, broadcasters, and photographers during World War II. The women featured in this exhibit were chosen because of the strength and variety of their collections in the Library of Congress.

There are also combat videos, interactive charts and maps, a photo Gallery, war Documents, and learning activities guide. Women and the Second World War This website examines the important role played by women in the war and includes biographies of twenty secret agents, twenty women involved in the anti-Nazi resistance movement in Europe and twelve women who risked their lives as war reporters. In it, Germans talk candidly about the initial seduction of Nazism; Gypsies reminisce about life before Hitler; and Jews recall their persecution.

Founded in , this site has reached over 3 million visitors a year and is a central tool for many traditional classrooms, sharing the best resources and giving access to projects like the upcoming Auschwitz Virtual tour. Most of the articles have been published in newspapers and magazines. Nuremberg — The Doctors Trial This informative presentation is part of a larger site — The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum — and contains the testimonies and evidence used during this trial against Nazi physicians who conducted scientific experiments on concentration camp prisoners.

There are numerous primary source documents that describe the surgical atrocities. A Thousand Suns Atomic Bomb A Thousand Suns is a Flash-generated, interactive look at the science behind, and precedent set by, the first atomic bombs. It utilizes atmospheric audio, video and imagery to engage the user, and create a sense of time and place. Complex statistical data has been made both educational and entertaining. Site has a flash pop-up that can only be viewed once any pop-up blockers are removed.

The memorial opened to the public on April 29, and was dedicated a month later on May The first major section of this web site analyzes American and Japanese views of kamikaze pilots in and the second major section includes reviews of various forms used to create kamikaze images, including Books, Films, Museums, Monuments, Internet, Writings, and other forms.

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The Museum offers online resources, bibliographies, personal histories, video clips, curator comments, and public programs. Each section provides an introduction, several related links to additional resources or articles, and a series of relevant images. For WWII or postal historians and enthusiasts this site should prove quite a treat. In this developing project a team of European historians has included, in addition to well-known places, lesser-known sites that nevertheless were the locations of events that influenced conflicts in one way or another.