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Young India Plan.

Updated on May 29, - PM. Voluntary Provident Fund is a version of traditional provident fund saving scheme wherein the contributor to the fund retains the control of periodical fixed contribution.

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In this article we cover the following topics:. Interest is earned at the same rate as the EPF. Likewise, an employee is also under no obligation to contribute to the Plan. Once the contribution is chosen in VPF, the same cannot be terminated or discontinued before the base tenure of 5 years completed. The interest rate of Voluntary Retirement Plan is decided by the Government of India at the start of each financial year.

It also helps the employee amass a sizeable savings portfolio and help him during big life milestones. The scheme is managed by the Govt of India with fixed interest accrual. Currently, the interest is accrued at 8.

Specifically, Chambers and Curatola examine whether greater tax payment frequency improves compliance and decreases delinquencies. Gemmell and Hasseldine discuss and analyze the state of the tax gap literature. MacGregor and Wilkinson investigate the effect of economic patriotism on taxpayer compliance attitudes. Volume 20 also includes two articles on federal tax issues. Addy and Yoder investigate factors associated with private foundations that narrowly fail a test that would reduce the tax the foundation pays on investment income.

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Liedtka and Nayar examine the motivation for early exercise of certain stock options. Two articles in this volume examine state tax issues. More reporters and commentators dedicated exclusively to tax issues than any other news organization.

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Nana Ama Sarfo looks at how adoption of comments on the Treasury Department's proposed partnership withholding regulations might substantially expand the regime. By George S.

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Isaacson and Stacy O. Stitham argue that the failure to exempt feminine hygiene products from sales tax is an example of gender bias enshrined in most state tax codes. David D. See All Tax Notes Talk.


By Nathan J. You are not currently subscribed to this product. Sign up for a free trial to preview this article or shop subscriptions like this. Covering all federal tax laws, regulations, and policy developments, Tax Notes is unparalleled in its field. Thousands of tax practitioners in the United States rely on Tax Notes for comprehensive state news, commentary, and analysis. Tax Notes is the first to bring you updates from over nations, plus an in-depth tool on tax treaties.